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Woman Hit by Stray Bullet in Crown Heights

Early Shabbos morning, at about 5:00am, a non-Jewish woman was walking along Eastern Parkway near Bedford Ave. in Crown Heights when she was hit by a stray bullet.

The woman was rushed to Kings County Hospital, where she received emergency treatment. She is listed in stable condition.

The origin of the bullet is unknown at this time, though police are investigating.

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  • 1. stray bullets wrote:

    An aggressive stop & frisk policy keeps guns off the street. Too bad our “progressive” mayor is strongly against that policy that has worked so well until now. Better let the groups of young blacks that look like gang members go about their business and on their way in peace. To do otherwise is “racial profiling”. Better to have the guns on the streets and people randomly shot than offend anyone!

    • 2. Yossi wrote:

      You are so misinformed, it saddens me. YES, groups of black people that “look like gang members” should be allowed to “go about their business and on their way in peace.”
      The clothes you wear and the color of your skin is not enough of a reason to be hassled on the street.
      We have rights as individuals and you should be ashamed of yourself for being so racist.
      White teens have guns too and what does it mean “young blacks that look like gang members?”
      Why don’t you tell me what gang members look like?
      You are pathetic.

  • 3. declasse' intelectual wrote:

    #1 it is called being politically correct and the worry that you might offend someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4. ch resident wrote:

    banning guns wont b helping the prob. the ppl who got hold of guns till now illegally will continue to do so even when they are banned. so all that it is accomplishing is not allowing honest upright citizens the right to defend themselves. a better solution would b to make it harder to get guns and there should b a regular check up on gun holders to make sure their still healthy, of stable mind, and off drugs or other stuff that will make them do s/t they will regret.


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