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14-Year-Old Teen Shoots Random Stranger on MTA Bus

A 14-year-old teenage boy opened fire on an MTA city bus in Bedford-Stuyvesant, fatally shooting a random passenger in the head.

The incident occurred Thursday evening at about 6:20pm.

The boy was taken into custody by police and a firearm was recovered.

The victim was identified as 39-year-old Angel Rojas of Brooklyn. He was taken to Woodhull Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Police say he was not the intended target.

According to The New York Times, the shooting erupted during an argument among a group of teenagers. The newspaper reports that more than one shot was fired.

Relatives say Rojas came to the United States four years ago from the Dominican Republic with his wife and two children.


  • 1. 78 wrote:

    IT WAS NOT THE GUN, it was the person, who killed him. Keep that boy locked up. Take away violence from all media, what is wrong with everyone, they don’t realize that violence in the media (games, videos everything) causes insensitivity to violence. How utterly sick and foolish it is not to realize that this is what most of this is. These kids come from troubled homes, and the violence they see on Television, games, internet, etc, are what keep them “company” instead of the nurturing of a mother.
    enough is enough, everyone….everyone, needs to protest the hefker amounts of violence which is just ‘nurturing” children. ALL children and teens need to be protected from this. it is time for this to become an issue, just like molestation is begining to be not tolerated.

    • 2. Anonymous wrote:

      So, what’s your take on back in days when their was only radio and newspapers, and no t.v.’s for the violence back then?

    • 3. Milhouse wrote:

      I agree with Anonymous. People have been blaming violence on the media for centuries; first it was the music and the books, then the newspapers, then the movies.

      Of all those causes the only one that really seems to be responsible for at least some of the violence is the news reporting. There are many copycat crimes which would not happen if the perpetrators 1) had not heard of someone else doing it, and/or 2) knew that nobody would ever hear about them and their crime.

  • 4. declasse' intelectual wrote:

    should lock the perp away for life and loose the keys–no excuses because of his age. This is a sign of he times in Brooklyn; a compliment to “knockout” game. Instead of being politically correct, maybe what the Rebbe stated was more relevant then ever–Bring back the religious morality, ethics and responsibility into our lives especially in teaching fundamentals of life in schools.

  • 5. Yosy wrote:

    Summer time is coming and the natives are getting restless. This is why we need gun control!

    • 6. Milhouse wrote:

      Are you nuts? The right to be armed for ones own defense is a human right, exactly like the right to free speech or the free exercise of religion. “Gun control” only disarms people who care about the law, leaving only the thugs armed. If this kid had to worry about a bus full of armed people drawing on him as soon as he boarded, maybe he’d have thought twice. Probably not, but at least he’d now be dead instead of facing a few years in juvie and out to kill again.

  • 7. stop & frisk wrote:

    An agressive stop & frisk policy may’ve taken that gun off the streets and saved that mans life. Not on this mayor’s watch….

  • 8. declasse' intelectual wrote:

    # Remember the basic fact of lifer:

    Autos do not kill people–drivers do
    Guns do not kill people–bad people kill people
    It is a proven fact that no matter what type of gun laws you have, you will not stop what occurred at this bus or in Conn especially when the liberal judges allow criminals to remain on the street with just hand slaps.

  • 9. jewish dude wrote:

    Lets go to the police station and get a permit to carry a pistol for self defense. People have a right to defend them self against little terrorist like this young man. We have to go home save to our wife and children.

  • 10. DB wrote:

    #2 and #3:
    so you’re saying that its ok to leave the violence in the media the way it is? It might not be everything but it does have an affect on people and it is not our way either. Do we buy toy guns and let our kids play violence?

    • 11. Anonymous wrote:

      Neither one of us said it’s ok. You misinterpret. Your last question you can answer yourself.


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