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Knockout Terror Returns to Crown Heights

On Friday night, a young man was walking home from Shul when he was knocked out cold in an unprovoked attack by an African-American man.

The incident occurred at about 7:00pm on Lincoln Place between Schenectady and Utica Avenues. The victim, a newlywed young man who lives in the vicinity, noticed an African-American male in a red sweatshirt exit the building of 1309 Lincoln Place and walk towards him.

As they were about to pass each other, the man punched him in the head, causing him to lose consciousness and fall to the ground. The attack was unprovoked, and the attacker did not say a word to him before the assault.

A short while later, the victim awoke to discover he was face down on the sidewalk, with his Yarmulka and hat lying nearby. The attacker had not fled the scene, and was standing nearby watching him.

Just at that moment, another Jewish man was walking by across the street. The victim called out to him to get the police, at which point the attacker ran back inside the building.

The bystander found a 77th Precinct squad car not too far away, and brought the officers back to the scene of the crime. However, they would not go into the building to pursue the criminal since the victim could not assure them that he would be able to positively identify the face of his attacker. Instead, they filed a criminal report on his behalf and said they would turn the case over to detectives at the precinct.

After Shabbos, spoke with the victim, who said that he is still in considerable pain and is suffering swelling in the area where he was hit, for which he will seek medical attention.