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Knockout Terror Returns to Crown Heights

On Friday night, a young man was walking home from Shul when he was knocked out cold in an unprovoked attack by an African-American man.

The incident occurred at about 7:00pm on Lincoln Place between Schenectady and Utica Avenues. The victim, a newlywed young man who lives in the vicinity, noticed an African-American male in a red sweatshirt exit the building of 1309 Lincoln Place and walk towards him.

As they were about to pass each other, the man punched him in the head, causing him to lose consciousness and fall to the ground. The attack was unprovoked, and the attacker did not say a word to him before the assault.

A short while later, the victim awoke to discover he was face down on the sidewalk, with his Yarmulka and hat lying nearby. The attacker had not fled the scene, and was standing nearby watching him.

Just at that moment, another Jewish man was walking by across the street. The victim called out to him to get the police, at which point the attacker ran back inside the building.

The bystander found a 77th Precinct squad car not too far away, and brought the officers back to the scene of the crime. However, they would not go into the building to pursue the criminal since the victim could not assure them that he would be able to positively identify the face of his attacker. Instead, they filed a criminal report on his behalf and said they would turn the case over to detectives at the precinct.

After Shabbos, spoke with the victim, who said that he is still in considerable pain and is suffering swelling in the area where he was hit, for which he will seek medical attention.


  • 1. response wrote:

    one of these sick kids needs to be beaten senseless, maybe then he and his friends will think twice before people.
    when the police catch them, they should receive a criminal record on the spot, and incarcerated. Let them pick up the soap. Let them get a beating when they did nothing to bother anyone in the prison.

  • 2. Crown Heights Resident wrote:

    The Rebbe said: That if Israel gives away land that Hashem gave them in a miraculous way during the June 1967 six day war, This will put the lives of Jews all over the world in severe danger.

    • 3. hat_glasses_beard wrote:

      So… I should worry that I’m going to get punched because of a political situation across the globe?

      I’m not doubting the Rebbes words, but this seems like an inappropriate place to bring this up.

    • 4. Crown Heights Resident response to hat_glasses_beard wrote:

      I only mentioned this as a reminder to Those Who Are In a Position (& have the appropriate connections) to work on Sh’lemus Ha’aretz.

  • 6. Eli wrote:

    I would like to know what kind of punishment these animals will get should they get caught. Anyone?

    • 8. Forget it willy is organized wrote:

      Our leadership is weak they couldn’t call a protest in from of that building if they wanted it. We need new heads who are commuted to yiden and not just to their own buildings

  • 9. @number 5 wrote:

    In Willi they have more crime than we do. You just don’t hear or know about it. The grass is greener on the other side.

  • 11. What is the CHCC doing? wrote:

    Community Counsel – what is it doing? They get tons of money for security and protection but what happens to the money?

  • 12. To 6 wrote:

    Exactly you don’t hear about it in willi! That’s the point! They know How to take care of it! In ch they say oh let’s go to the press! Or tell Chanina about it!! Maybe even Eli!!!!!

  • 13. @ number 9 wrote:

    not true. In willi there are no community websites which report everything so therefore less is known. I di agree that their politicians get more done..

  • 16. jewish dude wrote:

    My solution to this terror problem is this, a can of NY city legal pepper spray. Anybody that hits me with his fist or any other weapon bottle or stick, will get sprayed with pepper spray. This is legal in NY city we must defend our self against these little terrorists.

    • 17. Shabbos wrote:

      Even if he would’ve normally carried pepper spray, it was shabbos, so that wouldn’t have helped-since he wouldn’t have been carrying anything.

  • 19. Ma Rabbi wrote:

    He should have said that he could identify the hoodlum. The red sweatshirt would have helped.
    The attacker was probably to stupid to change.

  • 20. Anonymous wrote:

    There’s a video camera outside that building and by the parking lot across the streat. They should check the footage!

  • 21. the funny part was, nypd patrol car parked not far away wrote:

    I serm to remember the last incident of the knock out game ending in a gunshot wound to the would be purp, and for months after….. nothing. But in nys carrying a fire arm edt verboden… enjoy communism

  • 23. Fed Up wrote:

    It is time to run the politically correct black panther scum out of Crown Heights! Wake up Crown Heights Jews, this is not going to stop unless something is done to teach the scum a lesson. This nonsense is not as common in Williamsburg for that reason! Fierce karate lessons or applying for gum permits may help. Even though it is not a guarantee to stop this violence, it certainly better than nothing. Within the limits of “gun-free” New York City, any kind of permit is difficult to obtain; however, it does not hurt to try. Pistol permits are the most difficult to obtain, but shot gun permits are somewhat less of a struggle to get. It is interesting how the coward, who tried to kill the Jew (Yes the knockout game is and should be treated as attempted murder) kept on watching his victim. Perhaps, he was hoping to finish the job! First, you knock out the victim, see if he gets up or not, hit him again if necessary and then leave him to die out in the cold. However; as soon as someone came on the scene to help the Jewish victim, the sissy suspect ran away with his tail between his legs. To the suspect, what’s the matter, you only attack if one person is around and can’t take on more than one person? Why doesn’t the suspect attack someone in a busy area or in a Williamsburg? Answer, he is a coward, who is afraid of getting beaten up or killed! In his mind, it would not look very macho if word got around that a bunch of Jews ruffed him up! To the suspect, hope you read this blog and know that people not only do not respect you, but know that you are a scared little sissy!

  • 24. Fed Up wrote:

    Correction to my last post. I mentioned “gum permits”. This was a typo and should instead be gun permits.

  • 25. המקום המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים n'eNow! wrote:

    same ol same ol

  • 27. 40 yr in the hood, wrote:

    lets go to the building of 1309 Lincoln Place
    and wait for this punk

  • 28. moishie wrote:

    I don’t chap why they did not call the police and hatzoloh immediately.
    the article says, “is still in considerable pain and is suffering swelling in the area where he was hit, for which he will seek medical attention” that means that he was that badly hurt, that he should have immediately gone to the hospital. May HKB”H send him a complete refuah.


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