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Crown Heights Panhandler Shoplifts Bottles of Rum

An elderly beggar who collects alms on Kingston Ave. was caught on surveillance video stealing two bottles of rum from Eber’s Liquor and Wine store in Crown Heights.

As can be seen in the video, the woman approaches the store, but doesn’t enter until another patron walks in first. Then she rummages through the selection for a short while to put on as if she were genuinely interested in purchasing something.

Eventually, while she believes she is unobserved, she sneaks two bottles of rum into her bag and makes for the exit.

When the storeowners noticed the missing merchandise, they discovered the theft on the security cameras, which they forwarded to to warn other shopkeepers and members of the community to beware of the thief in our midst.

A police report on the crime was filed as well.

This incident comes merely weeks after surveillance video was published by showing two beggars rummaging through the coat pockets of wedding attendees at Razag, and exiting with several stolen items.

Please keep in mind that just because a man or woman dresses poorly and asks for money does not mean that they are genuinely in need, or that the money will be used for food or shelter rather than to fuel addictive habits. If you wish for your money to go where it will actually benefit the needy, it is important to verify that the recipient is indeed a worthy beneficiary of your charity.


  • 1. get face level security cameras! wrote:

    Everyone should have also face level security cameras so positive identification can be made. This is is addition to all other cameras.

  • 4. think positive wrote:

    the report says people might fuel addictive habits….they might just sell it for retail for some quick cash to buy food….you never know

  • 8. She can't get her eyes off of the bottles even after she left the store! wrote:

    Pants underneath… I wonder what may be hiding under that head-covering – it sure covers up until her eyes!

  • 9. thieves wrote:

    she has also stolen from kahans supprette,sweet expressions and the bagel shop this isn’t the first time she was caught stealing,she also started collecting money only after she had seen her freinds do so successfully. so be aware that most of the so called “beggers” are not asking for money bc they truly need to,they are asking money bc they see how the community gives without even taking a second glance,so be aware of who you give your money to.

    • 10. Truly need to? wrote:

      Ada raba I think they are stealing and begging because they truly need to, she probably can’t afford a 50 dollar bottel. A lot of these people are mentally disturbed they steel and beg out of need not out of some unfulfilled angst for excitement

  • 11. Yossel wrote:

    Now I feel less guilty about not giving the schnorrers money when they harass me when I’m in 770 or on Kingston Avenue.

    Better to give your money to a mosad that gives help to the poor of Crown Heights. Then perhaps the schnorrers will find someplace else to set up business.


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