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Menorah Stolen from Florida Shliach’s Yard

CBS 12

Police in Boca Raton are investigating the theft of a menorah. But this wasn’t just any menorah – this one was 9 feet tall.

Rabbi Boruch Shmuel Liberow of the Chabad Student Center at Lynn University says the menorah was laying in his yard, next to his house on NW 5th Avenue.

He says the menorah was stolen sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning.

The menorah that was stolen was recently displayed on campus at Lynn University during Chanukah, which ended on December 5th.

The 9 foot tall menorah  was placed in a prominent spot on campus near a sidewalk where it could easily be seen.

After Chanukah, the rabbi took the menorah down and brought it home. He’s shocked someone would steal it from his yard.   “Who would want to do such a thing?  I was very, very disappointed and I couldn’t believe it,” said Rabbi Liberow.

The rabbi also has another lighted 9 foot menorah, made of aluminum, standing in his yard, identical to the one that was taken.

The one that was stolen cost $1,000 and was not insured.

He says he doesn’t want to see the culprit go to jail, he just hopes someone will have the decency to bring it back.

“It’s sad, it’s sad somebody would want to steal something like that,” said Brandon Smith, a Lynn University student.

“I feel it’s very offensive. Everybody needs to respect every religion, no matter what,” said Leonela Izarra, a grad student at Lynn.

Click here to watch a CBS 12 News video report on the incident.


  • 1. campus shaliach wrote:

    The Liberows are true examples of chassidishe and
    ehrliche campus shluchim. Hopefully the person who stole the menorah will find a way to return it. May the eibishter help them in all their endeavors. From their
    Landa relatives


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