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Cops Launch Massive Manhunt for Gunman

At about 3:00pm this afternoon, shots were fired on Albany Ave. between Lefferts and East New York Aves., right next to Lefferts Park.

A police officer who was patrolling nearby heard the gunshots and immediately called for backup, then bravely pursued the gunmen. He successfully apprehended and arrested three men, but a fourth got away.

A massive manhunt ensued, as several dozen officers – backed by helicopters – searched high and low for the suspect. As of this time, the search is still ongoing.

No one was struck by the bullets that were fired.

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  • 1. WOW!! wrote:

    A brave cop! Must be an abberation. But thank you, officer, for being brave enough to deal with the situation & not just wait for back-up. We salute you!

  • 5. Chilul Hashem wrote:

    Please keep your sarcastic wit to yourself. These officers are putting their lives on the line while you mock them from behind the safety of your computer, stuffing your face with kugel and cholent.

  • 7. They have ways to make them talk wrote:

    The police have three of them and they have ways to make them talk. If they “forgot” how to get them to talk, they can simply call Guantanamo Bay for a quick tutorial.

  • 10. Leah in VA wrote:

    #6 – You are in more danger with the laws your “wonderful” mayor and your “wonderful” NY government made. You need MORE guns on the streets …. In the right hands, of course. Guns save lives. Crime goes down when gun sales go up..

    I feel bad for you guys. When seconds count, the police are minutes away. Police are not there to protect you. They come after the crime was committed. It’s up to you to protect yourself. Look how Bloomberg makes sure to go around with his armed body guards. I feel much safer when I carry than when I don’t.

  • 11. to 3 wrote:

    The police DO put their lives on the line every day. After all the donuts they eat… But seriously, of course the police dept do have good apples. But they have at least as many bad ones. That are either ticket writers and oppressors of who they ought to protect or they are to lazy to do the real work and collect their very decent pay and eventually pensions. The police earned the scorn they often get. And their odds of being physically harmed are low. True, that the individual officers who earn respect, should receive it.

    • 12. Selfish wrote:

      Have you ever offered kindness before criticizing? Perhaps that’s why you’re so paranoid and full of disdain. Just for the record, a police officer’s chance of being injured on the job is significantly higher than that of a professional food stamp collector.

  • 18. GRANNIE wrote:

    Thank God for this brave police officer who risked his life in the line of duty, to protect all of us


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