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Video: ‘Knockout’ Assault Caught on Surveillance

Sunday evening a young Jewish man fell victim to a violent assault by a gang of 10 thugs, which reported was part of a sick new ‘game’ called ‘knockout.’ We have now obtained video of the attack, which was captured on Post-Mark-It’s surveillance system.

The incident occurred last night, Sunday, at around 9:30pm, when a gang of 10 black males crossed paths with the lone Jewish male and a member of the group punched him in the face. The attack can be seen in the video below at the :13 second mark, as well the :41 and :48 second marks. has learned that the Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating this case as a possible bias incident.


  • 1. Sick wrote:

    Sick beyond sick!
    I hope someone is doing something about this!
    It’s no wonder people are scared of blacks they are scary!

  • 5. ariyeh Leib Segall wrote:

    Shomrim Truck parked — Nobody inside ?
    Surveilance system unmonitored ?
    Might just as well give these beasts free roam of the neighborhood !!!!
    Wake up Yidden !~!!!
    surveliance must be monitored on a 24/7 basis to catch these beasts — Pure incompetence !!!!!
    What good is Shomrim Vehicles with nobody inside watching !!!
    These nogoodniks operate with no fear — !!!! — You’ve got to be on the spot to capture them— !!!!

    • 6. Shomrim volunteer wrote:

      Does Shomrim ‘volunteers’ owe you anything?

      Perhaps you will ‘volunteer’ to sit in the truck all day?

  • 7. send this to the media wrote:

    if this was a jew hitting a black person it would be on cnn
    but the black always get away with this

    where is chanina where is james and all the other black politicians who we only see when they want our votes they are all racist for being quite and should resign

    • 8. What votes? wrote:

      “Want our votes”…

      What votes? Half of eligible CH voters aren’t even registered, and half of the registered don’t even vote!

      If we would actually vote, that would be a start to getting “friends” in politics.

  • 11. In addition to better policing wrote:

    There is much we can do to attract more protection to our community from above

    For everyone’s sake, let’s not forget what the Rebbe said
    Mezuza and Tfilin bring protection for the individual/family; whereas Tznius attracts a special level of divine protection against harm for the entire machaneh-community (say chazal and our Rebbe)

  • 12. I saw them wrote:

    walking down kingston and I knew they were up to something!!!! Disgusting human beings! They giv1e black people a bad name! idiots. put them away

  • 13. In addition to better policing wrote:

    the Rebbe (YES THE REBBE) linked Tznius to tragedies in a community.

    Do the Research! The Rebbe quoted many chazal and Kabala sources indicating how Hashem’s shchina and protection to a community (and cha”v the lack thereof) corresponds to the Tznius attire and manner, of that community.

    “Tznius saves lives!!”

    These are the words of Tzadikim, who we should trust! For the sake and safety of our selves and fellow neighbors!

    Tznius attracts extra protection from Hashem for the entire community, and the opposite R”L (warned our sages) brings the opposite!

    please be considerate to your fellow neighbors and don’t do things which are (predictively) abussive, harmful or endangering to your fellow neighbor.

    pleas show respect and care for the safety, well being and blessings of your own family and neighbors,

    Lets also increase in Ahavas Yisroel, since it hastens the final Geulah and puts an end to all toros for good!

    be extra careful in checking tfilin and mezusos, that (the Rebbe says) increases ones personal family safety,

    • 14. Anonymous wrote:

      Does it repel attackers? You know like stop them in their actions and suddenly they turn away.

  • 15. more watchers wrote:

    Shomrim please make a volunteer drive. I think more people would get involved if they knew how. We have to safe guard our streets. The boys and girls have to be able to walk the streets without being scared. Boys as young as 13 have to go to Yeshiva at night. If Kingston isnt safe, we are in trouble. I would love to see the ch crime statistics as well. Seems its out of control, lately.

  • 16. Crazy!! wrote:

    No afense but its a little erases of you ppl who always use the term “BLACK”.

  • 17. Rdmd wrote:

    well, for one, we can watch our language and intentions on these website comments.

  • 18. Fed Up wrote:

    To Al Sharpton, Charles Barron, Barack Obama, and Eric Holder, please comment anytime and put down the politically correct black panther scum that attacked the Jew! It seems like Crown Heights is turning into the Jim Crowe south, except this time the Jews under assault, not the blacks! Yes, I will bring up Obama and if anyone has a problem with that, then too bad! He stuck his communist nose in the Trayvon Martin case, now let’s see him stick his nose in this case!

  • 19. Not Knockout wrote:

    This doesn’t look like a knockout type punch. I watched the knockout video, and those punches were of a totally different level.

  • 21. To arye leib segall wrote:

    The Shomrim command post is parked and yes nobody was inside at the time of the assault. Do you think that Shomrim has a volunteer in every one of its vehicles 24/7?! Do you know that we are not paid for our time and energy? Do you know that we are husbands,fathers and family people? Do you know that every one of our Volunteers has a job and responsibilities? Do you know that we do routine patrols and have a phenomenal response time to Shomrim calls, but we cant be everywhere everytime?! Do you know how many potential crimes we averted by being out there and visible?! Do you know that every one of our vehicles just being out on the street is a crime deterrent?! Shomrim is not a guarantee that there will be no crime. Shomrim does its best to prevent a potential crime from happening, and if a crime was committed to try to locate the criminal so he will be arrested, and to assist the victim in any way possible. Being that we are human beings we are limited and therefore are resources are limited as well. We cannot be everywhere at once and we rely on our community to say something when they see suspicious activity by alerting 911 and Shomrim.

    Mendy Hershkop

    • 22. Ariyeh Leib Segall wrote:

      I understand the limitations of a volunteer Patrol — but unfortunately these wild beasts also understand to a greater extent !!!! They understand that they roam about and pull off these random assaults with little chance of being caught because they can scatter like cockroaches right after the evil deeds — not worried about getting caught by a patrol that stretched to the limit or because of videos that are unable to clearly ID them…
      Bottom line is that a breach has been discovered and these evil doers are only too happy to subject the Yidden of Crown Heights to their whims without any fear !!!!

  • 23. I don't get it wrote:

    There are 4 YIDDIN passing by as this happened and no one had ANY reaction what’s going on

  • 24. sweatshirt wrote:

    isnt that guy wearing a sweatshirt of the ‘other’ site? you know the one that only writes ‘happy news’? ;)

  • 26. Yossel wrote:

    To #8: Yes, we should improve the Tznius in our community. But you can’t blame attacks from thugs on our innocent Bochurim and Maidelach on that. The reason why there are attacks, is because New York City in general, and Brooklyn in particular, is a SLUM and a DUMP! People in nice places in other states don’t have as good Tznius as we have, and they don’t have problems with Blacks. We have problems because this is BROOKLYN. Maybe it’s time we left this battered borough for a nicer place to live!

    The second problem is we don’t have the level of protection that Satmar and other groups have here. Someone starts up with a Yid in Villiamsburg, they are found unconscious in a trash can. Call “Chapsem” and young men come running to administer justice. Lubavitchers are too nice to do that, so we pay in getting picked on.

    • 27. Berel wrote:

      Actually, I’ve lived in Brooklyn my whole life and have never been mugged. Then I go to LA and I get mugged in a rich neighborhood.

  • 30. mother wrote:

    shomrim is amazing i see them potroling our streets good job shomrim keep it up ty

  • 31. We need more Shomrim wrote:

    Please post how to become a member. You are saying that a member cant possibly b everywhere. In these times we need to increase our troops and get our neighborhood back!

    • 32. Shomrim volunteer wrote:

      if you were truly sincere you wouldn’t have to ask (by way of writing a comment).

      in other words: If you were a man of action you would have figured it out.

  • 33. IF wrote:

    If you see a group of them any where in CH and you smell trouble
    call shomrim at once.

  • 35. to number 25 wrote:

    If you are seeking how to become a member you can contact the shomrim hotline and you get an application etc..

  • 36. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    Dear Mr. Entitlement ariyeh Leib Segall,

    Instead of trying in some twisted way to blame the good volunteers of Shomrim for not being at your beck and call 27/7, let’s examine what you have and are doing to make Crown Heights a safer place for us and our children.

    Do you patrol the neighborhood?
    Do you even bother to report suspicious activity when you see it?
    Do you give your time, energy and money to make us safer?

    Perhaps you can’t patrol or do anything that Shomrim does, granted.
    Do you support those who do? When was the first or last time you donated to Shomrim?

    Where you there for Shomrim when they needed you four years ago?

    If your not putting out (helping), then get out of the way and just shut up.

    Your not entitled to anything. Shomrim does not owe you anything.

    • 37. Ariyeh Leib Segall wrote:

      Meanwhile — Lots of hot air — but the numbers of those that are assaulted are increasing !!!! They are not interested in excuses —!!!

    • 38. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

      Dear Mr. Entitlement ariyeh Leib Segall

      In response to your non-response.

      What is your excuse for not helping (in any way you can)?

  • 39. Dual approach wrote:

    Examining what we can (and therefore should) do, Al Pi Teva and Al Pi Ruchniyus is the balanced (Torah) approach!

    In addition to better (self) policing and cameras etc…
    read the sichos please (on the connection between safety and tznius) all communities naturally have tragedy and “incidents”…
    what Mezuza and Tznius accomplish is to “ADD A SPECIAL PROTECTION” via “Vehayu Machanecha Kadosh” = this attracts the special divine protection through the presence of the shchina…

  • 40. kron wrote:

    Please people, walk in groups at night (the larger the better) or just drive. I can’t stress this enough.

  • 41. to arye leib segall wrote:

    so what are you doing about it? sitting at home on your computer writing in my opinion foolish comments? Yes the people who got assaulted don’t want excuses but its not on Shomrim to provide them with explanations. Shomrim is not anyone’s including a victims baal chov. If you wanna complain the right place for it would be to the elected officials for they represent you.

  • 42. to arye leib segall wrote:

    the first line of defense is the people of this community. If someone sees something suspicious they should say something to the proper channels. If people would be more aware of their surroundings that would trim the crime tremendously. 911 and Shomrim are there but need to be notified of suspicious activity. 911 and Shomrim cannot be everywhere all the time.

  • 43. Mendy Hershkop to arye leib segall wrote:

    Shomrim doesn’t owe you or anyone any explanations and therefore we need not excuse ourselves. I nicely took the time to explain to you that we cant be everywhere and people need to report suspicious activity to 911 and Shomrim. Bottom line is Shomrim makes a difference we are out there and do great work. The question is where are you when all this happens? What are you doing for a safer CH? Are you gonna patrol on your time and report suspicious activity to the proper channels? Or in your own words are you gonna continue to spew “lots of hot air?”

  • 44. Information wrote:

    Is Shomrim seeking to recruit new volunteers? Is there a website with information how to become a volunteer, how the patrol hours work etc…


    What type of equipment and/or vehicles are needed? (or can be donated)

  • 45. to information wrote:

    if anyone is seeking information about volunteering in shomrim call the shomrim hotline at 7187743333 for more information..

  • 46. miriam wrote:

    What does tznius have to do with what happened, everytime something happens you blame it on tznius,

  • 47. Dual approach wrote:

    Examining what we can (and therefore should) do, Al Pi Teva and Al Pi Ruchniyus is the balanced (Torah) approach!

    In addition to better (self) policing and cameras etc…
    read the sichos please (on the connection between safety and tznius) all communities naturally have tragedy and “incidents”…
    what Mezuza and Tznius accomplish is to “ADD A SPECIAL PROTECTION” via “Vehayu Machanecha Kadosh” = this attracts the special divine protection through the presence of the shchina…

  • 48. boy from the hood wrote:

    The problems are thus: First, since the Martin decision, Black attacks upon Whites has increased all over the country. Second, the media will not report this because it is not politically correct. Third, the rantings of both Obama and Holder encouraged a belief that justice was denied and so thus encouraged others to get revenge by taking matters into their own hand. Fourth, until the newly elected Mayor states publicly that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated–expect more of the same.
    so sad so true

  • 49. Uri wrote:

    I agree with #21. Where is the brotherhood? Why not stick up for a fellow Jew? I’ve seen goyim act with more concern for each other. That is the real tragedy in this case. I know that New Yorkers have busy lives and are running to and from places without any real concern for what’s going on around them. But we are all Jews!! If a Jewish girl was being raped (RL”T), would these people also continue walking?

  • 50. Anonimo wrote:

    with new mayor and pc crown heights crime will return to the 70’s and 80’s stats. not much you can do.
    be carefu,l no eye contact, and travel in groups

  • 51. All Hawg wrote:

    That’s why I carry a gun. Let a group of those thugs get killed by someone that doesn’t fall down and see what the media does.

  • 52. "He that stands up to murder you-Murder him first!" wrote:

    Not condoning ACTUAL “murder” here, but I DEFINITELY think that EVERY single Yid in CH should make efforts to defend himself.
    Whether its self defense training, (and that would be krav maga style, none of this dojo-based karate)
    or carrying pepper spray, or even tasers, the ONLY law these animals (referring here to the attackers, not blacks in general) understand, is the law “of the jungle” which stated simply is : “survival of the fittest”
    and while I wholeheartedly agree that we need to ask Hashem to help us, and strengthen our Torah observance etc, we see that even Yaakov our forefather prepared for physical war and did not rely solely on spiritual preparations.
    To that end, perhaps there are some members of the community that would be willing to:
    1)offer self-defense to those who want it/can afford it
    2)can supply members of the community with various defense gadgets (as mentioned earlier)
    and show them how to use them.
    May Hashem help us all and end this golus now, and may we do our part in making sure every yid is as safe as we can make them.


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