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Old Man Goes Berserk, Attempts to Rob Bodega

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — A timid old man went completely nuts this afternoon, inside an Albany Avenue bodega and attempted to rob the clerk while wielding a screwdriver.

The man, an older black man who often hangs around the bodega, walked in to the store and handed the clerk a single dollar bill, which he returned to the man since he made no purchase, and after taking the bill back he demanded ‘his $100 bill back’, and pulled the screwdriver.

Jamal, a store patron, who assisted in subduing the man, told “he is always so quiet, but he went completely crazy, it took a few of us to hold him down!” adding that he called police who arrived quickly and arrested the man.

There were no injuries reported.


  • 1. resident wrote:

    of course for this store the police came quickly with many cars, if it was a jew who called the police it would be one guy after 2 hours

  • 2. Abba wrote:

    There is always interesting men hanging out near that store.Sometimes i am afraid to go in there myself.

  • 3. Florida CNA wrote:

    I just want to say. This is a very insensative article. I am not saying that what the man did is ok or normal by any means. That being said I also have a LOT of experiance with alzheimers patients. This sounds very much like a possible person with demntia/alzheimers. One minute they are cool/collected, even reserved the next they are out of it. I know everyone is worried about escalating tension but lets be realistic. Even if this man does not have Dementia/Alzheimers he may just be senile.

  • 4. anonymous wrote:


    When a weapon is involved, the police response is faster because something severe is more likely to happen.


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