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Yet Another Bochur Viciously Beaten and Robbed

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — Thursday night at around midnight, a group of men walking down Albany Ave, between Empire Blvd and Leferts Ave, saw a Jewish teen lying on the floor, unconscious and bleeding from his head. They called Hatzalah and Shomrim, who quickly responded to the scene. Hatzalah revived the teen, who couldn’t remember his name or why his head hurt.

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Witnesses said, they believe there were two Black male assailants who were hanging around the scene before the attack, and were seen leaving the scene with a bike looked like the one taken from the victim. There were no witnesses to the actual assault.

Hatzalah transported the teen to the Kings County Hospital, where he is scheduled to get a CT scan. Shomrim members who responded to the scene could not get a proper description of the assailants from the victim, from memory loss due the trauma he sustained.

The teen, which is 16 years old, was cycling up Albany Ave, when he was attacked and viciously beaten, to the point of unconsciousness. Hours later the teen still could not remember exactly what happened, or who did it to him, but did tell detectives that he was missing his cell phone, watch, wallet and the bike he was riding on.

Many detective were observed at the scene of the attack along with brass of the 71st precinct, who were investigating the incident, which as this time is still not clear what its being classified as.

In case of an emergency never hesitate to call 911 and Shomrim at (718) 774-3333 24/7


  • 1. yankykop wrote:

    how much more jewish blood needs to be spilled on the streets of our neighborhood before the police protect us. may the bochur recover speedily

  • 3. CeeRubin wrote:

    E-mail the press, e-mail D.A Charles Hynes, lets let our voices be heard.

    I want people to e-mail Mr. Eroll Louis. A writer for the NY Daily News who wrote very aggressively when a Black man was attacked by a Shmira guy, but is silent when these stories happen to Yidden.

    When I spoke with him, he told me he isn’t a “magician”, he can’t write about stories that he doesn’t know about.

    So let’s let him “know” about this.

    Here are some other emails:

    Daily News:
    Channel 12:
    Editorials, Columnists:

  • 7. PLEASE JOIN wrote:

    Today there will be a march starting from Albany between Lefferts and Empire at 4:30! Those of you who care and would like to make a stand should be there! All men, women and children!

  • 8. hate politicians wrote:

    remember what happend when we had a (black)mayor dinkins the situation could be 100 times worse with a (black)president oBama – the political & safety situation are coincidng, .

    though this comment is not politicaly correct & some will dismiss it as nonesense BUT THIS IS THE TRUTH & IF WE WILL NOT SAY IT THEN WHO WILL???

  • 9. c.h. parent wrote:

    absurd already – time for patrols again like a few months again

  • 10. Henry wrote:

    Building owners please put up cameras on the outside of your buildings!!!!!

  • 11. mike wrote:

    stop reading comments email all of the above!!!!!!!do something!!!!!!

  • 12. NEVER AGAIN wrote:

    FOWD. BUCHER VICIOUSLY BEATEN LAST NIGHT, A 16 year old boy was found lying bloodied & unconscious on Albany between leferts and Empire after having been robbed and beaten (allegedly by two black males) WE WILL MARCH IN PROTEST today at 5pm from the site of the attack to the 71st precinct , with a clear and angry message that we and our families will not be harassed and assaulted at will, that the Jewish community will not be held hostage by any other ethnic groups in our neighborhood and that we expect a swift arrest of the perpetrators as well as the protection of the police which we deserve. NEVER AGAIN FORWARD TO EVERY CH RESIDENT

  • 13. We can-t be quiet wrote:

    Is there anyway that you can go through your archives of the last year or two of all the beatings and muggings are schuna has suffered thru, and send it to all the newspapers and channels it will be greatly appreciated

  • 14. ii wrote:

    Where is the Rev. Al Sharpton now when the reverse happens? He seems to dissapear when blacks terrorize whites.

  • 15. Rony wrote:

    NO were would this happen!
    ATT. our beloved Vaad Hakohol !!!

    It wasn’t a racioul attack just cooncidently days after the City vindicated the so called White cops who shot that black guy.

    This problem aslo comes from these social enept African Americans that have nothing to do they are board if the City municipality would open up a large community centre for these behaimes to recreate in, it would atleast if not solve the problem totaly then some what decrease the amount of violence these hooligens and thugs bring to our streets.

  • 16. Cee wrote:

    to please join,

    can you please tell more details, who is organizing it, etc …

  • 17. Ralfie wrote:

    Rather than the cops spending money after the fact looking for criminals, wouldn’t it be so much easier to have cameras on every street corner to PREVENT the crime, rather than trying to close the stable door after the horse has already bolted??

  • 20. Benny wrote:

    There is a war going on and the best defense is a good offence. Also, appeasement is more likely to make your adversary bolder (ex. Middle East) 1). We need to start organizing martial arts classes so that everybody can defend themselves properly. 2) It would be great if we could have a system that uses GPS where one could press a panic button and their co-ordinates could be transmitted to the security patrols. In the meantime everyone should carry mace or pepper spray and not walk alone.

  • 21. Find the animals who did this wrote:

    All cell phones have a GPS transmitter. If the phone is on, the wireless provider can locate the phone in a matter of minutes.

    The cops are the only ones who can this info from the company. Let’s see if they care enough to try….

  • 22. DeeNice wrote:

    This is the double standard that exsists when it comes to media coverage. If this was an African American they would be a ridiculous amount of media coverage. Since the person is white the story isn’t told as it will not sell newspapers. I will never buy a Daily News paper ever again. They are part of the problem and not the solution. Equal coverage should be given and all people would realize these things happen to all races and religions. I pray for the family of the young boy and hope he has a speedy recovery. There were 2 white men beaten badly by the police in Bensonhurst a few months back. The officers were beating them with night sticks because they banged one of the officers cars. These men spents months recouping in the hospital and NO ONE picked up coverage of this story. Where was the Daily News. It will break soon however, just when their lawyers drop a multi million lawsuit on the city.

  • 23. Stop the Madness wrote:

    JLC is not supporting the march they will be organizing a march next week, not Erev Shabbos in the rain

  • 24. astonished and horrified wrote:

    i would just like to point out something that i have noticed.
    i found it extremely puzzling, but on the corner of Albany and empire there are posters hanging stating that if you any info about any crime you should call to the PD….all very nice but might you take a single step in any direction (away from that corner, even on the same block) u will not see any signs with anything of the like.

    that is right just the four corners of that block has a few signs, and that is it!!

    it is obvious that those signs were hung just so that it shall in the news camera’s view.
    I personally think this should be a front page story

  • 25. Morrie wrote:

    Unless yidden call and write the goyim media, the media will never know the truth. And they will turn to self-appointed “spokespeople” like Halberstam and Sperlin if WE don’t let them know who the REAL people are.

    And everybody should add the NY TIMES to their list of calls. That’s what Bloomberg reads.

  • 27. BE AT THE PROTEST wrote:

    just crown heights residents angry like you no organization is involved

  • 28. dtw wrote:

    In Feb06, my son, who was then 18 was mugged by 4 African Americans at 2am on a Sunday morning. He had attended a class farbrangin. They followed him from the train that he had taken to cross CH and caught up with him at President and Utica. He was staying at a home in that area. They robbed him at gunpoint and then knocked him out. When he hit the ground he regained consciousness and walked back to where he was staying. In the morning he called to say that he had blood coming out of his ear. Someone called shomrim and someone else called shmira but he was taken to Kings county ER.
    Since then, I have told my children to always call a taxi or car service at night. I say to them, “Please don’t save me any money.”
    Until Moshiach comes, these people (the AAs) will be a danger and a threat. Use common sense. Call a cab.

  • 29. chani wrote:

    Thanks to Ricky Tzivin – Gearman who noticed the boy lying on the floor and called Moishe Witkes to come check it out he ended up recognizing that it was a yiddishe bochur and called hatzalah and got this boy the help that he needed.
    Note to Hatzalah, you guys were amazing, came so quickly i would say about 45 seconds. Yasher Koach.

  • 30. fishel katz wrote:

    One accurate solution,with real pervention!!!,,,That will help,,,,

    ,The latest crime perventing t.v. cameras !!!monitering the streets of crown heights on a continuous bassis,by shmira and the police dept simotaniously,,,,,they work perfectly everywhere,Jewish people manufacturers…. fishel katz miami beach

  • 31. Yeudit wrote:

    Can we have the boy’s Jewish name so that we can read tehillim/daven for him?

  • 33. Sheindel Heisler wrote:

    Oi Yidden, wake up and come to Eretz Yisroel. Jews in Israel work, and also learn Torah. There is everything here a Jewish family needs. Come Home !

  • 34. So You Think Israel-s Dangerous, Huh? wrote:

    Sderot or Crown Heights? I don’t know about you, but I prefer Sderot.

    It’s time to make aliya !! \

  • 35. tt wrote:

    i think that crown hieghts should have a crown heights taxi service all day long and show get payed reagularly 6 dollers for ever ride. WE HAD ANOGHT.


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