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Strong-armed Carjacking of a DHL Van

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] – At around 2:15 Tuesday afternoon, a DHL delivery van was carjacked in Crown Heights. The driver was assaulted, dragged from the van, and the perpetrators fled with the van. The incident took place on Crown Street between Nostrand and Rogers Avenues behind the Medger Evers College.

More pictures in the Extended Article.

Police were called and a widespread search spanning deep into the 77th Precinct ensued after the two perps and for the van. A short while later the van was located with the search still on for the perps.

The case is being investigated by the Major Case Robbery Squad.


  • 5. CYNIC wrote:

    Apart from the fact that this was vicious & I hope the driver wasn’t hurt, I find it all rather amusing…I thought crime was DOWN in Crown Heights, & aren’t there so many more cops here these days?

    What were they doing, sleeping? Oh yes, the cops are only here to protect the JEWS! You wait, that will be the criticism leveled at us. So once again, indirectly, we are to blame! After all, if the cops weren’t in the “Jewish” part, they’d be in the “other” part. Wouldn’t they?

    Now there’s a thought…

  • 6. frustrated wrote:

    For a change I am frustrated reading an article that is alarming in crown heights. Can u please post if frum jews were involved?

  • 7. Cee wrote:

    Ahh beautiful. Maybe because they have 80 cops stations on Kingston avenue at 2 o clock in the afternoon as a weak sign of amping up security. Memo to Vega, we dont need cops on kingston and crown at 2pm in broad daylight, we need them at 10pm-4am.

  • 8. Crime Decline wrote:

    I knew Vega and Bloomberg were correct when they say that crime is on the decline :-)

  • 10. ANNOYED wrote:

    don’t these things have gps locators just for these purposes? What the heck took so long to locate the car in such a case. The second it was reported to the dispatcher, the police should’ve been given the coordinates and boom, problem solved.

    OH RIGHT, it’s the 71st. Ya gotta add another 35 minutes to the response time

  • 11. Long Time Resident wrote:


    I think it is completely irrelevant if there were Jews involved in this incident for the simple reason that this was a DHL van, which to the best of my knowledge does not employ any Jewish deliverymen. Have you ever seen one?

    Also, this incident really relates to our neighborhood being that it’s a DHL van that was making deliveries here in Crown Heights, so thanks CHI for being thoughtful enough to go out there and get the story!


    I don’t know what your complaint is, you walk on Kingston so you see the cops on Kingston, try walking on Schenectady and even on Nostrand and you will see the beat cops there too!

    And to all the rest of the criticizers, notice how you all start jumping when you read about an incident here on CHI, as a dedicated reader (and an avid commenter) this is the first crime incident I am seeing reported here since the racial attack on S. Balkany, so to the 71st you go guys keep those incidents from happening!

  • 12. Sgt Bobby Troise wrote:

    To Cee and all other concerned Community Members: D.I. Vega IS aware of your concerns. Perhaps you hadn’t noticed but the Officers you out mentioned ARE OUT until 4AM. They are assigned not only on Kingston Avenue, but throughout the area from noon – 4am. Thanks to those who continue to support us, regardless of how you feel, we ARE here to serve YOU.

  • 13. to Sgt Bobby Troise from a concerned mom wrote:

    to Sgt Bobby Troise:

    I guess when a trust is broken, it takes a while to rebuild it – you really cant blame the community for the cynicism.
    On the whole, we are a law abiding community and a bit bewildered to see that we are seen as a nuisance at best, or the “bad guys” in this part of town.
    Perhaps with time, we can rebuild the feeling that we are in this together to maintain a safe and healthy environment for ourselves and families

  • 14. 7-7-7 wrote:

    To Sgt. Bobby Troise and the 71st Pct:

    Despite our somewhat turbulent relationship, I would like to thank you, and the entire 71st, for your presence and dedication.

  • 15. frustrated wrote:

    I stand corrected, I must admit that I did not read the article thoroughly and only after commenting, and submitting, I realised that it was about a DHL van. I am sorry.

  • 16. Community member wrote:

    Keep up the great work officer Troise and the rest of you guys.

    Lets remember, just getting up in the morning and putting on that uniform each and every day means
    the police officers are ready to do what it takes to keep the community members of their precint safe, even if it means going
    into danger. How many of us besides Shomrin can say they do this?
    Lets start to give a little credit and Hakoras Hatov to those that risk their lives for us.
    Also, this driver is part of our community; what difference is it if he is jewish or not. As you see from above, many non jews are reading the site and comments.
    Please keep it in mind not to make a
    Chillel Hashem.

  • 17. On behalf of all CH residents wrote:

    TO SGT Bobby Troise.
    Thank You! May G-d Bless you and all who serve and help protect us. We welcome and appreciate your input. Keep up the good work!

  • 18. yitzchak wrote:

    We appreciate all the officers on the street.At the same time we are concerned because we have to get those criminals anyway possible.We need to have decoy cops out and try to bait them otherwise as soon as the cops are gone they can continue to attack C”V.


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