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Daily News – Teen’s Beating Probed as Hate Crime

Dorian Block – NY Daily News

Samuel Balkany – Keivom/News

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — Cops are investigating the beating of a 16-year-old Yeshiva student in Brooklyn as a possible hate crime.

Samuel Balkany was on his way to a friend’s house in Crown Heights about 10:30p.m. Friday when five black teenagers threw him against the fence of a house, yelled anti-Semitic epithets and beat him, police and Samuel said.

“They pushed me so I was leaning on the gate, and five guys were knocking me out for five minutes,” Samuel, who is Lubavitch Hasidic, said last night. He said the teens yelled, “F—— Jew. It’s our neighborhood. We’re going to kill you, little Jew.” Bleeding from his head, Samuel went to his friend’s house and then to Kings County Hospital.

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  • 1. Harris wrote:

    I am a later 30’s reform jewish male who works at PS 241 in Crown heights which is 99 percent black. I thought this type of stupidity was over after the 1991 riots… but it is still ongoing. When is all this going to stop. I thought blacks and Jews were working together again. It is time for adults in the community to educate their children properly so they do not become the bottom feeders of society and can become productive members of a better Brooklyn.

  • 2. Francis wrote:

    I believe for the most part that, Blacks and Jews do get along in the neighborhood. With that said it doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be a few knuckleheads’ messing up the flow. It may help if we smile a little more at each other, rather than just simply passing by. I believe it will help to remind others that we really do care and not just that one is better than another.


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