Seminary ‘Un-accepts’ Student Just Weeks before Schools Start

With just two weeks to the beginning of the academic year, a Seminary in Israel rescinded its acceptance of a young girl in a jarring email and based on vague accusations against her from “more than one very reliable source.”

The email drew sharp condemnations for the manner and format in which the 18-year-old girl was summarily dismissed, this despite going through the application process, purchasing airfare and successfully applying for grants and tuition aid.

The potential student poignantly pointed out in her response that “I hope […] we can trust the Jewish teaching to believe in half [of what] you see and none [of what] you hear,” and further proposed a probation period in which she can be personally observed by the director of the seminary. She responded “I hear you but as of now I am still standing with my decision.”

The following is the email exchange (names omitted):

Initial Un-acceptance Email:

The Students Response:

The Seminary’s Followup:


  • 1. Not journalism, lashon hara wrote:

    This is not journalism.This is lashon hara. Why did you feel that you needed to write about this? This is this student’s private matter. And it should be kept private.

    • 3. oh really? wrote:

      and throwing out a girl based on rumors and hearsay is not listening to and acting on lashon hara?

      quite being the tea calling the kettle black.

      these “so-called” seminarys are slaughtering jewish neshamos.

    • 4. Not Journalism ??? wrote:

      Not Journalism ???
      Why? Because they Can kill Jewish kids and get away with it.
      Not enough her brother Killed a Family
      in Crown Heights ?
      What happen to House Of Glatt ???

    • 5. A student wrote:

      If one is embarrased of something they shouldn’t do it…. this should be posted… its obvious the school behaved highly inappropriate….

    • 6. Chaya bat moshe wrote:

      Because everyone should see how far our institutions have strayed from the path of the righteous. This is gaava. This is why are children donr remain religious. Were literally sending them to help.

      There will be a special place in geihenom for principals and teachers who have treated our children like this.

      My heart breaks for this girl and for my own children, who are much younger and have been treated like garbage. One even getting a rejection letter from her schools high school, that she didn’t apply too.

      We ask why we suffer tragedy, we ask why are young beautiful souls are list, this letter is why. Once upon a time a Jewish child had worth, rabbis begged to educate them. Now our children are cheap, we have many of them. Instead of the nazis sending our children to God chambers, we have mechanchim, sending our children to the streets. Rhe result is the same, millions of lost Jewish children. Souls killed by jews, and not just any Jews, rabbis.

    • 7. Yossi wrote:

      I TOTALLY disagree with you.

      1) if true, girls have to know to be careful.
      2) IF what the school heard isn’t true, the person talking is gonna have to dael with Hashem on Yom Kippur about loshon hora & the domino affect of there gossip.

      3) if the girl is righ, ( let’s hpoe so) what happend to the girls yiddishkiet is on the administrators head….
      המבין יבין
      On ALL sides.

  • 9. I feel bad that this seminary still stands wrote:

    This is disgusting and complete chutzpah to the go girl.

    • 12. Amen wrote:

      Mrs. —— Pure selfish gaiva. Cut the garbage and go back to liberal England. I’ll pay for your ticket.

    • 13. really? wrote:

      This is half a story and crownheights info shouldn’t have published anything without first reaching out to the seminary. Perhaps it is a chutzpah but perhaps it isn’t; we just don’t know with the info provided in the article.

  • 14. Warning ! wrote:

    Attn girls going into 12th grade!! Think before you apply to [deleted] seminary. I’m telling you from my own personal experience

    • 15. Director my foot wrote:

      The tone of the director’s letter is off. Her entire demeanor is off. The way she responded to a presumably well-meaning, prospective student is off. Make no mistake, she’s running a business first and a seminary second. Save your money and find another seminary with a manahel that cares more for their students than their personal interests.

  • 16. Annon wrote:

    To the readers
    Don’t be shocked from this. This isn’t the first time a seminary did such a thing. Just last year [deleted] did such a thing to more than one girl. She is a rude lady with no pure intentions. Her reasons for acceptance and rejection aren’t clear. she takes who she wants and rejects girls with no apparaent reason. I wouldn’t be surprised if this email is an exhange with [deleted] herself , shes good at doing things to ruin girls.

  • 18. mr. Rosen wrote:

    i can’t believe my eyes how can you do this to a girl Seminary starts in 2 weeks and leave them without a school me as a mother it hurts me unbelievable.

  • 19. M. Sherman wrote:

    Can someone share witch seminary this is? I know of only 3 chabad sems in Israel. This is very sad.

    • 20. chana wrote:

      witch seminary is right! what a witching thing to do..
      which seminary would be a correct way to but obviously this seminary is not correct in how it deals with people.
      so sad and I Hope this young lady finds a place where she can really grown and be treated like a mentch. People who listen to others… who say they are reliable sources should not rely on them.

  • 21. Anonomous wrote:

    Shame on the seminary system. Seminary is a place for girls to grow as a person and in the yidishkeit to learn to be the new up coming mothers for our tomorrow. May all the seminary and machanchos realize how much potential each individual girls have and to always remember that!

  • 22. something wierd wrote:

    the letter from the sem doesn’t seem to be addressed to a girl they haven’t yet gotten to know
    when you don’t yet know someone, you don’t ususally write” i’m disappointed in you over and over…”

  • 23. CHT wrote:

    No need to post seriously. Some normal staff. Hanholas never find out from most reliable sources, but they always try to operate on what they find out.

  • 24. Nechama Minkowicz wrote:

    This is outrageous. This system is built on supply and demand. A community with integrity and interest in preserving the continuity of our children would boycott this seminary and view any michanech acting in this manner as incompetent.

  • 25. Fellow reject wrote:

    Seminary is a place for growth and improvement. However over the years it has become so corrupt, it is no long about the girls and helping them better themselves. Seminary breaks girls apart and rejects people left and right. I am a girl who wasn’t accepted this year. I have the purest intentions at heart and want to learn. The fact that I don’t have this opportunity is so unfortunate. I am so disgusted and turned off by this seminary. As Lubavitchers how do we treat people like this. Unreal.

    • 26. Fellow reject wrote:

      I feel you 100%, I applied this past year to seminary with the purest intentions to grow and low and behold I am left with no seminary next year. I am still heartbroken.

  • 27. Moishe pipek wrote:

    Maybe with this we will get a rest from the Malki story’If not CrownHeights info. is on the roll.

  • 28. Appalled wrote:

    The letter is written without any regard for chinuch or a girl’s well being. This type of letter can cause suicide for the delicate student. This is beyond abuse. Shame on this hanhalah. And that she would do this based on loshan harah just shows how unethical she is. In addition, this isn’t loshan harah since names are blacked out but kudos to crown for exposing the corruption in a system that is 180 degrees contrary to the Rebbe’s ways.

    • 32. Anonymous wrote:

      It’s ok we know Hashem has some more coming for her, and not any chesed.

  • 34. camp director wrote:

    Before you all give your input, It would probably be a good idea to keep quiet unless you know the real story. I dont know what this particular situation is, but I directed a camp this past summer with plenty of our local Lubavitch girls who are going to “top” seminaries and the Tznius and behavior was completely inappropriate. These girls are all nice and good in school and then they come to camps skirts way above the knees, shirts exposing way too much, non Jewish music, gaps between the leggings etc. So if a seminary gave a warning, and news travels quickly, think before you start cursing out the seminary.

    • 35. Anonymous wrote:

      So why are you talking when you your telling everyone else to be quite?

    • 36. Not so fast.. wrote:

      So the fact that she may have had an inch gap between her leggings and socks, or may have had her skirt slightly higher than the accepted standards, warrants this abhorrent behavior and letter from the director of this seminary? Adult vs. impressionable young adult…

    • 37. Schools job wrote:

      It’s literally the school /seminaries job to teach the girls. This includes dressing properly. If she is not dressing properly then they failed in their education. That’s not a good reason not to continue trying. It’s one thing if she was in seminary and not following their dress code, but this is entirely different.

    • 38. Anonymous wrote:

      Is there a problem.
      It looks like you’re the only one
      Who for some reason feels like it’s not such a bad thing.

    • 39. Yocheved wrote:

      I’d rather go up to HaShem at 120 with my knees showing than with the unbelievable judgement and hatred of other Jews that you show. You should be so embarrassed of this comment.

  • 41. Really really hurt wrote:

    This is complete garbage
    Look what the world has come too.
    Poor girl now can’t go to the seminary she has been so excited to attend.
    There are some really nasty people in this world.
    Just the way this email was written up to the girl is disgusting and babyish.

  • 42. Mother of Bais Rivkah Students wrote:

    If any of you mothers whose daughters were “accepted” to this mush’chuss’dike seminary were real women, you’d all band together and pull your daughters out of this hell hole. Hit this “mechaneches” in the only place she understands: keep your daughters home, stop your checks, and let’s see how selective she’ll continue being in the future.
    Mamesh a shandeh un a charpeh. Feh.
    Are you still wondering why we’re losing our young? This should shed some light.

  • 44. Anonymous wrote:

    Bais rivkah seminary in crown heights is an excellent choice!
    Israel seminaries are overrated. Spend your money wisely in a school that will give your daughters an exceptional year!

  • 45. confused wrote:

    Apparently the hanhala spoke to the girl pesach time and said they are giving her a chance.. now during the summer she did not keep her part of the agreement and continued in the way that she was before and did not keep her part of the agreement. do you want your daughter to be with this girl in school/dorm?
    we have to have some respect some standards and some responsibility. it is not a hefker velt. if this was done more often the kids will begin to believe that yes there is consequences for your action and no you will not get into a school if you dont follow the rules

    • 46. Anonymous wrote:

      We can’t all ageee on who is right or wrong here but we can all agree this email has a very abusive tone. Just full on attack.

    • 47. Inside info, I.e. to Mrs. R wrote:

      Ah so this the hanhala’s response! Shame on you who takes the responsibility of girls and their welfare in your hands. Wanting a girl to drop her friends shows how much learning you have to do! You should inspire her to influence her friends, not drop them!

    • 49. 123 wrote:

      I was once called into the office and told off, accused and attacked for something I have never done. The hanahals response was just like this one- I heard from a reliable source. It’s been 10 years and my stomach still hurts when I think of it. Happens to be i was later apologized to when they learnt it was a mistake. I guess what I’m trying to say is that principals need to have mentchlich conversations with their students, give room for a response Because more often than not it’s the pricipal that made a mistake, listening to a “reliable” source and jumping at it.

  • 50. Anonymous wrote:

    Not sure if it was mentioned, but the girl was also FORBIDDEN to speak to her friends, and hang out with them. She was threatened to be kicked out if she were to hang around the girls who are actually her friends and who are there for her. Not only is mrs ** ruining this girls future, but she also attempted to ruin her friendships????

    • 51. Yes! wrote:

      This has nothing to do with what the girl did this summer. It is outrageous that a seminary would demand a girl remove herself from her friends. Good grief.

  • 52. to #20 wrote:

    yeshivas dont care about what? about standards? we are not talking about tuition. we need to start getting stricked about standards and follow through if kids just flaunt their actions

  • 53. Seminary... wrote:

    Semaries in Israel treat girls like dirt!! Have been like that for years. It’s so wrong. Better to apply to a seminary that respects it’s students and doesn’t look at you like numbers.

  • 54. interesting wrote:

    seminary’s get massa money…trust me there is more to the story…H-shem yeracheim
    college then what???

  • 56. Anonymous wrote:

    1. Way to go this girl likely will not want to have much to do with yiddishkeit r”l after this.
    2. As the head of an institution, your grammar, spelling, and writing skills are atrocious, it’s past nisht.

  • 57. Grateful Mother wrote:

    As a mother with a daughter going to EY i am quite grateful to the Hanhala for doing this. I am sending my daughter away to a dorm surrounded by a group of girls, and i am proud to see that seminary is keeping to their standards. Yes, it is unfortunate for this girl, but if a girl will get a warning and not follow through why should the hanhala take the chance. Let this serve as a lesson for next years applying girls, take responsibility for your actions, including what you do in summer camps and who you hang out with and what is posted on social media, all this has done a great disservice to all my daughters classmates this year. As a mother, i am grateful.

    • 59. Ungrateful Mother wrote:

      You’re quite grateful for what? For a director who shamed a girl that took stock of herself? Admitting a motivated student would’ve been the right choice. I wish half my students had the drive this girl exhibits. The only thing more extraordinary than your arrogance is your lack of decency.

    • 64. Rosha Channa wrote:

      You are glad? What about when they turn on your daughter and treat her the same or worse?

    • 65. Chaya wrote:

      You are the problem. On your head is the sacrifice of Jewish blood. Thier trying to make disgusting people like you happy.

    • 66. Shame on you and the seminary wrote:

      Your response is very telling!! It goes against everything the Rebbe stood for. Just like the poor girl may not be “perfect” for THE seminary. Your entitled attitude is NOT perfect as a Bas Chabad. Her Tznius may have been lacking, but unfortunately your Middos are lacking.

  • 67. What about Teshuva ? wrote:

    Camp Director 23 comment , Let’s say she did not behaved properly for the sake of an argument , the simple fact that she has a will and desire to attend despite the humiliation on 1st letter speaks volumes , she said she wants to grow, why deny the opportunity ? is this a community of Tzadikim and Beinonis ? has everyone work on themselves enough to judge other person , this is unacceptable , the director should be ashamed for betraying her life mission to inspire and mold the character of her students , this doesn’t sound Lubavitch at all, is this the teaching of The Rebbe ? Will he agree with kicking out a daughter of Sarah, Rivka , Leach and Rochel ? doesn’t make sense

  • 68. Isaac wrote:

    Please start a go find me to gather funds for a new seminary I will give 500 as son. As I see it is up

  • 69. Anonymous wrote:

    This is ridiculous and disgusting. But what do we expect from such a corrupted system?

  • 70. So What wrote:

    this is a Private school and they can accept or reject whomever they choose especially if the student didnt follow the agreement that they had stop blaming the schools and start looking in the mirror. Its “hard to change” e.g dress Tznius just put on a longer skirt!!!!! Chinuch starts at home!!!

    • 72. Anonymous wrote:

      Your right we don’t know the whole story, but we see the facts. A horrifying email, a response from the girl that clearly shows humility and her being shot down again. The girls response clearly shows good character. Trust me if I got an email like that my response would be a lot more colorful. It appears to me like the student is the grown up here.

  • 73. Anonymous wrote:

    To grateful mother, you are so quick to decide this girl deserves it, and are happy for the sake of your daughter. I hope you get to stay on your high horse, I highly doubt that though.

  • 74. Shame on you wrote:

    for publishing this. You think you are being noble by “omitting the name” of the Sem. This is not an issue for a public forum. It is for the girl/her parents and her sem. Putting it on a public forum will not get her into the sem. It will only (and has) caused many aveiros.

    • 75. Sora B wrote:

      Why are you shooting the messenger? Stop hitting on CHI. They are sharing information. This woman and her school should be exposed. This is abusive behavior by a tyrant much better suited to a job that requires no interaction with others. I hope this young woman sees it is the school’s inappropriateness , not hers. Shameful. This is the kind of behavior that turns young people away.

  • 76. CM wrote:

    Honestly, it’s well known that the woman who runs this seminary is genuinely nuts…the only good thing about it is that it’s in the midrachov so you can go buy food when there isn’t enough supper for 30 girls. I didn’t go there, have friends who did. This girl dodged a bullet, though she probably doesn’t feel that way now!! Hatzlacha to her!

  • 77. Anonymous wrote:

    I just want to say knowing the girl this system is so messed up. Do people really think that if a girl is dressed 100% tznius this means everything else is 100% good. Actually knowing many people most people who have a struggle in tznius have a stronger hand in a lot of other areas and Even acting in good behavior when no one is watching. Who knows what people are up to behind doors so just because they dress right means they are great people. Maybe they act inappropriately when they are home so why accept people based off of looks. You have no idea who these people are in the inside and don’t say you have a connection with them, because you only met these girls once at an interview. Maybe trust people who KNOW the girl personally.

  • 78. Jax wrote:

    Such a distasteful administration. My girls are so turned off they aren’t even applying. I’m proud of them.

  • 79. Teshuva wrote:

    We believe Mrs r will do Teshuva & iyh accept the girl & apploigize for the pain she caused her & will take her in for free.

    Mrs r is a strong woman & will show the world that she can do Teshuva.

  • 80. #42 wrote:

    you are right. The girl refuses to change after a warning and the school does not want to accept her. Why is that wrong? The parents obviously have no control (as I assume that they are not ok with her behavior) and want the school to do the job for them? and compromise the chinuch of the entire seminary?

    • 81. Anonymous wrote:

      This girl will hopefully grow up with a major lesson in taking responsibility for herself and not think she can promise one thing and try to hide while doing the opposite.

  • 82. resident wrote:

    if a girl is told that she can be accepted if she changes her behavior , we are giving you a chance, and she says she will but continues in the same behavior, should the school make a fool of themselves and accept her anyway?

    • 83. Resident fool wrote:

      You either didn’t read the article or are an imbecile or perhaps both.

  • 85. To #4 wrote:

    TTO “Chava Leah will you marry me?”
    “Rochel Leah will you accept me into your seminary?”

  • 87. Yosef Berman wrote:

    It didn’t use to be this way. Without mentioning names, I can say that I remember certain people who were not yet at an ideal level in modesty and lifestyle. They were taken in and given opportunities to learn out of consideration that not being frum from birth they lacked the advantage of actually knowing in their hearts how important these practices are. A tinuk shenishbaah who wants to learn should not be chased away. Chas v’sholem

  • 88. Financial consequences wrote:

    As stated above, that the girl was rejected after “successfully applying for grants and tuition aid”.
    This now begs the question as to where is that money going to go? Can she stop all payments to the institution which rejected her and re-appropriate the funds somewhere else? Have they given her the identity of the “extremely reliable” sources, so that she can confront them about their accusations, as is the law of the land, per her constitutionally enumerated sixth amendment right?
    This is one of the most egregious abrogation of a student’s rights in a case like this, and frankly she should have them sued in civil court. Make an example out of these misfits for once and for all!

    • 89. Esq wrote:

      Agreed. There should be a lawsuit against this seminary. Somehow they believe they are above the law. If it were my girls I would sue sue sue.

  • 91. Just.... WOW wrote:

    This school rejected my daughter in its heyday. Their loss, my daughter is far more well respected than this Principal! Meanwhile, I compare this institution to an ageing actress past her prime who is still trying to relive the glory days of her youth & success. Face it. There are better seminaries in Israel.

    As for the girl… I’m not so sure she is so innocent. The email exchange doesnt really address the issues that she promised to deal with. It can be a learning experience: don’t flaunt stuff on social media, and be prepared for consequences because we don’t live on an island. Someone is always watching.

    I hope the girl can learn from this experience and find her place. I also hope that the Hanhala wakes up and realizes this “prestigious” school isn’t any more. Maybe new blood would help.

  • 92. Angry wrote:

    This is the reason so many teenagers are becoming not religious. The Bais hamikdosh was destroyed Bec of sinaas chinam not lack of tznious. This creates such unnecessary hatred between the girls going into seminary and the women in charge. This was just another unnecessary and avoidable situation that is pushing teenagers off the derech and giving them a bad taste of religion. This is horrible !!

    • 93. Ridiculous wrote:

      Many years ago a noted (non Lubavitcher Rabbi, author and educator had an issue with something I did which he felt slighted a family member of his. he barged into our house on a short Erev Shabbos, screaming at me, using horrific language including that I was an apikorus. My mother was in total shock, didn’t say a word on my behalf.

      Did I go OTD? Of course not. I just lost respect for this individual who lost total control instead of inviting me to explain. End of episode.

      Any teen committed to Torah, Mitzvos, Hashem and the Rebbe will get over initial hurt, and go to heed their personal wake-up call.

      That doesn’t exempt this principal to learn better language use and a bit more Chassidishe midos.

      Furthermore: when the Rebbe allowed Rabbi YY Kazen ob”m to use the internet, it surely was not for this!! It was to access the outside world, Yidden and lehavdil not, and expose them to Torah, Chassidus, Sheva Mitzvos and more. It would surely be a kiddush shem Lubavitch if all these media operations would bow out, or use their talents for ufaratzta and Ahavas Yisroel. The King is in the field. Let’s give him nachas! Kvch’t l’shtu”m

  • 94. B. wrote:

    Deat Mechaneches, from the girl’s response alone it seems that you lost out on a gem, sounds like she is a grounded bas chabad someone is not above the fray and has things to work on like everyone else, but what was is that you heard from your reliable sources that made you act in this way?

    Did you really think that after a call with you “pesach time” the girl would cut off all contact with her classmates of years and or defriend them because her seminary head not fond of them? Wouldn’t that be rude and wrong in your view? Or did you really think that she dress to your liking 100% all the time after a phone call with you “pesach time” even when you are not around? I wish thatI had that kind of Yiras shomyim to the rebono shel olam, how did you realistically expect that from a teenage girl, seems to me that the very fact that she was initially accepted to your group is becouse there was a bridgeable gap from where this girl was and where you would have liked her to be (at least externally), nothing here seems to have warranted a letter as vicious in content as seemingly malicious in timing as the one you send her.

    Bez”h the girl will be fine and you will have hatzlacha too, but what have you tought your pupils on how to respond to hearsay, or unmet [unrealistic] expectations, to be like this? Hurtful, condescending, and munipulative? it’s wrong even and especially to a young person.

    Its my hope that you make better informed decisions in the future, and do so in a mentchliche way.

    Wishing all a Shana tova umeshuka


  • 95. Sigh wrote:

    I see a similar dynamic in a local girls school. People are so afraid of the finger being pointed at them, they point at others. From a young age, this school creates a dichotomy btween who they deem “good” and who they deem “bad.” It’s seems certain people thrive in creating discord and turning girls against each other- thereby creating a false caste system of Frumkeit/ all the while missing out on being mechanech beautiful Jewish neshamos.

  • 96. why girls go to Israel for sem??? wrote:

    It is a big responsibility for the sems to have girls, tuition money and all…
    Not all girls who go, go for the learning
    some go for the Eretz Yisroel experience and what that is, means different things to different people
    Obviously don’t know what the background of this letter is, but don’t think it belongs on a news site

  • 97. Anonymous wrote:

    The times stamps in the emails show that they’re out of order and missing additional communication(s) between them.

  • 99. Can lead to OTD wrote:

    A friend of mine had her daughter rejected from a school in a similar horrible way. The girl had gone OTD from a frum home and become a BT. The girl was so hurt by the way she was rejected she left yiddishkeit for good. Her children are now brought up without any yiddishkeit
    I understand a seminary has standards but they have to right to treat someone this way. The girl should have been accepted and worked with.
    My friends daughter had this happen with a school in tzfat.

  • 100. 5 Towns Yid wrote:

    Lubavitch has lost its way. Who gives a crap about the girl’s friends and her missteps? Lubavitch used to be the ones to draw people closer, not to reject those raised within based on inconsequential garbage!

    Anyone who agrees with this so-called seminary needs to delve hard into themselves for Elul!

  • 103. ch resident wrote:

    Dont mean to bash. Before we make not nice comments we should find out the whole story. Something does’t add up. There is obviously more to the story that we don’t know about

  • 104. LeebaW wrote:

    This girl may not realize it now, but she dodged a bullet. Seminary is just brainwashing – she’d be far better served going to college – preferably far away from the Jewish world. Where you don’t have to constantly look over your shoulder and worry that someone is saying you’ve committed some horrific infraction like wearing short socks in public.

    • 105. So true! wrote:

      I hate to say it, but you are most likely correct on all counts.

      Those that question this simply do not realize the ramifications of what is being done to our kids, this girl as an example and countless other boys and girls.

    • 106. Jax wrote:

      This story makes it clear that there is a great business opportunity for someone to start a seminary. What a money maker. Just treat people nice – like they are actually people and not dogs.

  • 107. Dear rejected wrote:

    Dear rejected,
    I feel your pain. Please remember that everything is from Hashem and this lady was only the messenger (Not to say that what she did was right.). Remember how Yosef hatzadik was not upset with his brothers for selling him but said it was from Hashem. We are approaching Elul- don’t reject Hashem because of what happened. Ani l’dodi v’dodi li. Strengthen your relationship with Hashem. Obviously, Hashem did not want you to strengthen your relationship with Him in that seminary. Don’t feel dejected even though you were rejected. Remember the King is in the field. Turn to Him with Torah, teshuva and most of all tefillah and may He help you find the path that you should take .

  • 109. Abuse of power wrote:

    It’s simply an unacceptable, insensitive abuse of power, particularly in the draconian way, in which it was handled. To mete down such punishment, without further correspondence, or recourse is criminal. Any G-d-fearing leader, person, or community, should address this with the relevant parties immediately, and not just look the other way.
    Good Shabbos

  • 110. Question wrote:

    did this “rebetzin” send all Fee’s Back to the girl ?
    i would think not hey she is a Rubashkin she can kill and get away with this

  • 111. CH Resident wrote:

    Let me translate this email for you:
    “We heard you might be a problem. Meantime, someone who offered to pay above full tuition has a daughter who just decided she wants to go to seminary so rather then have to worry about you, we’re giving her your spot.”

  • 116. Discuss don’t attack and expose people wrote:

    I think these websites are a good platform to discuss these issues. I do think that the websites should not post comments that expose names. That’s when you crossover to lashon harah.

  • 117. aliza wrote:

    there must be good seminaries in the usa.why support mosdot who use israeli teachers who cant speak english properly.these mosdot look out for their own family members for a teaching job.

  • 118. An Idea wrote:

    Have an Idea for the Girl.
    i remember that the Night Reb Sholom Mordchai Rubashkin came out of Jail he helped a crying Mother get her Thorougher in a school.
    maybe the Girl should Contact Rubashkin to help

  • 119. rrmee wrote:

    #93, that is so low class. You dare to mention Rubashkin, an erlich family. That just shows who YOU are deep down. Very foolish.
    if the girl has a questionable reputation but was accepted, then they could just tell her quietly that she will be observed, so that the hanhalah sees that there is no issue. Really, just figure out how to do things according to halacha and eidelkeit and ahavas yisroel

    • 120. Erlich ??? wrote:

      Erlich Gazlonim
      Since when Are they Erlich ?

      Maybe Wake up Smell the coffee

    • 121. Anonymous wrote:

      Maybe You can Fool Yourself.
      But even though every Jew Helped to get a Jew out of jail. But not many are fooled to think. About righteous people. Only regular gazlonim.
      And What happened to House of Glatt in Crown Heights ???

  • 122. aliza wrote:

    the israeli school system is one of the worst in the world.why would anyone want to go to sem .here.

  • 123. Moishe pipek wrote:

    You guys are doing great! Your comments surpassed the Malka comments.malka is an old story,this is about a young girl.and recent.

  • 124. Shame on you and the seminary wrote:

    Your response is very telling!! It goes against everything the Rebbe stood for. Just like the poor girl may not be “perfect” for THE seminary. Your entitled attitude is NOT perfect as a Bas Chabad. Her Tznius may have been lacking, but unfortunately your Middos are lacking.

  • 126. Not nice wrote:

    Why the need to put the girl down with an abhorrent email with bold red letters?

    A real Mechaneches would have picked up the phone and spoken to the girl and her parents, given her message in a firm but respectful way and listened to what the girl had to say before making a final decision.

    This email is just cruel and nasty and a terrible way to deliver a message. It gives me the shivers to think that a person like this is in charge of chinuch of Bnos Chabad.

    • 127. Anonymous wrote:

      Come on enough is enough. All bored souls get a life. The girl didn’t keep her part and was not accepted learn from it and don’t bash the school who is 100% correct and did the right thing and acted responsibly

  • 128. Izzy wrote:

    Interesting to note. We will be mekarev a girl /women who is barley dressed at all. Yet if our children dresses are a quarter of of an inch off we come down on them like a ton of bricks.

    I know a family where the parents are “shpitz” supposedly very machmir. When it comes to hachnosos orchim every excuse in the book not to take in guests.

    Another family where the mother is not so tzinius but will take in guests in her small apartment and go out of her way to do someone a favor.

    Is there any question why so many of our children are going off the derech? Even as low as drugs which is a plague in our community.

    This menaheles should think this through very carefully because we are dealing to day with life and death.

    • 129. Excellent points wrote:

      If her gaiva weren’t so dominant perhaps she would’ve handled this better. Just the way she attacked the girl after she humbled herself is inexcusable. A wolf in sheeps clothing if there ever was one.

  • 131. Imagine wrote:

    Imagine the Rebbe reading all.
    such agmas nefesh and tza’ar!!!
    Chodesh Elul chodesh horachamim!!

  • 132. Lucky am yisroel wrote:

    Hashem how can anyone explain anything. This whole story is hard to understand. Hard to know who’s saying the truth. Seminary was definitely harsh and could’ve been more gentle. All these comments more tznius less tznius sinas chinom. Let’s be honest we just need to beg for moshiach. And chas veshalom bring up such a special family as rubashkin. Even if hanholah may be related shame on you. Again let’s beg for moshiach now!!!!!!!!!!

  • 133. We are wrong wrote:

    If this is typical of Chabad then we have lost our way.
    What the menaheles should have done is told the girl she will stay with her (menaheles) family in her house instead of the dorm.
    Amazing beautiful story about non lubavitch rosh yeshiva in Israel doing that a while back.

  • 134. Hallachickly wrote:

    from a halachik perspective: Unless the seminary and the girl stipulated in advance that the girls acceptance into the seminary can be repudiated even through hearsay and/or the seminary has some more solid evidence that the girl violated their agreement, the seminary is required to reimburse the girl for the money she spent on flights.

  • 135. loshon hora wrote:

    You have only one side of the picture. You have put a school in a bad light – on Rosh Chodesh Elu . Even with the complete story, this would be loshon hora.

  • 137. sequal wrote:

    I just can’t wait until this is updated that the girl in question DID get into a different seminary after all!!!!

  • 138. Just a thought... wrote:

    Some of these comments are truly hateful from both ends… I think we all need to understand that all this outcry is a build up from years of all these horrific seminary stories and by now everyone is just fed up with it

  • 139. busy bubby wrote:

    While the email that was sent to the student was very unprofessional (using words such as “hanging out”) I agree with the premise that schools and places of employment can expel students or fire workers based on the use of social media to spread ideas that are antithetical to those of the school or workplace so if the student’s forbidden activities were recorded on social media, then there is ample proof that the student crossed a line that students agreed not to cross.

    I don’t see that seminaries need to be corrective institutions any more than colleges are. Many commentators feel that students go to seminary to learn what this student hasn’t internalized in 12 or more years of frum schooling but the seminary is not obligated to function in that role.

    I do think that this girl and her parents should take the seminary to a din Torah if there was a breech of contract between the seminary and the girl.

    I also think that contracts between seminaries and prospective students should spell out in no uncertain terms what will happen if the school finds out that the student is not as frum or Chassidishe as she presented herself to be.

    There should also be some sort of fair hearing before arbitrarily expelling or denying entrance based on hearsay information. Sometimes reliable sources are mistaken and the unfairness can never be undone. As many have said about this situation, however, she may be better off not attending and Hashem has chosen a painful way to protect her against an even bigger pain.

    Many parents are coming to the conclusion that seminary is not in the best interest of their daughter if she is testing the limits and that either getting a job or getting a degree in a frum college is better for their particular daughter. Sending kids to Israel for a year when they may be at a point in their lives where they are testing limits and boundaries may be harmful rather than helpful for their spiritual growth.

  • 140. Moishe pipek wrote:

    I have no dog in this fight.But it is a real story with real people and it deserves to be discused. Knowing the sickness is half the cure.

  • 141. busy bubby wrote:

    What I don’t understand is, do these seminaries have any type of contract stating that a girl could be expelled or denied admittance if she is seen in public with boys or wearing something untznius? Is there a stipulation that expulsions will be handled by email? Do schools give any type of fair hearing before simply denying admission to a student who had been accepted?

    Frum schools and seminaries are an unregulated industry. There is little protection for the public and there may be even less protection when American students travel to foreign countries to study. I am not sure that there is a legal venue for pursuing the school if they have violated a contract. I would like to think a beis din could help but it is not going to be of help in time to board the flight.

    At the same time, schools have the right to set standards and accept or reject students based on how well those students adhere to those standards.

  • 142. Hashem help wrote:

    What about the boys??😰 They also apply to this scenario. Please stop objectifying circumstances such as these. All of our children.

  • 143. ask yourself wrote:

    i have just one thing to say….my heart hurts here to how we have so strayed away from our Rebbes teachings…..if you know this minaheles from tzfas ask her to look deep into her heart and if she is a real daughter of chabad , just remember our Rebbe and what to do you think? Would our Rebbe ever have advised her to desert this girl? the answer is never….especially this girl would be the girl that the Rebbe would not let her be left out….He would urge you to davka take her into your chinuch institution just shocking how a leader of a mossad could have strayed so far and so totally forgotten how our Rebbe told us to be mechanach….sad.. heartbreaking….

  • 144. Shaya wrote:

    Not a lubavitcher but dont uderstand the young lady. Why would you want to go to Seminary that they don’t want you forget about it they don’t want you you don’t go go to a place where they will be more accepting of you


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