Sacho Denies Shatnez Present in Their Kapotas

Messages circulating on social media allege that a Crown Heights store sold a Kapota with Shatnez [linen] in the collar, a claim which store says is a mistake and that there never once was Shatnez found in their garments.


A “Shatnez Lab” in Monesy, New York purportedly found Shatnez – linen canvas – in the collar of a wool Kapota that was purchased from Primo Hatters in Crown Heights. The lab prepared a message to be circulated on social media, and has quickly spread.

Mendy Sacho, owner of Satoria Sacho and Primo Sacho, vehemently denied the allegation and says that the Monsey lab has made a mistake.

“We did not take this accusation lightly, we took this very same Kapota to our local Crown Heights Shatnez tester along with around ten others from the same run to be checked and they all came back Kosher” said Sacho. He added that they do their own random checking out of each batch that they import and they have never found Shatnez.

“We checked this same Kaptoa repeatedly and the only conclusion is that [the Monsey] has made a mistake.”

In a message to customers Sacho said “we continue to offer that if you do find Shatnez in any garment purchased [by us] we will replace it or have it removed – at no cost to you.”

Sacho added that one should never wear any garment without having it checked, even if it’s purchased from a Jewish seller. He also noted that added Shatnez [linen] to any garment is expensive and typically rare to find.

Numerous attempts to reach Monsey Shatnez Lab for comment were unsuccessful and multiple voice messages have not been returned as of publication.


  • 1. Rebbe wrote:

    I would trust the independent lab in Monsey

    They have been around for 50 years

  • 2. Menddl feldman wrote:

    Mistakes do happen.

    The manufacturer who makes the kapotos might have run short on non-linen material and used linen.

    I suggest to check every size 38L in ‘‘tis style. The problem could be only in that size.

    Pointing fingers and blame is not the torah way.

  • 4. I used to work in the garment industry wrote:

    It was known; in the 80’s that sheets of linen were inserted between every so many cotton sheets, to make handling easier.
    Don’t know if that is still done, but if so, you could have 1 out of 100 with shatnes. Was the kapote tested in Monsey returned to CH to be re-tested? Or was a different sample of the same style tested?
    The exact problem garment should be re-tested by a 3rd expert.
    Shatnes is a serious transgression. Let’s not play guessing games.

    • 5. Anonymous wrote:

      The exact same garment was retested and found out to that Monsey labs was mistaken matter of fact the exact garment was retested 3 times and all said the same thing that Monsey was mistaken but they refuse to own up the their error

  • 6. # 1 wrote:

    When I lived in NY I used the original one in Willamsburg or those certified by them as did most of Crown Heights..
    There was an old gent with a shpitz bord that ran it

  • 7. Competitor in town wrote:

    Seems to be a competitor looking for an “in” to the CH market and beyond…what better way to ruin someones livelihood.

    Nice job!

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    I am sure that the proprietor is doing what he is supposed to do. After all his is a religious person and knows the halochas of shatnez

  • 9. 3322 wrote:

    thankyou #2. This is troubling, because we can’t have something not “kosher” happening. We need to get to the bottom of this to know who has done what. Slander is worse than not acceptable. It is sick and evil.


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