Students Decry Violence in 770 in the Face of Hanhola Inaction

Shocking and unconscionable video had emerged from within the halls of 770 last week, depicting brutal violence alongside coordinated action disrupting study along with vandalism of Shul property in the effort of preventing the study of the Rebbe’s torah due idealistic disagreements.


A group of individual who oppose the study of the reshimos of the Rebbe took their opposition to new lows, resorting to physical violence and destruction of 770s’ tables and benches in order to disrupt its study.

The controversy surrounds the recent publication of a series of booklets by the Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim, titled “Kesovis Yehovis,” which were published for Bochurim an Anash to prepare for Yud Alef Nissan – the birthday of the Rebbe, and were being studied by the many students in Kevutzeh once a week.

Opposition to the study of reshimos by a number of individuals resulted in shocking violence and destruction last week when they escalated their efforts to stop its study through the use of violence.

Cellphone and security surveillance video revealed shocking scenes with individuals throwing punches, choking and otherwise vandalizing property, all in an effort to stop the study of the booklets.

Apparently this violence and disruption has been going on for weeks, and initially began with ‘silent’ protests with the disrupters shutting off lights during study hours, playing videos of the Rebbe over loudspeakers, then making ‘Adar Dancing’ take place an hour earlier and even writing down the names of those participating in an effort to intimidate.

Things escalated two weeks ago when they effectively shut down the Shiur by turning over the tables and benches and snatching away booklets and destroying them.

Undeterred, Bochurim once again sat down to learn last week, only this time it escalated to shocking violence. Surveillance video showed some throwing haymakers, choking and kicking students who would not surrender their booklets.

In a letter to the Hanholah signed by 111 Bochurim who are students in Kevutzah, they protested their lack of action and demanded something be done and pointed to the Rebbe’s words to Reb Dovid Raskin OBM in which he called those that raise their hands to “ pack their bags and be sent away, be sent to Bnei Brak…”

They also listed the names of twelve individuals that took part in the violence or flipping tables.

מכתב להנהלת ישיבת תומכי תמימים המרכזית - 770


  • 1. מישהו שאכפת לו wrote:

    צריך לעשות סוף לטרור פשוט מזעזע עד היכן אפשר להגיע בשם המשיח…

    • 4. Anonymous wrote:

      Stam what the heck is the point of acting like babies
      Poshut looking for attention

      Hoping something will be done so this won’t happen again..

  • 9. Facts Please wrote:

    Well eventually somebody will get seriously hurt and then those who can stop it will be forced to get off their rear ends and act ..

  • 10. Arke Minkowitz wrote:

    And what exactly is the purpose of posting these videos. ?????
    is there a point
    is there a reward
    is there a motive

  • 17. why? wrote:

    why in the world would someone make such a video and post it on youtube its embarrassing and a shame to lubavitch why does the whole world need to know about this???

    • 18. Because wrote:

      Obviously this needs to be posted because the silence on the last 4 times only emboldened them to upgrade their violence and the hanholah did nothing.

      What do we need? Someone to get murdered before we take action?

      And how come you are upset at this being posted, but are not upset by the content itself? is it because you support their violence?

    • 19. Chaim wrote:

      Arke Minkowitz, you sound like those who complain about Jews complaining about straight up antisemitic acts…”why make noise? Why stick out your nose? Go to a cave and hide?”, they say.

    • 20. Anonymous wrote:

      you cant act in a animal like way and hope it wont be posted on the internet for ‘ chilul lubavitch’ are who you are, and if you dont want people to think of you a certain way do not do it.

    • 21. Boruch W wrote:

      These tzfati terrorists are going to kill someone and it’s going to be on major TV stations and newspapers and it will be the fault of your ilk who swept all their violence under the rug (G-d forbid to see their violent thugs being exposed online). Rabbi Bistritsky z”l was murdered by one of their extremists. It can easily happen again with the violence that they’re possed with and the refusal of CH “leaders” to address it. Thank G-d the shliach from Vietnam only had his leg broken from the Tzfatim and not his neck. These people are violent thugs who ought to be pubished by the full extent of the law. Not be protected. It’s sick and getting sicker.

  • 24. Machlokes wrote:

    SEFER CHOFETZ CHAIM — Laws of Loshon Hora 8:8-9
    In this segment, the Chofetz Chaim discusses the issue of loshon hora as it relates to machlokes (dispute). Specifically, he deals with how and when to speak up regarding a controversy with the intention of quelling the dispute and making peace.
    The danger of becoming involved in any dispute is that it is often difficult to know which side is right. What one side sees as a valid complaint, the other may see as nonsense. As the saying goes, “There are two sides to every story.”
    How, then, does one handle this kind of situation? The Chofetz Chaim cautions us, “Ponder the matter carefully, in accordance with the laws of the Torah and [only then] decide which side is the baal machlokes (instigator of strife).” Apparently, the Chofetz Chaim is telling us to consult someone who is learned and, with his guidance, sift slowly and carefully through the information to determine if one of the disputants can be classified as a baal machlokes.This is not an easy task. The Chofetz Chaim says that if, after examining the situation carefully, we cannot determine which side is guilty, then we should refrain from becoming involved.
    If, on the other hand, we have determined that one of the parties is a baal machlokes, then the Torah allows us to publicly voice our condemnation of this person as a means of convincing him to end the dispute. We are speaking specifically of a case where the baal machlokes will most likely back away from the battle when he realizes that public opinion is against him. On the other hand, if this person is impervious to public opinion, then there is no constructive purpose in publicly declaring him a baal machlokes, and doing so would constitute speaking loshon hora.
    The Chofetz Chaim lists three additional prerequisites before one speaks against a baal machlokes:
    1. One must have accurate firsthand information regarding the dispute.
    2. One’s intention must be strictly for a constructive purpose and not because he happens to dislike this person. If a previous animosity exists, one is not allowed to become involved. This point will be clarified later in this volume (see Day 83).
    3. Obviously, if one can speak privately to the baal machlokes and convince him to desist, then that is the path which one is required to take. However, the Chofetz Chaim recognizes that in the case of the baal machlokes, rebuke may be a double-edged sword. By rebuking him in private one may lose his status as an impartial party and become aligned in the instigator’s mind with his enemies. The instigator may then move quickly to thwart any attempts to rebuke him publicly. If this scenario seems to be a real possibility, then one should not attempt to rebuke the baal machlokes in private

    • 25. Follower of Reb Moshe & the Torah wrote:

      Can you explain why in Egypt when one jew hit an other jew, it wasn’t hidden, it was published in the Holy Torah, & so was also published Moshe Rabeinus response to him, “רשע למה תכה רעיך”

    • 27. @ 18 wrote:

      When you’ll be like Moshe Rabeinu, then you’ll know! BTW it was unheard of in mitzraim for a yid to hit his brother – the mitzriim were doing it. When you breach the fences you have to get called out. This is not the same.

    • 28. Where are the gabboim and rabbanim wrote:

      Nothing is being done. The names should be published and they should be thrown out of 770. The rebbe spoke about anyone raising a hand to another yid needs to be sent back where he came from. Why arent the gabboim and rabbanin doing anything. To stand back and do nothing claiming its lashon harah is not the rebbes way. He screamed in fabrengen against those who hurt others. The rebbe asked me in yechidus for the name of the person who broke up my shidduch. אל תעמוד על דם רעך

  • 29. Moshiach's footsteps wrote:

    Ad mosai! Ready for Moshiach!
    unbridled irresponsibility on the part of authorities
    increase in insolence and impudence
    the pious shall be despised; truth will be abandoned; 

  • 30. Beis Rabanu Shebibavel? wrote:

    Its time for responsible people to reclaim 770 from the hands of these thugs. This is a moment of truth. If not now, it will be lost forever!

  • 31. Ch Alta maker wrote:

    We’re Is lapess
    We’re The big big mashpia Zircee
    We’re is drimmer And gordestki
    We’re are all the big shots
    Who Get all the koved

  • 32. wrote:

    Embarrassing that in 5778-2018 this is still happening.
    Who and why is still feeding these Mishichist kids hate?

  • 33. To #7 wrote:

    I got news for you the videos have gone viral way before this posted on CH .info on non Lubavitcher chats what a chilul Lubavitcher the honholo of 770 needs to wake up and do something drastic the inmates are running the asylum enough is enough

  • 34. Zalman wrote:

    Every bochur that was hit should sue the yeshiva sue the gabaim and sue the people who hit them. You will see this never happens again.

    • 36. Anonymous wrote:

      why should they sue the yeshivas??? if they do they’ll be making plenty of innocent people suffer for something those few stupid kids went and did. I’m sure the yeshivas weren’t encouraging them to do this! I think they should kick those kids outta their yeshivas.

  • 37. to number 8 wrote:

    we need to take care of this issue but to ashame ourselves on media is not the way as it has been proven in the past it dosent work there are other solutions to deal with this problem and let hanhala deal with this and not the goyim on youtube

  • 39. Dovid wrote:

    Somebody please list in comments whom is responsible for keeping these guys in 770..they have no place in lubavitch…someone has to take responsibility! That bouchurim cant learn reshimos in 770??
    Let all these trouble makers stay where they came from. whom is giving these chayious legal status? Whomever gives these guys legal status is equally guilty.
    Please list all names so we know.

  • 41. Machah wrote:

    Where is Braun where is Indiana where is Svei

    Hey Braun you are new here and new to crown heights.let me tell you something. If you don’t come out against this terror in no time it will turn against you.

    This has happened in satmer and in crown heights to your partner ozdoba

    Come out publicly against these hoodlooms and show what a real rov should do.

    Unless you are not real.

  • 42. Crownheightser wrote:

    Why aren’t there ARMED security guards in 770?

    We need in 770 guards with guns, ready to use them to deter violence and to protect the innocent!!


  • 43. Anonymous wrote:

    THis is pure lashing hora
    Social media is not the way to deal with such matters it’s a big chillul chabad

    • 44. Anonymous wrote:

      The matter here is total public knowledge and has been for years. The players and instigators are all well known around CH as violent cretins with filthy “Yedei Eisav” LH does not apply here at all. “Al sa’amod al dam rei’echa” most certainly does, however!

  • 46. Kick these crazies out already wrote:

    Why are we still letting these israeli animals terrorize our community?! This sick insanity needs to stop immediately

    • 49. Yossi A wrote:

      Because it was part of the Rebbe private collection
      The Rebbe never made it public.

      BE IT AT IT MAY.

  • 51. Enough! wrote:

    Enough is enough! This is getting totally out of hand! Why do we keep supporting and keep bringing in this Israelies? They literally come here and just cause problems for absolutely no reason. I know have to worry about my son being punched in the face at 770!?! Are you kidding me!? I’ve about had it with them. We need to put a stop to this. #BuildaWall

  • 52. Chacham HeAdif MiNavi wrote:

    Who would have dared to predict this 20 years ago, even if he had the eyes of a chacham.
    There was at least one person who foresaw sof-davar, but was called glatt a shoyteh.
    Is anyone interested in hearing where it can go from here?

  • 53. Unbelievable wrote:

    Terrible, terrible and the Rebbes Birthday is just days away, how embarrassing.
    Is this Kristallnacht in 770?
    Why are these hoodlums here? Give these hoodlums one or two more years in America, and they aren’t religious.
    It is a criminal act in a public place, they should be prosecuted and arrested and put in jail. Get rid of them , stop bringing them to America!
    Enough of the violence!

  • 55. just btw wrote:

    its pretty stupid to show up in 770 and start saying in their faces “everybody look we are going to learn reshimos!!!!”
    correct or not the bochurim trying to “learn” were only there to make a scene
    how do i know? I WAS THERE WHEN IT HAPPEND!!
    the anti’s are as much to blame for this as the tzfatim
    just b/c someone has a different shita doesn’t mean you wave it in their face to start a fight
    if they wanted they could of learnt upstairs 770 (in the small zal) and no one would bother them.
    But NO. we will come downstairs right after marriv make a big fuss AND when we get beaten we wont peacefully move of elsewhere but come back again and again teasing them holding or booklets out to them and inciting attack
    both sides are wrong and must stop

    • 56. Anonymous wrote:

      People can learn the Rebbe’s teaching werever they want. Upstairs or downstairs in 770.

    • 59. Response to all the tzaddikim in Lubavitch wrote:

      What the ****** is wrong with why can’t we learn downstairs it’s belongs to the tzaftim, after gimmel tammuz we longer have rights to it it’s not beis chayenu????!!!
      And to everyone else it’s been 20 something years nothing was was done and their is still violence hatred etc of course this was posted something has to happen there’s a chillul Lubavitch even without these video, maybe if you stick it up everyones faces something will happen

    • 60. wrote:

      What you are doing is called victim blaming.
      There was no crime commented by the Lubavitcher Bochurim, period!

      Shame on you!!!
      You will one day soon find yourself on the reserving side of a mishichist fist and for once in your life, you will see the Emes! IY”H.

  • 61. Crown Heights Resident since 1981 wrote:

    We shouldn’t repeat the sins of Rabbi Akivas Students a week before we count Se’Firas HA’Omer.

    Because the Omer peroiod is when we mourn the deaths of 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva who died in a plague because, (as the Talmud informs us,) “they did not conduct themselves with respect for each other”;

    (Lag BaOmer is the day on which the plague ended and the dying ceased.)

  • 63. Old Timer wrote:

    Why should they have to learn upstairs in the small zal? Maybe the tzfati animals should go upstairs. Everyone has a right to learn downstairs. If it bothers the tzfati they should leave. Time to call in the immigration authorities and get them thrown out of the country. It is high time for the hanhola that is giving them visas to retire.

  • 64. Chaim wrote:

    I love how people go nuts when a few kids fight it’s a bunch of bored soul dibs who don’t have what to do with there life.
    Let the animals live!

  • 65. hanholo should be fired wrote:

    The hanholo are complicit by their silence. They clearly don’t deserve their jobs.

  • 66. to #41 wrote:

    Sick mentality you have there. It’s called moral equivalency. The media does it with Israel and the Palestinians. “Both sides are to blame.”

    The biggest source of machlokes in Lubavitch in the past 20 years are the so-called moderates who continue to preach “both sides are to blame.”

  • 68. nothing excuses this wrote:

    send home all the yellow pin wearing guys!
    they continue to be a blight on all of chabad.
    Eisav’s behavior cannot be ignored or excused!
    I do not reside in Crown Heights but watching this was very upsetting.
    Excusing it is even more upsetting.
    Nothing excuses hitting another person.
    Using the Rebbe’s sichos as a weapon shows you they are disgusting and not worthy of residing near the Rebbe’s shul.
    I used to think.. ah.. let them alone .. so what if they wear pins and wave flags..
    I was wrong!!!
    They should’ve been rehabilitated right from the start and if they cannot be rehabilitated they belong locked up in an institution.

  • 69. horrible! wrote:

    and then we get upset by some guys in Baltimore who mocked the Rebbe recently………….
    these guys are mocking the Rebbe IN THE REBBE”S HOME!!!

    Get them out of here!!!!

    I am not a resident of the neighborhood but this is horrific and most insulting to my Rebbe and to the rest of klal Yisroel —- something MUST be done NOW!!!!!

  • 70. could of learnt upstairs? wrote:

    What? And hand over 770 to the thugs? Already did that by the viber shul.
    Already many men (e.g. real rabbonim) cannot safely go downstairs.
    The Rebbe said not to run. So no, they *could not have learned upstairs*.

  • 72. Joe wrote:

    Look carefully at the videos the tzfatim are moving the benches for a shiur geula umoshiach that was anounced in advadance and the a tis are distrupting the shiur.

  • 73. wrote:

    I’ll only pretend to protest and be angry about acts of violence, when they are perpetrated by Goyim. However, when it’s fellow Jews, I’ll either ignore it or go as far as to justify it.
    Why? Because one is politically correct and the other is not.

  • 74. tzaddick wrote:

    this behavior is the same as brauns ,these bochurim learn from the sick boy masquerading as a rov in our community, heaven help us ,the asylum run by the patients.

  • 75. crown heightser wrote:

    lets hope krinsky takes over 770 the shul downstairs ,maybe this madness will come to an end.

  • 76. N.S. wrote:

    sorry, But this is the Yetzer Horo in a zeidener Zupitze.
    On both sides.

    If you knew that Machlokes comes from this do you think this is the Rebbes Rotzon ??? And a Matono for the Rebbes Yom Holedes??? add on the Chilul Lubavitch that ensued by posting on Web site.

    I am sure the serious chasidishe pnimiusdiker Bochurim that wanted to learn Reshimos according to their Mashpia and Rav found a place to learn it with out Machlokes.

    • 77. Machah wrote:

      So maybe the news should move out of the shtitochim since we know the PLO will be upset and use terror
      Let them just live in yerushlaim nice and quiet

  • 78. Anonymous wrote:

    Starting with “Gimmel Tammuz” and continuing ever since the “shpitz chabad” have been assuring us “der Rebbe lebt noch!” Anyone daring to suggest otherwise was immediately labeled “kofer,” “min,” “apikoras,” or worse. Well, even if such words were true the actions of all these so-called “chassidim” prove that they are not true now. He is truly gone from our midst and we are all the ones who slammed the door in his face!

  • 79. Stopp wrote:

    They should send those people out. NO violence should happen in 770! That is where the Rebbe leared!

  • 80. A Letter From Rabbi Yossi Katzman! wrote:

    ראיתי המחאה של התמימים הכואבים על מה שקרה בבית מקדשנו בקודש הקדשים שלנו בליל חמישי אור לו’ ניסן, וליבי בוכה על המוחים ועל הפושעים, ואפרט.
    המחאה נעשתה על זה שמבלבלים את לימוד הרשימות בדרכים קיצוניות, וע”ז יצא הקצף.
    רבותי, אתם לא תופסים את הנקודה כאן, זה לא שייך ללימוד לא של הרשימות של כ”ק או של לימוד עניני גאולה ומשיח, וזה גם לא שייך לשיטה זו או אחרת, וגם לא שייך למחונכים של ישיבה זו או אחרת, המדובר הוא על אקט אנטישמי שלא היתה כזאת בישראל שבן ישראל שאמו יהודיה יבצע פעולה כזו להחריב בית כנסת, נקודה.
    באותו יום לקח שייגעץ מטורף בקנדה וזרק אבן על הדלת הזכוכית של בית חב”ד, וכל קנדה הסעירה על אקט האנטישמי של מטורף שחונך ברוח של אנטישמיות, ובכל העיתונות דיברו ע”ז וראיינו את השליח, וכולם פה אחד מחו על פעולה האנטישמית.
    במה שונה מקרה זה ב770 מהפעולה של השייגעץ?
    אני הייתי ב770 באותו ערב כמו שאני בא כל ערב ללמוד שיעור חסידות עם חברותא זה יותר מעשר שנים, וב”ה לאור גידול הישיבה אני מתקשה בכל ערב למצוא מקום בשביל החברותא שלנו, וקצת מפריע לי דבר זה שלקחו מאיתנו האברכים את ביהכנ”ס עבור הישיבה, אבל מה יש לעשות המקום הוא מוגבל ויש ליישב בדוחק, חוץ מזה שזה עזר לי קצת להתקרב להתמימים היקרים פשוט מטעם קירוב המקום הגשמי, ונהי’ מזה קירבה רוחנית וידידותית.
    בדרך כלל אני מוצא מקום בחלק האחורי של 770 ומתיישב שם, באותו ערב ישבתי מאחורה עד שבאו כמה חברה והתחילו לסובב את הספסלים והשולחנות באמרם שיהי’ כאן שיעור, אז כולנו שישבנו בצד האחורי עברנו קדימה לאמצע הביכנ”ס ליד הבימה.
    בינתיים אני שומע קולות המתקרבים לשולחן איפה שאני ועוד תמימים ישבו ולמדו או אפילו דיברו דב”ט, ואני רואה המון רועש ומתקרב לשולחן שעדיין לפנינו ופתאום הם מתחילים להפוך את השולחן עם הספרים ומהפכים את הספסלים עם היושבים עליהם, אז רוב החברה פשוט קמו וברחו משם, וכמה ניסו להתווכח עם הפורעים ללא תועלת, ואחד הבחורים שטעה וניסה בכוח לעצור את הפיכת השולחן, התנפלו עליו והתחילו להרביץ לו מכות רצח.
    אני הרמתי את עיני וראיתי שכל השולחנות מצד מערב עד ליותר מחצי הביכנ”ס הפוכים עם הספסלים והספרים על הרצפה כמו אחר פוגרום ממש, ופה ושם ישנם קבוצות וצעקות, וגם הי’ פינה של מכות.
    ראיתי את הפורעים מתקרבים לשולחן שלי וחשבתי אולי עד כאן, ומה מאוד התאכזבתי לראות שגם השולחן שלי והספסלים התחילו להפוך, וראיתי קבוצה פורעים פשוט עם דם בעיניים, וראיתי שאין כאן מצב אחר חוץ מפיקו”נ באם לא אברח משם, וכך עשיתי. מיד אח”כ גם החשיכו את האורות כדי שחס ושלום אף אחד לא יוכל למצוא פינה אחרת ב770 איפה לנסות ללמוד.
    ואני שואל את עצמי במה שונה מחזה זה מקריסטל נאכט בתרצ”ט בגרמניה? גם שם הנאצים רצו למנוע מיהודים להתפלל בביכנ”ס ומצאו עצה לשרוף את הבתי כנסת, גם כאן הגיעו בריונים ורצו למנוע מיהודים ללמוד ולהתפלל בביכנ”ס של נשיא דורנו ומצאו עצה להפוך את השולחנות ולכבות את האור להחשיך את המקום שלא יוכלו ללמוד.
    שוב אני מתבונן בסיפורים ששמעתי מאבי ומזקני, ומעוד עשיריות חסידים שעברו ושרדו את סטאלין וחבריו היבסקים, שארבו על הבתי כנסיות כדי למצוא את התמימים שישבו ולמדו במחתרת, והיו מתפרצים באמצע הלימוד והרסו את המקום כדי למנוע שלא יוכלו להמשיך ללמוד תורה ברוסיא. ומי שעדיין לא מכיר סיפורים אלה יכול לקרוא את הספר סמרקנד של הרב הלל זלצמן או הספר המאבק והנצחון של הרב אהרן חזן, וקצת יקבל תיאור של מעשי צדקות אלו.
    ואני חושב במה זה שונה מכל הסיפורים ששמענו אודות האינקוויזיציה בספרד לפני יותר מחמש מאות שנה, שגם שם רצו למנוע מיהודים ללמוד תורה, והיו מתפרצים לבתים שחשדו ששם מתקיימים עניני יהדות והחריבו את המקום ואסרו את הדיירים, וכך השיגו את מטרתם.
    ואתבונן בתפלות שלנו “שיבנה בית המקדש” והתפלות של “מפני חטאינו גלינו מארצנו … ואין אנו יכולים לעלות וליראות לפניך בבית מקדשנו”, ואני שואל למה קוננים על ביהמ”ק, ומה עם המיליוני יהודים שנהרגו, האם זה לא העיקר? איך זה שכל התפלות והקינות סובבים את חורבן הבית ולא את שחיטת והריגת מיליוני יהודים? ואני שומע את היפי נפש שצועקים איך משווים מתפרעים אלו שהפכו את ביהכנ”ס של בית רבינו לנאצים, בזמן שהנאצים הרגו ושחטו שש מיליון יהודים? ואני תמה תמה אקרא, האם צריכים להרוג יהודי כדי לקונן על חורבן בית המקדש? והאם חורבן הבית אינו מספיק כדי שנרעיש עולמות? האם הנאצים לא היו אלה ששרפו את הבתי כנסת מבלי שיהרגו יהודים? ומה רציתם שח”ו יהי’ שפיכת דמים, ובאם לא הרי שלא קרה חורבן הבית? האין זה הנקודה העיקרית והמשותפת בין כל הגורמים הנ”ל, מטיטוס עד להשייגעץ בטורונטו או המתפרעים ב770, לחרוב בתי כנסת ולמנוע מבני ישראל ללמוד תורה?
    ומי לא זוכר איך הרבי הגיב כשניסו למנוע מקבוצה של אנ”ש בהשכונה שרצו לקיים אסיפה פוליטית ב770, והרבי הגיב שדבר כזה למנוע מיהודי מליכנס לבית כנסת זה מעשה של הקומוניסטים, והרבי השווה את המונעים מלקיים אסיפה פוליטית, ולא שיעור של לימוד, אלא אסיפה פוליטית, לקומוניסטים!
    ולכן כאשר מנסים למחות על זה שישנם בריונים שרוצים למנוע שיעור ברשימות, או שמנסים לדבק התפרעות זו לקבוצה זו או אחרת, או שרוצים להאשים שיטה זו או אחרת, או שמנסים להאשים ישיבה זו או אחרת, איבדתם את הנקודה, לא יכול להיות כאן מלחמה פוליטית או שיטתית, יש כאן הנהגה אנטישמית פרועה ששייכת רק לנאצים, קומוניסטים ואינקוויזטורים שונאי ישראל משך כל הדורות, ולב כל יהודי חייבת לרעוד על שמועה זו.
    איך יכול יהודי לחשוב על סברא כזו להחריב ביכנ”ס מאיזשהו סיבה בעולם? בן ישראל שנולד לאם יהודיה מוכן להחריב ביכנ”ס? איך לא ירעדו ידיו ורגליו רק על מחשבה כזו, ועאכו”כ לקחת חלק בהנהגה כזו?
    ואיך יכולים אנ”ש בכל העולם, וכל הרבנים, וכל הראשי ישיבות, וכל המשפיעים, וכל חסיד אשר נשמה באפו, לא למחות ולהוקיע הנהגה כזו? איך יכולים ללכת לישון כשיודעים אשר חרב בית מקדשינו ומחריבים אותו כאן ועכשיו, ויד ישראל עשתה כל זאת?
    לאו עכברא גנב אלא חורא גנב לימדנו רבותינו, באם לא תהי’ מחאה המונית של כל או”א מאנ”ש לשבטיהם, ובאם יישאר רק אחד מאנ”ש שלא מחה, הרי יד כולנו במעל, ושלא יגידו שידינו לא שפכו את הדם הזה.
    אידן ברידער אונזער בית המקדש ברענט, באם אינכם יכולים למנוע את זה לפחות תקרעו בגדיכם ותרימו קול נהי ובכי על חורבן בית מקדשנו קודש הקדשים.
    וה’ הטוב ירחם עלינו ועל כל השייכים להרבי בעל יום ההולדת, שנוכל לשיר כי גבר עלינו חסדו בימים אלו ממש, ונאכל שם מן הזבחים ומן הפסחים בפסח זה ממש.

    יוסף יצחק הכהן כאצמן.
    קראון הייטס

    • 81. מצוין שאתה כתב זה wrote:

      תודה רבה על מה שאתה כתב. שמישהו מההנהלה צריך לעשות משהו

  • 82. #48 wrote:

    Sorry to say this, but you are not only not telling the truth, your argument is silly and childish. Stop protecting and validating acts of brutality and violence.

  • 83. Stop! wrote:

    Everyone looks like they are just watching, why dont they do anything? Like Defend the Bauchr, make sure they dont flip the table back?????

  • 85. gghost60 wrote:

    they are guests in this country and if they do not behave revoke there visas. cvontinue and send them back make persona not grata. tyou send mendel hendel with them!

    • 87. In 5 more days is Se’Firas HA’Omer wrote:

      We need to learn from the mistakes of Rabbi Akiva’s Students. And treat each other with respect.

      The Omer period is when we mourn the deaths of 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva who died in a plague because, (as the Talmud informs us,) “they did not conduct themselves with respect for each other”;

      (Lag BaOmer is the day on which the plague ended and the dying ceased.)

  • 88. Please list wrote:

    Every one of the 12 names.
    So that
    We don’t intermarry
    We don’t invite them to our homes
    We know to stay away

    Dangerous animals in our midst must be identified.

    It’s the same ones that killed our dear shluchim in tzfat.

    Erev Rav.

  • 89. IKKOR wrote:

    wait a sec. Isn’t the Ikkor that we have ahavas yisroel and do our mitzvos and that makes the environment for Moshiach? WOW, this is WAY off base for what we need to really bring the Geuloh.

  • 90. OTD wrote:

    Many of us have, or know of, R”L family members that are OTD. Ain bayis asher ain bo mais!

    These bochurim, even the “worst” of them, is INSIDE a shul, wearing a yarmulka and tzitsis and “excited” about chassidishe ideas!

    How many dream that their child should step into a shul? Wear a kipa? Care about the Rebbe’s rishimos?

    They may not come to the right conclusion or actions, but they are INVOLVED in Chassidishe frum inyonim (and not c”v drugs, girls, goyishkeit tumah etc.)

    How many wish their own child who is OTD would behave EXACTLY as on of these precious bochurim, kedoshim u’tehorim?!.

    Get the right perspective!

    • 91. This is not being frum hitting others wrote:

      How dare you say people whose children are OTD would want thier children to behave this way! Since when is it ok according to torah to beat up fellow jews and stop torah learning?? What have we become for someone to say bad is now good!

    • 92. To: Not Being Frum wrote:

      These are MUCH worse destructive acts than hitting (while having misguided good intentions). Some OTD kids hate anything to do with Judaism. Get tattoos, tumah, drugs and overdoses…B”H these boys are in yeshiva!!!

  • 93. interesting wrote:

    its interesting to notice that these bochurim don’t seem to know that if ….the Rebbe…..would list importance in what will help bring Moshiach more effectively,
    Ahavas Yisroel would be first on the list.
    if they were true Chasidim, they would not fight. They need this fight for some reason, but that is THEIR need, not the requirement of bringing the Geula Shleima. This is just SAD. Pathetic. Nobody wins from this fighting and control. *sigh*.
    whats more, is that it turns other people off to 770 and to frumkeit. some of our teenagers are really turned off. Imagine if you were a teen and seeing this hateful fighting.
    more energy put into fighting. Its horrific that they are doing this in what they think is the spirit of the Rebbe. They could not be more wrong.

  • 94. Immigration wrote:

    Someone should get these clowns kicked out of the country. Let them go back to france or Israel etc. These guys are bullying ppl in the name of gd, sounds a bit like Al Kaida or ISIS.
    Have every person involved in flipping the table or disturbing the learning, arrested and deported if not from here.
    Judaism has enough to deal with, we don’t need these loony toons adding to the craziness. It’s bad enough that they’ve taken over 770 this behavior is deserving of deportation! Tayareh bridder mir velin zein dir in Jeruaslem when moshiach comes, until then get out of our shuls and beis medrashim!!
    Moshiach now!!

  • 95. scared wrote:

    sorry guys but I’m scared that this fighting and sinah is dangerous for our well-being. it brings down negative stuff which we are supposed to be working to bring simcha. There is no simcha with sinah.
    and noch we are coming to Pesach. HaShem Yishmorainu

  • 99. equalizer wrote:

    the terror brigade strikes again ,wake up people this is what will continue for a very long time ,the so called leaders are instructing these hooligans to behave in this manner , it is not going to end.

  • 100. Open your eyes wrote:

    They should have learned the Reshimos in the kollel or at the Bais Rivkah Farbrengen or at reb Yoel’s shiur. All of a sudden they came out of the closet and arrived in 770

  • 101. Chill Pill wrote:

    They all mean l’shem shomayim.

    cHAZAL SAY: Better an avaira lishma then an ill-intended mitzvah!

  • 103. Names of 12 bochurim are in the letter wrote:

    For those looking for the names of the 12 bochurim, look on page 2 of the hebrew letter. They are from all over israel and only 1 is from tzfat. One is from florida

  • 104. Anonymous wrote:

    Imagine if the rebbe had walked in, in the middle of this mess what do you think would happen. Wether or not to learn rshimos before it was printed was a valid argument but now that it’s printed there’s absolutely no reason why not to learn it when you have a group of misguided people who don’t even know what they themselves believe or don’t believe in that’s how you end up with such a situation and all those involved should be stripped naked and publicly shamed

  • 105. Anonymous wrote:

    As long as it’s for כבוד הרבי and they set the Farbrengen table up on shabbos afternoon, make a pathway by davening for the rebbe and sing yechi then i guess it’s ok to totally disrespect the rebbes shul and the place the rebbe said about that it’s the holiest place in all of creation for it’s were the שכינה rests in this generation and being that this generation is the ” last generation of גלות and first generation of גאולה” the redemption will begin from 770 and go together with it to the בית המקדש. On that note imagine if משיח would have come at that moment when these confused souls were completely vandalizing the place.

  • 106. Anonymous wrote:

    This is what happens when the rebbe goes from being the nassi to becoming to quote elkanah shmotkin in the book early years “the life and times of the lubavitcher rebbe”. When people turn the rebbe from a way of life a source of life.. to a life and times you know were screwed and suddenly have a messed up generation when חסידות applied is a חידוש to people you know were screwed meanwhile the entire point of חסידות is and always has been not be a philosophy but rather a WAY of life

  • 107. So What is in these Reshimos wrote:

    Hey can someone please explain what is in these reshimos, thats making these bachurim go wild.


  • 108. rrmee wrote:

    I appreciate that in #90
    no simcha with sinah.
    if anyone cares about the Rebbe’s inyonim which is the essence of the Torah.

  • 109. ALL WE NEED IS LOVE wrote:

    The response to darkness is shining light and acts of kindness. ALL WE NEED IS LOVE! Reach out to these misguided young men and smother their hate with love. Open your hearts to them and embrace them.

    • 110. To: ALL WE NEED IS LOVE wrote:

      That is what we tell OUTSIDERS (when something tragic happens) – but that is not the standard we apply to ourselves!!!

  • 111. Avrahom wrote:

    Simple. Let the Rav or Rosh Yeshiva Pasken that they are not allowed to take bahurim any more from the Yeshiva that teaches these students. No visa, no problem

  • 112. Concerned citizen wrote:

    I have no idea whether my thoughts will be published or taken notice of however here goes
    These guys are not USA citizens nor UK citizens or EU citizens they are all Israeli
    They have deferment from military service to learn Torah they have a “Petur”. Havlin saw to all that. Hence they are and should be controlled by the Israeli authorities and this appalling behavior should not be overlooked by said Israeli authorities. However are they different from the “Auerbach” chevra? Not an iota!!! Litvish so called Chassidish no difference they have little education because of the political situation with the coalition in Israel
    It is an Israeli problem and should be addressed by the Israeli government
    When one section of society be it Peleg be it Tfas be it indeed Palestine residents consider themselves free from behavioral conformity in society this is what we get
    Bibi take note !!!!!!

  • 113. secret wrote:

    Hashem yerachum!
    we need to stop this. DO NOT GET SATMAR INVOLVED, OR TROUBLE!
    we need/want moshiach NOW!!!
    yom tov for the rebbes birthday

  • 114. Snag wrote:

    ” disrespect the rebbes shul and the place the rebbe said about that it’s the holiest place in all of creation for it’s were the שכינה rests in this generation”

    The holiest place in all creation is a former abortion clinic?

    • 115. Mer darf zein a bisle klug wrote:

      Min hastam it’s probably similar to the fact moshiach comes from Yehuda and Tamar, the Rebbe has a whole sicha about it, looks it up

  • 116. arofmzl wrote:

    re-educate these boys quick, they don’t know that sinas chinam and fighting don’t bring bracha upon us.
    Hashem Yerachmeinu
    I mean, if these boys come from troubled homes, then they may need some social worker to help them out. just do something, it is awful and it upsets everyone

  • 117. Moishe pipek wrote:

    This is great entertainment please do not remove it from this site.This is real .

  • 118. Sad wrote:

    Moshe Pipik
    This is a human tragedy
    A tragedy which needs fixing
    It is hardly entertainment
    It is real
    The Shechuna and it’s honorary officers, its leaders and its sponsors need to urgently and expeditiously deal with all the ramifications together with civil authorities of both the USA and Israel
    These boys will grow up uncouthed and feral and we can hardly counternance that.
    Or maybe we can !!!

  • 119. Anonymous wrote:

    @snag go learn the sicha in תשנב called קונטרות בית רבינו שבבל were the rebbe explains why it’s the holiest place in our generation

  • 120. Open your eyes wrote:

    There are hundreds of Sichos Igros , Mamorim which the Rebbe gave out. Do You learn all of them All you’re missing in the Reshimos ???. Get a life The only reason you came to 770 to made the Shiur is to antagonize the Rebbe’s bochrim and instigate a fight. That was the P’nimmious H’Kavanna. .

    • 121. Peretz wrote:

      The reason the Rebbe left the reshimos is so we could learn them when he was no longer physically with us. They provide hashkafa and hadracha that is not available elsewhere — especially for those who weren’t zocheh to yechidus and dollars.

  • 122. Number 112 wrote:

    It’s too late. Send them back to Israel for army service. They are parasites who will plague the community for years to come. Let the army train them to be true Chabad chassidim. Evidently 770 is not doing it!

  • 123. I remember when wrote:

    Around 5756-7 there was a letter posted in 770 with the Marei Mokem of Reshimos of the Tzemach Tzedek, and someone crossed out the word “Reshimos”

  • 124. oy wrote:

    if the rebbe would be there no one would DARE act like idiots. be RESPECTFUL TO HOLY PLACES


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