Col. Goldstein Sues Borough President Adams

Col. Jacob Goldstein, formerly the chairman of Community Board 9, which encompasses the southern portion of Crown Heights, has filed a Federal lawsuit against Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams for allegedly violating his First Amendment rights by firing him from the board for speaking out to the media.

Col. Goldstein alleges that soon after his election as Borough President, Eric Adams and his senior advisor, Ingrid Lewis-Martin, ordered him to fire the District Manager of Community Board 9, Pearl Miles, due to her age.

After he refused to comply, Col. Goldstein was removed as chairman of CB-9, and after he spoke to the media about what was taking place, he was kicked off the board altogether.

Goldstein alleges that through their actions, Eric Adams and Ingrid Lewis-Martin violated his constitutional right to speak out about matters important to the community.

The lawsuit was filed in the United States Federal Court in the Eastern District of New York.

See the full text of the lawsuit below:



  • 2. Steve wrote:

    According to the document he is suing for 40 million dollars and legal costs. WOW.

  • 3. CHLEAKS.INFO wrote:

    Good for him fighting back against corruption!!!

    Now we understand why he had that photo-op on Albany and Union regarding TWO cameras they put up. < another money laundering scam.

  • 4. People wrote:

    First amendment stops you being persecuted by the government. Not from your boss.

    • 5. Milhouse wrote:

      Not true. Government appointees and employees are protected by the first amendment too. They cannot be fired or punished for what they say.

  • 7. DAVE wrote:

    Brooklyn boro hall is at 209 Joralemon st, not 201, for that alone this case is over, all they had to do was google it, and somewhere it says Abrams instead of Adams. Adams and Ms. Lewis-Martin always were not friendly to the frum in their area and always looked for fundraising from the frum, I guess he believes all Yidden have gelt.

    • 8. Milhouse wrote:

      Don’t be silly. Where did you get the idea that a misspelt name or address can end a lawsuit? Mail to the defendants at 201 Joralemon will reach them. And so long as there is no possibility that the defendants misunderstood who was meant, “Abrams” can be corrected to “Adams” at any time.


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