First It Was a Brighter Kingston and Now Its Albany Too

A much brighter Albany Ave.

Back in 1995 Sholom Ber Goldstein contacted the Department of Transportation [DOT] and asked them if it was possible to upgrade the street lamps on Kingston Avenue with brighter light bulbs, at first they didn’t want to hear anything about it but after some work and persistent phone calls the DOT finally agreed but at a cost of the added electric bill of $32 per light pole per year and the maintenance fee.

The standard light fixtures installed by the DOT are built to maintain a 150 watt bulb which is normally installed as well was now upgraded thanks to efforts on R. Sholom Ber’s behalf to fixtures that can contain the new 400 watt bulbs.

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After getting the DOT to install the stronger fixtures and bulbs in 95 the DOT fell back into the use of the 150 watt bulbs after the contract had expired. Recently Sholom Ber asked the DOT if he could renew the contract and revert back to using the stronger bulbs to which the DOT agreed, it was at this point when he asked if we can do the same for Albany Ave. which the DOT decided to include as well, all that was needed was the payment of the $1000 a year bill for the upgrade.

Sholom Ber approached R. Moshe Rubashkin, Chairman of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council and asked him if the CHJCC can fund this project to which he responded with writing out a check on the spot.

The upgrades have been completed in the beginning of this past week. A reporter asked people walking on Albany and Kingston if they noticed any difference recently on the two Avenues which most weren’t able to pinpoint what exactly it was other then say that something was definitely different, a few of those asked immediately said that the streets were much brighter, the others who weren’t sure what it was that was different when told that the lights have been upgraded had simply said, ‘You’re right! You’re right!’

These upgrades come at a crucial time when car break-ins are out of control and people fear walking down the streets at night, this is definitely a step in the right direction. Hopefully we can look forward to this upgrade take place on all the streets in Crown Heights.

The Westinghouse OV-25 Silverliners, Light Fixtures
The 400 Watt Metal Halide bulb
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  • 1. DallasYid wrote:

    I defiantly agree with you.

    keep it up Webby.

    Love this site :)

    Kudos to both SBG and MR :)

  • 3. brighter wrote:

    I was walking at night on Albany and Montgomery and did notice that it was much brighter, but I did not know from where or how. It looked better! Now i know why and that it was not just my imagination. Keep it up CHinfo.

  • 5. Light wrote:

    Why cant they put it by schenectody or some where else where there is a lot of crime.

  • 6. Rivky G. wrote:

    They need to do this to all the side streets as well. That where its scariest to walk at night.
    The main streets like Albany, Kingston Brooklyn isn’t as dangerous. When I walk down montgomery/crown/carrol i always wonder if someone will pop out at me from behind a car…

  • 7. Menachem Mendel Shagalov wrote:

    Thank you Thank you
    May Hashem Give you, Hatzlacha, Nachas, Mazal, Success in all your endeavors, and much light in all the great things you do.
    With Blessing for continued Strength.
    Mendel Shagalov

  • 10. Teacher lady wrote:

    Thank you, Rabbi Goldstein! You are truly a community-minded citizen…one of less than a handful, I’m afraid.

  • 11. More wrote:

    I agree with Light Kingston Ave is safe put it where it’s not safe, sorry to tell you but it will not make any difference.

  • 12. talmid of O.T. wrote:

    mendel s. knows how to give a bracah . the right way ,, i second that motion

  • 13. BrookAve wrote:

    I am happy that these streets are brighter. When I leave a farby after midnight, those brights are there so I don’t step in a puddle of vomit.

  • 14. crownheights resident wrote:

    thank you sholom goldstein for all your hard work all these years you put into the community, including all the trees you planted on kingston ave, and other blocks!

    yasher koach

  • 15. Crown Heights resident by choice wrote:

    Kol Hakovod,Rabbi Sholom Goldstein and Moshe Rubashkin for a job well done. Small improvements in quality of life,add up and add up till things get better noticeably! Let’s enjoy and appreciate!!

  • 16. CHer wrote:

    Why doesn’t Goldstein run with Rubashkin for the next Vaad Hakohl… They seem like a team that gets things done…

    BTW – from what I recall most of the car break-ins didn’t happen on the aveues…

  • 18. anti-BrookAve wrote:

    To BrookAve:

    Aaaaaaaarghhh!!! Enough of your corny jokes and witless comments!!

    Seriously – you comment on everything and think you are funny but you aren’t!!!!

  • 19. Shmuli wrote:

    Why the complaints? If you think there should be lights on different streets, then pay for it yourself!! He did this from his good will, follow his example!!

    And please don’t criticize; we have one good citizen in our community lets not loose him.

    Thank you so much Rabbi Goldstein! May you be blessed with light, joy, happiness, health and wealth.. ‘ad sheyibu sifsoseichem m’loimar dai’

  • 20. anonymous wrote:

    Why did you leave out to mention that without the help of yankel Goldstein who is the chairman of Community Board # 9 NONE of this would have happened??? It is his power to give the okay for this kind of work!!!!

  • 21. BrookAve wrote:

    To: anti-BrookAve:

    Awwww ! Now my heart is full. You like me. You really like me! Keep reading my “corny” posts. You may learn something. Toodles.

  • 22. Levi G wrote:

    I love these comments its just getting better every day! Webby way to go! Mendel S we love you! Sholom G Great work! Levi :)

  • 23. Toshav Hashchuna who appreciates wrote:

    See how one conserned CH citizen , can make a difference , “Az Men Macht Lichtig” NOT one person has complaints .

    Anyone That lives here must do everthing in his power and talent to beautify the Rebbes shchuna .

    Sholom Ber goldstein started His lighting project by installing High power projectors in front of 770in May 2006 to light up Beis Chayeinu ,Now its your chance to do something , Kol Hakovod

  • 24. CH Resident wrote:

    Yaankel Goldstein did nothing for this LIGHTING Project. it was Sholom Goldsteins own project with no help from Board 9 or Yaankle Goldstein
    I did not see any improvements from Board 9 .
    Crime is up , streets are dirty ,
    We need a new roadbed and Sewer upgrades on Kingston ave , he has not put it on the capital improvement buget for 2007 , What has he done all these years ?? except sitting as chairman ,
    Lets hear it . Lets challange him to do something for quality of life in CH

  • 25. Matisyahu wrote:

    “Out of darkness comes light,
    twilight unto the heights,
    Crown Heights burnin’ up,
    all through till twilight”…
    (King without a crown)

  • 26. VERY NICE wrote:


  • 27. ra wrote:

    I understand the concern for safety, but causing more light-pollution doesn’t seem to be a good way to go about fixing things. What is done is done, I suppose… but in the future, please think about looking for better solutions rather than creating more light-pollution to the night sky. For example: shorter streetlights, locking your cars, lit-up/welcoming porches, motion-sensored lighting, etc.
    G-d made the world for us to enjoy and maintain, not to manipulate day and night and disallow others to see the glory of the stars G-d created.


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