Angry Students Spread Inflammatory ‘Pashkvils’

This morning, residents of Crown Heights left their homes to find that during the night “Pashkvils” (anonymous leaflets) had been placed in the windshields of cars all over the neighborhood. The leaflets were placed by several students of Oholei Torah Mesivta, who were protesting a supposed “slight” to the Rebbe’s “honor” during the school’s group portrait that took place Wednesday.

During the photographing of the portrait, several students of the Mesivta attempted to ‘sabotage’ the photo by sneakily raising a banner with a divisive slogan on it, hoping to have it included in the official portrait. The Yeshiva administrators, as well as the photographers, noticed this childish gesture and instructed the students to put the banner away.

A short while later, displaying tremendous chutzpah and immaturity, the students raised the banner a second time as the photograph was being taken. This time, the banner was removed from the students, and the issue was laid to rest.

Until last night, that is. These students were obviously very insulted that their scheme at nurturing division and Machlokes was unsuccessful. Over Thursday night, they spread leaflets all around the neighborhood with the photos and personal information of the Yeshiva administrators and photographers they deemed guilty of “disrespecting the Rebbe,” demanding that they go to the Ohel and ask the Rebbe’s forgiveness.

Sources confirmed with that those targeted by the leaflets did receive a number of hostile phone calls this morning, ostensibly from people no more mature than those who spent their night spreading the leaflets.

In a statement to Rabbi Sholom Rosenfeld, Executive Director of Oholei Torah, said that these Bochurim acted on their own, what they did was a big chutzpah and will be dealt with by the Yeshiva.

As an addendum to this article, we present an excerpt of a Sicha the Rebbe delivered in 1981 [the full Sicha can be found Here], in which he decried the involvement of Bochurim in the administrative affairs of their Yeshiva.

In very strong words, the Rebbe said that the students’ job is to learn Torah, and that all other decisions about how the Yeshiva is run must be left to the Hanhola.




  • 1. really wrote:

    Go to the ohel for stopping a yechi sign..

    “Lost and confused…” ttto camp song.

  • 2. COTS wrote:

    Oholei Torah, you reap what you sow. Students were allowed to run amok making protests and getting involved in the inyonim of Hanhalah without repercussions and you have now crated a mageifa.

    Poshut the inmates running the asylum.

  • 3. poor kids wrote:

    I feel bad for them.. they are little kids who are being inspired by teachers and dont know better.

    Punishing the kids would be the same as punishing the students who went to COTS. Misguided souls…

    Time for OT to clean house.

  • 4. Total heikeirus wrote:

    It was even worse, I’m a bochur in Zal and the hanhola mocked the school administrator, even saying he is going against the Rebbe. It seems OT has gone totally hefker.

  • 5. Rachamim wrote:

    These Bochurim dont get it. The Hahalas could be there fathers or there grand fathers or even there great grand fathers…..stupid guys they are! What are thy thinking? Everything will be nice & dandy….HELLO…..

  • 7. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

    The Oholei Torah Mesivta on Troy looks worse then 749 Eastern Pakway, with all the Meshichist propaganda (stickers and slogans etc…).

    Reports have come to me that Meshichist “bachorim” have been tearing any learning material that does not have ‘Yechi’ and instead has Zy”a by the Rebbes name. More specifically the throw out anything from the Vaad Hatmimim.

    It’s time we route this Avoda Zora from our schools once and for all. Those who have a problem with this can go to an official Meshichist Yeshiva. let’s get rid of the garbage and keep the good ones.

    • 8. them be fightin words wrote:

      Avoda Zara?
      You have delegitimized your comment by taking the opinion of the worst misnagdim….

  • 9. antimesira wrote:

    When your allowed to beat people; steal from people and do acts of Mesira r”l, all in the name of Yechi, your also allowed to do what the punks are doing.

  • 10. Shabbos achdus wrote:

    Now I know why oholei Torah doesn’t join, they can’t even get along themselves, how can they get along with others??

  • 11. attitude wrote:

    Our attitude in chabad is everybody is AIN
    a rov , rosh yeshiva, a posek nobody counts
    no kavod hatorah
    i remember when harav Z. S. Dvorkin or any other Rov use to walk in shul , not only did not stand for him but no one moved he had to push his way to get to his seat!!

    • 12. Yes wrote:

      And it’s a great problem! The only satisfactory I have is the Gemara in Sanhedrin: moshiach will arrive when the young stop respecting talmidei chachomim!
      Btw the frierdiker rebbe said: there are three lessons we can learn from misnagdim. One was respecting bnei Torah!

  • 13. Big joke wrote:

    These bochurim couldn’t care less about the rebbe. It’s all political, spreading their propaganda to cause pandemonium! That’s all it is. I hope zushe puts a halt to this puerile behavior!

  • 14. Personal wrote:

    Please do not let the kids run the Yeshivah. Take a stand. Throw out eirev rav.
    There are too many people in our community who we would be better off without. Those that maser, those sick people who try to harass neighbors because of their own or spouses mental illness. Please it is time that we took back our community and the way Lubavitch should be.
    Let us get rid of these undesirable people. We have done enough for them and a lot of it was in vain. You know who you are. You are not wanted here. LEAVE back to where you came And do not taint Lubavitch and make a chill il hashem and chillul Lubavitch. You have made enough problems. Hashem will deal with you.

  • 15. Disgusting wrote:

    How can you ask for forgiveness by the ohel if these same people who put these sign’s up also say the rebbe is alive & not IN the ohel, so they probably have to ask the rebbe forgiveness from the rebbe “under the bimah in 770 ;)”

  • 17. mm wrote:

    Whats the big deal
    so thay put up a sign with a picture of the rebbe???????

  • 19. to # 10 wrote:

    Nothing will ever be the same till the hisgalus of our Rebbe. the fact they stand up for yechi they have the right to do so and the fact u disagree maybe you are the one who is causing machlokes. they don’t ever have to give up because u disagree. Hashem doesn’t want machlokes but i am allowed to believe what i believe and if u disagree okay but u can’t force anyone not to believe and stop them from doing what they feel is right!

    • 20. What is more important? The Rebbe or lehavdil Yechi? wrote:

      I dont understand you and your ilk, are you so diluted as to say ‘standing up for yechi’ as if it is in some way – lo olainu – standing up for the Rebbe?



      No, in your diluted reality, we must pick and choose what reality suits us… Lets forget all the sichos up until Nun Beis – that is all rachmono litzlan garbage. All that matters is you and your farshtuken yechi and what ever flag you can wrap youself in to suit that goal.

      Du letzim hoben genumen mine groise rebbe un gemachet fun em a klainer moshiach. Oy lonu.

    • 21. Can I wrote:

      Funny how you Bergen with ‘them’ then shift to ‘I’
      Can I finish off your comment by signing your name?
      -ot mesivta hooligan!

    • 22. Anonymous wrote:

      You’re obviously one of those brainwashed students which put out the leaflets. Your grammar says it all…

    • 23. sick puppy wrote:

      you are probably one of the terrorists who beats people up. Hope you enjoyed Shabbos Achdus – as per the Rebbe.

  • 26. to 13 wrote:

    no they put up signs saying yechi
    which does NOT belong in an oholei torah picture.
    this meshugas comes from their homes, not from the school.

    glad that the yeshiva will deal with this…

  • 27. Who is running the show wrote:

    People working so hard for the Mossad, and to have his name plastered like that??!! What message does that send to the bochurim, u don’t like something, make pashkivvilm, and the hanhola will back down, now it’s twice in one year in OT. Will the hanhola ever learn to take a stand?

  • 28. Kop Mentch wrote:

    Solution: Send these bochurim to cots!

    In fact, send the entire Hanholah there too! הם ונשיהם ובניהם וכל אשר להם

  • 29. For the sake of the Rebbe wrote:

    I ask Oholei TOrah and the administration to take a stand, and put an end to hefkerus, as the flagship school, not only is it your responsibility, it’s a chov kodosh, otherwise where are we heading to??

    • 30. sick puppy wrote:

      that will never happen. We are heading south faster than you can say Yechi.

  • 31. reply to: what is more important the rebbe or yechi wrote:

    Let me ask u a question -DO YOU DO EVERY SINGLE THING THAT HASHEM (MEANING ALL THE 613 MITZVOS) AND THE REBBE IS ASKING FROM U? The rebbe did not go AGAINST yechi am i right or wrong? when the hanholo tells the children not to lie yet they do it themselves so nu who are the children suppose to listen to (after all if the hanholo can lie, so can i- yes you’ll tell me the cchildren have chutzpah but as someone says dus iz moshaich tziten!) the rebbe who tells them not to lie or the hanholo?

    • 32. What is more important? The Rebbe or lehavdil Yechi? wrote:

      You silly little punk. You don’t get to pick and choose what to follow.

      The Rebbe was clear and unequivocal (big word which means ‘left no wiggle room’) when he said that Bochurim are not to involve himself in matters of Hanholo.

      Dont start searching for 613 reasons why it is ok for you and merry band of ‘brigada dterroristin’ (the Rebbes word from another Sicha about scum like you) to not listen to authority.

      Your job is to sit and learn, not involve yourself in the affairs of Hanholo. Period. Now get off the internet and get back to sleep so you can wake up on time for your Chassidus Shiur at 7:30.

    • 33. sick puppy wrote:

      Read what the previous comment says. You are so stupid it is frightening that you are the next generation. Not surprising Chabad is reviled all over the world if you represent what’s to come. You make me sick, all of you.

  • 34. the chossid wrote:

    the problem is from the top of the heap, the bochurim see it everyday ,administration hanhola and many others, get rid of them and lets see what happens.

  • 35. Bochur wrote:

    Why don’t we defend the bochur??? How could it be that 1400 talmidim gather and no picture of the rebbe?? What happened to the hanhola?

    • 36. Photoshop wrote:

      Ever heard of super imposing a much more presentable photo of the Rebbe and even Yechi in post production?

      This is not about Rebbe or Yechi this is about Bocherim out of control, and Teachers looking to stir up trouble..

      Time for both of these groups to go.

    • 37. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

      You fool!!!

      The picture of the Rebbe is the 1400 talmidim.

  • 39. OT teacher wrote:

    This was a huge chilul Lubavitch. There were non Lubavitch therapists who were standing behind the bleachers when the picture was being taken. They were appalled to see the banner being passed from Bochur to Bochur out of reach after the request to take it down was made as one of the crew climbed up to get it. One of them spoke with me the next day and asked “don’t your yeshivas teach middos in addition to gemarah and chassidus??”

  • 40. misleading article wrote:

    What the boys did was not right but how it was dealt with was overboard and not professional and didnt appear that OT staff got involved.

    • 41. Overboard??? wrote:

      If the Hanoloh made a decision – no signs or slogans in the picture – and that decision was enforced, who are these little punks to go and stand up against The Rebbe?

      I dont care who was ‘more’ wrong, all I see is a bunch of careless and authority-less hooligans running around and defying both The Rebbe and the Hanholo.

      Like The Rebbe says in the Sicha “you dont like what the Rosh Yeshiva, the Mashpiah, the Mashgiach deicded? So what? A Bochurs job is to only be sitting and learning” and The Rebbe repeated it THREE times!

      Lubavitch has a bright and empty future with these hooligans thumping their chests with Yechi, Yich. Gross.

    • 42. Stupid bocher wrote:

      Lets go in chronological order.

      “What the boys did was not right”… Case closed.

      Hanhala did not want Yechi in it and what “didnt appear” to happen was teachers backing up the admin.. but punkt farkert.

    • 43. CHLEAKS.COM wrote:

      Here we have another justifier and excuser of simply bad/wrong behavior.

      These justifiers and excusers always seem to pop up to anything related to Meshichist acts of violence (bulling behavior), acts of theft and acts of Mesira r”l.

  • 44. hat_glasses_beard wrote:

    The number of 15 year olds in this tread is too dam high.

  • 45. Personal wrote:

    You are not #14. And this is not an answer to #11.
    Why do we real old time Lubavitch still feel we have to cater to the newcomers? We have given them a lot of ourselves. They feel they are owed something. We made you into mention and now you act like you are smart. Know your place.
    Students have no right or say in the running or policy of a Yeshivah . The newcomers to Crown Heights who we took in off the street and out of their pustkeit now turn against us.

  • 46. THE HANHOLO IS HERE!!! wrote:

    To all those that are asking where is the hanholo,
    The answer can be found, but they have no backbone to stand up to anyone.
    YR was looking to fire SS he first had to get rid of his father by forming a new vaad for OT.
    The hanholo became puppets to the buchurim of the zal.
    Throwing out those bochurim out won’t help since there are another 100 boys waiting to come into zal.
    In todays day and age it would have been much easier and with less machlokos to take the picture whichever way and then photo shop it to your likening.

    Shmulik B. and Zalman C.

  • 47. why????????????????? wrote:

    this was such a beautiful photo
    why does it have to be besmirched
    please Hashem:
    Ad Mosai?????????????????
    Ad Mosai??????????????????
    Ad Mosai??????????????????
    Moshiach NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 48. PUBLIC SCHOOL wrote:




  • 50. why is everyone up in arms? wrote:

    Isn’t OT officially a mishichist yeshiva? Yechi banners and slogans are everywhere. You think you can come in at the last minute at a photo op and say “here is not the place”. Bochurim are not robots and they see hipocricy at the first whiff. This is the same school that preaches “you don’t even need to know how to spell your name in English, to be a good businessman. Yet when they spend the money for a grand a photo where it is obvious that it will be a major fundraising tool, the Yechi’s must be hidden!

    For those saying bochurim should not be involved, it
    it seems like this was a disagreement between hanhalla ruchnious and hanhalla gashmious and the bochurim were standing up for kovod hatorah when the hanhalla ruchnious were not able to take strong stand because their paychecks are in the line.

    OT should come out once and for all and declare they are not a moshichist yeshiva and then they won’t have these types of problems

  • 51. ty wrote:

    this is embarassing.
    Don’t they know that if you step back and re-frame this event, that it looks too weird and inappropriate ? You could not write a story that weird.
    Truth is stranger than fiction.
    I”m glad that my children are not there, but I worry for all Jewish kinder that they are getting unhealthy messages. That paskvil is showing that they need to justify their beliefs, which means that they aren’t sure about it. this is horrific.
    The Abishter created the neshama AND the mind, and these kids’ minds are very confused. How selfish are people to use their kids for their own agendas. This incident is very troubling.
    Not only that, but it also shows that the kids there need some outlets. Is this what a kid thinks about? Disturbing others L’ “shem shomoyim”? The Rebbe only wants us to do kiddush HaShem, b’derech naim. The Torah was not created to use to make others miserable. I think these kids missed out on the lessons on the IMPORTANCE of ve ahavta l’reyacha kemochah, and more.

  • 52. with the old breed wrote:

    you are all so sad. would you be happier learning in a shul like your grandfathers? now is the time to move ahead together. enjoy your cheesecake and all the best to all of you.

  • 53. The Difference Between a Chabad Yeshiva Bocher and a Meshichist wrote:

    How is it that every Meshichist “Bocher” knows [the propaganda and all it’s details] that [for example] Shomrim went in to 749 and beat the living daylights out fellow Meshichistim, but not every Chabad Yeshiva Bocher knows that there was a six week trial, where seven Meshichist “Bochrim” Mossrim testified against Six Shomrim volunteers in an attempt to imprison them for 15 plus years?

    I recently asked myself this question after having a discussion with the most recent victim of Meshichist hate. The Bocher had no clue what I was talking about.

    This question really bothered me. But thankfully not for long, because when I heard the same exact answer from two different individuals (who by the way don’t always see eye to eye), I was calmed and realized that this [after all] is actually a great thing.

    Read the rest here:

  • 54. Dear “Concerned” Students… wrote:

    ….Where Is the Concern; Protest; Demand To Keep Yeshiva Open During the Summer?

    Months ago you protested with demands that you ‘want your Mashpia back’, what are you going to do without your “Mashpia” for over 10 weeks of summer “vacation”?

    Bottom Line: All these protest have nothing to do with Yiddishkit or learning in Yeshiva. These “bochurim” are are being taken advantage of by Meshichist “Mashpiam”, mainly Nachman Schapiro, who has/have their own agendas.

    Where is the crusader, the big Meshichist Mashpia Nachman Schapira when it comes to this issue of keeping Yeshiva open during the summer?

    Why is it that when it comes to bulling the Yeshiva he knows how to find all the troubled children to do his dirty work, but when it comes to saving their souls, he’s nowhere to be found?

    Now, its no place to for a Bocher learning in Yeshiva to make make any sort of protest. However, if it bothered them so much that Yeshiva will be closed and that they will be away from their mashpia for so long, then they would make an effort, by either speaking to their mashpia or their parents, asking them to do something.

    Where is the letter signed by these bocurim asking that yeshiva keep it’s doors open 12 months a year?

    If and I say IF, any sign was to be held up at the group photo, it was one that read, ‘Don’t abandon us during the Summer, Keep Yeshiva Open’. But their not (not the students and not the so called “mashpim”) really interested in that, are they?

    Why not take all that negative energy and/or excitement and channel it to doing something that would bring real positive change not just for your Yeshiva and your generation but for all the Yeshivas that will follow and all the generation to come. Do something meaningful and stop being useful idiots for people who couldn’t give a darn about you, the moment they don’t have any use for you.

    As a side note: Personally I think that those involved in attempting to put up the ‘Yechi’ sign and afterwards publishing the ‘Pashkvil’, should be publicly shamed for their actions.

  • 55. Three lessons from misnagdim? Source please? wrote:

    Comment #12 wrote “the frierdiker rebbe said: there are three lessons we can learn from misnagdim. One was respecting bnei Torah!”

    Does anyone have a mareh makom for this. Where when was it said?


  • 57. Yossi wrote:

    If the bochurim don’t like the decision of the yeshiva, they are welcome to find a different yeshiva or take it up with the hanhala in a repectful way, but decisions of hanhala are final and must be respected.

    There are countless stories, letters and sichas that stress mashmaas (listening to authority). Ay bochur that doesn’t have it, is a disgrace to Lubavitch.

    If the hanhala decides that yechi doesn’t belong on a public picture, that’s their decision. Not every thing we display indoors belongs outdoors.


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