Jewish Community Watch Ceases Operations

After two-and-half years in operation, Jewish Community Watch (formerly Crown Heights Watch), a controversial website exposing suspected child abusers in the Jewish community and advocating on behalf of victims of child abuse, has been suddenly taken offline.

Visitors to the website are now greeted with the following notice: “unfortunately, Jewish Community Watch has been forced to shut down due to a lack of funding.”

A source within the JCW team told that the decision to close the website came following consistently unsuccessful fundraising efforts by the site’s founder, Meyer Seewald.

“We weren’t able to raise enough money to cover the site’s expenses,” the source said.

Lacking the basic funds needed to pay his staff’s salaries and for the website’s maintenance, Seewald opted to shutter the website rather than accumulate further debt.

The source lamented the community’s apathy toward the website: “We would receive hundreds of emails a month from abuse victims asking for our support in their pursuit of justice. But when we went out and asked for the funds needed to keep going, we were ignored.”

When asked whether, if the needed funds were procured, the website would reopen, the source answered in the negative: “As things stand, we don’t expect to reopen the website,” he said.

Aside from the website’s content that will no longer be available, active investigations into over 250 suspected child abusers in the Jewish community will now be abandoned, the source said.

Established in summer of 2011, Crown Heights Watch has been the subject of both passionate condemnation and praise, the former from those who bemoaned the lack of accountability and questionable accuracy, and the latter from those who applauded the website’s much needed stand against a problem that has for too long been swept under the rug.


Meyer Seewald, founder of Jewish Community Watch.



  • 1. Thank G-d wrote:

    This man has caused so much destruction to our community and ruined so many lives – of victims and perpetrators. Thank G-d he’s gone!

    • 2. TO #1 wrote:

      Which children did you touch??? or was it your husband or son that touched children???

      Tell that to the kids that were victims of yours. This is a victory for all those that are sick and will now have free rein.

    • 3. Ash wrote:

      Right, so we go back to sweeping abuse of little children right back under the rug?

    • 4. This was -and is- a good cause wrote:

      the unfortunate part is that it was run by people with zero credibility,

      halevai the right ppl get involved and do what needs to be done to prevent abuse, the Rebbe’s approach always was less vilifying and more in the form of treating the disorder as a disease originating in the brain, requiring mental health psychiatric intervention

      obviously, involved and chinuch oriented parents will fortify their child from being week, intimidated, silent and easy prey, robust and involved parents goes a long way towards preventing a child from being a silent target in the first place

      also, getting bachurim into help well before their perversion metastasize and manifest in action is a very important preventive measure, this site refused to emphasize!

      prevention on all fronts is needed to stop future abuse!!

    • 6. gavi wrote:

      1) If someone is a molester or monster or rapist, let justice declare the consequences.
      2) This website was clearly here for REVENGE and not to PREVENT molestation to others.
      3) Not saying they are ‘innocent’ or don’t deserve ‘punishment’. But REVENGE is unnecessary, harmful, shameful, unwanted, illegal, blackmail and “assur”.

      4) Glad the site is down.

    • 7. adam wrote:

      what in the world are you talking about? you chose to ignore reality because it makes the community look bad.
      people should be aware of what is happening.

  • 8. fishy wrote:

    this cant be, its because one of the following

    they are getting sued
    or for attention and money and will reopen shortly

    you never close a website due to funds, you can stop operations and still have the website open without the cost of any funding

    something smells…

  • 13. anyone notice wrote:

    Seriously! Ive seen the site and im not sure what there was to maintain. I am in the “website” business and such a site without updating costs a few dollars a month to host! I understand maybe “staff” salaries.. but the site didn’t look like it was more than a blog that got updated at times! please tell us the truth, like you want others too!??

    • 14. Not just the site wrote:

      But when you’re in debt from the non-website activities, even the “cheap” website has to go.

    • 15. Question wrote:

      Even if you are in debt for other stuff keeping up a website or just leaving it open would be a minimal cost, less than 50 Dollars.
      Its not the money.
      They were probably threatened by a serious litigation and had no choice..

  • 16. Boruch Hashem! wrote:

    The best news I’ve heard in a long time.

    This website was created for revenge and not to protect the innocent. Many innocent people were scarred for life because of him.

    Yesh din vyesh dayan.

    • 17. Anonymous wrote:

      Now you think you can do whatever you want to children anywhere, there will come a day when someone will do this, perhaps stay anonymous which seems to have been his downfall. But you will be exposed one day!

    • 18. Not just the site wrote:

      Yeah, all those innocent people who’ve had their lives ruined because of him!

      So many innocents! Like that one guy, who was actually arrested, and JCW reported it! As if arrests should be reportable! Look how badly they messed him up! So much that he now supports them – they must have literally driven him insane!

      We don’t need him anyway, look at all the other people volunteering to do this work! They’re doing a bang up job of it, no?

  • 19. eli cohen wrote:

    I Believe there’s allot more to this story. The guy is probably getting sued and was forced to shut down.

  • 20. About time wrote:

    Great news …
    Bh i after so many people and family got hurt by this site …
    It’s about time our community be busy with positive things about people
    We have great people in our community lets all get her together on positive notes only
    The people behind the site were not people to take example for …

    • 21. wow wrote:

      Really? So many people and families got hurt? This support for the abusers is pathetic. The predators are the ones responsible for hurting their families.CHW was doing the community a favor.

    • 22. sruli wrote:

      yah, exactly! lets go back to molesting our children without anyone finding out.
      this man was the last hope for this cursed neighborhood. pull your heads and wallets out and help!

    • 23. TO #7 wrote:

      Who got hurt, your father who hurt so many others? Why was it ok for your father to touch children but it is not ok for him to have been exposed?

  • 24. BH wrote:

    An Unregulated unwatched without anybody with an inch or Yiras Shamyam running it better nothing that what they were doing

    • 25. TO #8 wrote:

      So sad, dont bring Yirash Shmaim into this, the molesters do not have any, it is not about who exposed them, it is the sickness of people who molest that will stop at nothing, and the last thing they think about is hashem and what the Torah says about their behavior and the lifes they have ruined.

  • 27. hat_glasses_beard wrote:

    I’m calling bull…

    Just a bit anyway, but maintaining a website has a yearly cost of ~$15 a year for the domain a similar amount for hosting.

    Now paying for all the other stuff that they do I understand, but just keeping the site up as is – with all that important info including education for parents etc – should cost well under $50 a year!

    And so, I’m calling BS.
    Something else is going on.

  • 28. disappointed wrote:

    “We would receive hundreds of emails a month from child abuse victims asking for our support in their pursuit of justice”

    I don’t believe them – Its just a hopeful $ appeal.

    Either way its prime time for real Rabanim and professionals that are part of our community to reopen a properly run organization dealing with these issues.

  • 29. Facebook wrote:

    Why do they need to fund a website?
    Even if they can’t afford staff, the current “wall of shame” can at least live on a Facebook page…

    • 30. Anonymous wrote:

      So genius and simple, why is it not done, someone looking for work will find it, someone playing games will write the above article

    • 32. Yeah! Right On! wrote:

      Just like Stalin! And Hitler! (ym”shm)

      Satlin and Hitler killed millions, and this guy…. Wait what did he do again? Try to protect children? Oh that’s right.

  • 33. Freedom wrote:

    The “wall of shame” has tumbled down, we all can breath easy – without worry of discovering that someone put us up on the wall without “due process”. I hope this remains permanent because Seawall and company are not qualified to be Judge, Jury and Executioner of people’s reputations.

  • 34. something is not right wrote:

    Keeping a site open costs $30 a year. There is something going else going on. Law suit or play for $.

    Either way it’s a happy day. No Oversight, no transparency and unregulated should never be the description of an organization. Especially one that handles such sensitive areas such as this.

    The work was good, but went about it in the wrong way. This should be a lesson learned.

  • 35. Clearly wrote:

    Clearly there is much more to the story.

    I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he’s getting sued.

    Some innocent people have gotten irreversibly hurt through this site.

    There is certainly a need, but it needs to be met by mature, responsible people, who are accountable to the community.

  • 37. lack of funding? wrote:

    How much is it arealdy
    Domain Name:$10.00 Per Year
    Host:$4.00 Per month.

    There Got to be another reason.

  • 38. Finally wrote:

    Our family suffered so much from this site.
    This was a disgusting and dirty way of doing this job.
    The molesters have to be dealt with all the way but the correct way .
    Not by a 20 year old with his own baggage and own motives
    What he was doing was causing more destruction
    To more victims
    From a wall of shame to a family of shame
    There’s no excuse for that

    • 39. well said wrote:

      Causing more victims (the shamed family) does not treat the mental disorder behind molestation, it just hurts more victims! all in the name of “Compassion to prevent suffering”

  • 40. Thank you, Mayer wrote:

    I’m so sorry your website won’t be continuing, but you’ve done great work raising awareness in the Jewish community. You are a hero.

    • 41. ETE wrote:

      I see Mayer Seewald posts on his own topic…
      Not a hero… You maybe did a good thing… doesnt make you a hero…

    • 42. Hero????? wrote:

      That is a strong compliment when there were innocent lives destroyed from this website and false accusations. NO HERO IN MY BOOKS.

  • 43. chasdei hashem ... burich hashe wrote:

    Boruch hashem,
    Now it’s time to start undoing all that damage this site has caused.
    Next step is too have all the rabbis and chinuch people who supported this site be shut down or forced to apologize and be committed to some serious therapy.

    And please don’t send your children to a summer camp that supported this site.

  • 44. BH!!!! wrote:

    Best news I’ve heard in a while!!
    And in Adar too!!
    Too many people’s lives were broken because of this website.
    May Hashem continue to watch over us and protect us from evil – crown heights watch evil!!

  • 45. Finally!! wrote:

    Guess he’s being sued for slander and is afraid the truth might come out. Perhaps the secret “RABBONIM” that he supposedly has behind him told him to close it.

  • 48. this great.. wrote:

    Child molesters can breath a little easier and conduct their acts with less retribution..

  • 50. Elkeh wrote:

    Threatened much?

    What, somethings not right. A website cost like $50 a year to run.

  • 51. Eli wrote:

    Dear readers of Crown Heights info,

    There are very important points that must be made and I urge those who continue reading this letter to open their minds and hearts to what follows. Holding Jewish Community Watch to a moral standard that no other organization or person is held to is appalling. It demonstrates a perverted sensitivity that can only be compared to those so passionate about the humane treatment of terrorists that all other sensitivities and obvious humanities pale in comparison. In our legal system no one calls for perfection; we claim to have a standard of innocent-until-proven-guilty all the while realizing that guilty people may roam free. No sane person recommends abolishing a legal system simply because it has not attained a level of perfection – one that is obviously unattainable. Holding Crown Heights Watch to such a standard speaks to the grave misunderstanding about the impact of sexual abuse. It is understandably
    a painful and confusing subject for many but there are certain truths that can not be ignored.

    The impact of sexual abuse on an individual is devastating. Believing you, or someone you know, has been able to cope with it and therefore everyone shall ignore the dangers of it or “get over it” as some have recommended is simply bad advice. Dr Gabor Mate, in his book “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts” points out that 100% of female drug addicts that he has treated were victims of sexual abuse. This is not an innocuous fact; it should shake you to your core. Somewhere in the range of 85-90% of those who struggle with sexual addiction have been reported to be sexually abused. The correlation between abuse and addiction is so high, one must really wonder just how many people were abused because clearly addictions seem to be everywhere one looks. This is not an excuse for addicts; an addict doesn’t want an excuse. By definition they are ashamed of their behavior and want to stop. They have found a coping mechanism so integral to their survival as a mechanism to dull their pain, it simply can only be stopped with soul wrenching work. Often this pain they seek to numb is rooted in sexual abuse.

    This letter is not about addiction and there is no intention to explain a most baffling problem in several paragraphs. Suffice it to say that abuse has real consequences.

    Let us also speak to another issue that may be related to abuse. The pervasive departure from an observant lifestyle amongst many young Lubavitchers may also be attributed to abuse. While no formal study has been done, many educators, teachers, therapists, and Rabbis will attest to the fact that a large percentage of those who have completely left their upbringing have been sexually abused. Once again, those who understand this as an excuse are missing the point entirely. No one needs an excuse to live a pained existence. There are many studies which demonstrate that it is the natural way of life to remain within, or return to, the religion, culture and way of life that one was raised in to. More often than not, choosing to live a way of life that is so much different than one’s upbringing speaks to an existential discomfort that can often only be attributed to real trauma and abuse. The mere fact that many remain within their community despite the fact that they may be more lax in the particular details of the laws, lets us know that it isn’t just lack of faith or desire for convenience that drives a person away from their roots. It takes a lot more and sexual abuse may be a good place for us to start looking.

    Jewish Community Watch is the sole organization in Crown Heights devoted to combating this reality. It is easy for some to dismiss it based on their perception of the individuals who run it or perhaps a specific instance where they did not act in accordance with the highest moral code – although I know of no such instance personally. Before dismissing their work and mocking the people who run it, let’s ask ourself the following questions:

    What is the real price the community has paid for the rampant sexual abuse?

    Why is it that they are the only organization dealing with sex abuse in our community?

    Are those who bash the work of JCW continuing the decades of secrecy that have hurt so many?

    Is JCW the last hope many “victims” have to rectify the imbalance between them and their perpetrators?

    In my mind, Mayer Seewald and those involved in JCW are heroes of our community. It says in the Talmud that he who has saved a life is to be viewed as if he has saved the world. I, for one, know of at least one victim of sexual abuse who was helped immeasurably by the work of JCW, as well as a perpetrator who used the site as a catalyst to seek help for himself because G-d knows that the perpetrators are suffering as well.

    It is my hope that you take to heart some of what is written in this letter. There is no agenda here – it is only my way of speaking out and saying thanks because today, thanks in no small part to JCW, I have the voice to do so.

    • 52. Eli, wrote:

      Thats fine.

      Still. Although he has good intentions, an organization like this has to answer to authority. Abusing innocent people is a evenly grave mistake. If he would have been accountable and oversighted, I would be in total agreement with you.

      The fact is he did a commendable job without proper guidelines. A big wrong doesn’t justify his right.

    • 53. wondeful and all wrote:

      but my bro got really screwed because they really “cared” for the abused. deliberately “ignoring” emails and being proven wrong didnt mean anything to them as long as they got another one. rehashing a story that was many many years ago and dealt with but all parties involved does nothing to help. proof being that the victims weren’t interested in dealing with Seewald because the didn’t feel the need to interest in associating with a agenda

    • 54. Chaim Yankel wrote:

      You write a whole long letter about the impact of sexual abuse. True, any abuse and especially sexual abuse leaves a person very scarred. That’s true.

      But who gave Mayer Seewald the right to execute judgment and ruin the reputation of so many people just because HE said they are abusers?

      Why should WE believe him???

      He claims to not make decisions alone and to have a group of people who vote and that supposedly they do a thorough investigation and that supposedly he has Rabbonim behind him. If so, I ask, and many others ask as well, what exactly is the process? Who is his board who votes someone into the wall of shame? Which Rabbonim endorsed it?

      Why such a lack of transparency?

      And why do you have to Bashmutz and ruin the lives of people who have sinned once as a Bachur, when they were young and stupid? People who have done Teshuva long ago. And even if they didn’t, they are clearly not a threat to society any-more. Why? Just to smear the names of the innocent?

      I understand and agree with the need to keep bad people off the streets and away from our children. Granted. But this site has an agenda. Baruch Hashem they closed down.

  • 55. Let's wait and see wrote:

    It costs under $30 a year to keep the website up, and that’s not any major funding. I sense something else going on here.

    My hunch is that they probably got a court order to remove someone from their site on the basis of a law suit. Instead of removing a single individual, which would cause them to lose enough credibility to vindicate everyone on their Wall of Shame (and flush 3 years of work down the toilet), they strategically shut down the whole site due to a “lack of funding” so ruined reputations remain ruined.

    It cannot be true that site was shut down because of a funding issue. We’ll have to wait and see, but the truth will ultimately come out.

  • 56. Montrealer wrote:

    It is unfortunate the organization is closing. I do hope somebody takes over and quickly. There was a skver yid who opened a hotline for his community and had bleach thrown in his face by his neighbor. We do not know what has happened to meyer. Maybe he was forced to close down due to serious threats. Either way, thank you Meyer for doing what most would be to afraid to do.

  • 60. Do you take us for fools? wrote:

    He makes it sound like he was running this organization out of his piggy bank. Why the big deal over the $15 needed to keep a website up? I don’t believe his story.

  • 61. sad wrote:

    It was really disappointing to see respectful people supporting and endorsing this irresponsible site and agenda.
    Instead, it’s time for a responsible committee to get involved to protect the innocent.

  • 62. 99 cents a month wrote:

    I’m a web developer for a living and I build and host websites all the time. Websites are extremely low budget to keep up, and this can’t be the reason why they’re no longer operating.

    I ran a check on their website and found that their domain name is registered till 2015, and the web hosting company that they’re using has plans starting at 99 cents a month that can work for them.

    It will cost Meyer Seewald 99 cents a month to keep his website open till 2015. His website can’t be closing due to lack of funds.

  • 63. B.S. wrote:

    It costs only dollars a year to have a domain name. Besides, blogs are often free. Facebook is free too. All of a sudden shut down? Good riddance. Look at this man’s miserable face in his picture. Bunch of frustrated gangsters.

    -Former classmate…

  • 66. The lesson for all of us is....... wrote:

    It does matter who is the producer of the website, self help program or musical activity.

    We have been taken for a ride by JCW which was run by people who we would not trust as leaders in a frum chassidish community.

    We have been duped into cots which is also run by a person who it seems does not have our values and commitments to Torah and Chassidus.

    We were mesmerized by Mattisyahu and we still haven’t learned our lesson.

    The lesson is simple. Keep what you have which others envy. Be proud of your chassidishe heritage,
    There is only one Rebbe, one Nassi and one place to go when you need direction and encouragement.

  • 68. Boruch Shepatrani. wrote:

    Its about time. How foolish and just about disgusting was it that no other org. exposed any “abusive material”. except for this yukle of Lubavitch nature.
    Thank Hashem he is off! Let us not worry, for those who have certainly without a doubt actually have been involved in these abusive crimes, for they will be taken care of properly. Rabbi Manis Friedman is as I feel a “professional” in terms of how to deal with these type of issues. Let us only hear Besuros Tovos!

  • 69. Sea World is going under? wrote:

    Did I hear that Sea World with all of its bloodthirsty Piranhas, slippery eels, and spineless jelly fish is going down the drain?

    You mean that Mr. Sea World’s wide net has been confiscated, and kosher fish and their schools can now swim in peace? B”H.

    Better a fishermen’s pole which hooks the particular fish that bites, than the net which captures all the sea’s creatures indiscriminately.

  • 70. j kre wrote:

    wasnt this website to help those in need why cant they just reopen they shall try to reopen it i think mair should run it or at least be the hunter dont get it this whole world is mest up they able should be to support it if it was supprted all along till now.
    do they pay for a lower

  • 71. same wrote:

    these guys are nuts next thing you know they will go and beat enyone whom they think is one so instead of bing on the wall of shame they will have a black and blue of shame

  • 73. 770 CHAVER wrote:


    • 74. until ur hubby is vindictively posted wrote:

      assumed guilty until proven innocent

      im sure your feeling about “who shouldand should not be trusted to run this site” will change, when you or a loved one is wrongly accused or worse has this disease and instead of being discretely guided to prper treatment Destroyed and shames your family and relatives…

      think, a little, dont be soo simplistic, to believe that seewald Vilifying alleged abusers is the way to protect and prevent abuse…

      the Rebbe has very clear instructions which happens to be more effective than the secular approach.

      if you really care to prevent abuse, u choose the route that is most effective! not the route that hurts the most families in the community u rebbeled against.

  • 75. finally!!! wrote:

    This boy made a website for his own revenge. Playing with people’s lives and thinking he will get away with it.
    Yesh elokim bashamaym.
    He made up lies to try and build his name ….
    Hope he makes teshuva.

  • 76. Guilty till proven innocent ! wrote:

    I have dealt personally with Meyer Seewald and Sruli Eidelman, the founders of the site.It had to do with a certain Shliach that was accused by them. There was an investigation done by professionals to check the credibility of the allegations. The conclusion of the investigation was that there is no reason or proof to suggest that anything inappropriate happened. That does not mean that nothing happened though.
    But usually when there is no reason and/or proof to suggest that someone is a child molester, then we can assume that he is not.
    Unfortunately the founders legal advisor, Benny Forer disagreed and so Yossi Jacobson (YJ vouched for BF credibility). Benny Forer told me that there is proof, but they are unwilling to present it.I tried to explain to him that he is shooting himself in the foot by putting on people where there is no proof, but he was not easy to reason with.I told him that because of his unwillingness/inability to provide proof, the Head shliach is not able to take action and destroy someones life based on some allegations from a very unreliable source!. BF expected us to just take his word for it. I guess in the American legal system where Benny Forer is a assistant DA, you are guilty until proven innocent!

    I am happy that I was involved in protecting someone’s credibility and his and his family’s future.
    I am upset that the “real” perpetrators will have free rein now.
    That is what I warned them about at the time, that by being unreliable the victims are the ones loosing out! But apparently they had their own agenda, possibly for some much needed attention.

    Hopefully something good will come out of this, and someone reliable and honest will go and somehow stop these “real” perpetrators from offending.

    • 77. Contradicting Statement & Denial wrote:

      You contradicted yourself! First, you wrote “The conclusion of the investigation was that there is no reason or proof to suggest that anything inappropriate happened.” Then you state “That does not mean that nothing happened though.” I would think this is the part that Mr. Forer knows about – like you. Unfortunately, denial is a strong yazher hora for so many?

    • 78. I called Benny Forer wrote:

      mr jacobs, you are saying is half truths. benny didnt tellyou wat you say he told you. he didnt say these things,.,

  • 79. yeah bs wrote:

    Nice excuse for the website’s sudden termination. I am relieved to hear this news. That website’s facts were not legitimate.

  • 80. A shliach wrote:

    Very good, and very happy to see that others are also happy that this site is closed!
    It really sounds fishy…
    It was good, but they put up so manny names without enough evidence….

  • 81. Thank G-D Thank G-D wrote:

    Thank G-d!!!
    He & his clan should now start the proses of TESHUVA for all the harm he did to so many innocent people & their Family’s.

  • 83. Best news Ever put on this site wrote:

    So many innocent people have been accused, and got on to the wal of shame, which ruins someone’s life for ever, B”H this site should stay closed, and never reopened.
    Thank you to those who stopes funding the $30 a year… Sounds funny.

  • 84. thank you wrote:

    Thank you Meyer for all the hard work you have done.
    Thank you for paving the way. Thank you for bringing sexual abuse to our attentions and making us confront this horrible abuse of power and injustice in our own community.
    You have helped so many people, more than you even know. After almost 10 years of marriage my husband finally had the courage to admit the abuse he experienced. All this because you opened the door for this type of conversation not only to be acceptable but necessary. JCW helped my husband realize that he was not the only one that went through abuse, which have him the courage not to blame himself.
    There are many that I know who have just reached the point of confiding in family and friends to the abuse that they have suffered. Not yet ready to pursue the matter, sometimes.
    But you Mayer gave them the courage to take the first step to get better.
    Thank You

  • 87. mother/father wrote:

    G-D runs the world not you mayer .To the people who did bad to the kids or who are thinking of doing of bad,G-D will take care of you .

  • 88. to # 26 wrote:

    you can attempt to write praise for this site – but you are not fooling anyone.. maybe just yourself.
    you are obviously part of the “site” group and singing your own praises. No normal person NOT ONE can find even an iota of good that came from this disgusting, perverted, pornographic site! It was a cancer and the terrible affect this disease had on us ALL is yet to be determined. r’l.

  • 89. Costs wrote:

    It costs money to hire bullies to forcefully lock people up and snap pictures of them, then tell them that unless they are seen by their particular professional who charges a huge sum of money and will not rely on testimony of other professionals in his field, they will post him on their wall….
    Expensive work, the mafia…

  • 90. B"H wrote:

    This man has caused so much destruction to our community and ruined so many lives – of victims and perpetrators. BH he’s gone!

    I know 2 people that were on his list, that were there for no reason it was a mistake and he can never fix the damage he has done to two good fathers and husbands that he didn’t like.

  • 91. nothing good wrote:

    how is it possible to see even one comment alluding to the site with even a drop of praise??? the comments say ‘glad it’s closed” but it was a good thing?!?!
    The entire site is TOTALLY against Torah!!!!
    The fact that it is debated, excused and explained is mind boggling!! It is not the TORAH way and therefore should never ever have existed for even one second. Every second this site existed hurt EACH and EVERY one of us!!

  • 92. Good Job wrote:

    Meyer Seawall and company are not qualified to be Judge, Jury and Executioner of people’s reputations.
    It was doing more bad then good….

    • 93. Let's Correct Priorities wrote:

      How do you weigh the life-long damage, harm and loss of by each person that was molested against the “bad” of one’s reputation! You have it backwards! The “good” was that the Watch was uncovering and revealing this horrible act that Jews where committing upon harmless and incident children. The Watch’s aim was to stop it! The “bad” is molestation – and that molesters will no longer feel the threat of being revealed any longer!

      Does that mean, If you have children to protect the reputation of the Jewish people, you will not speak to them and warn them about molestation and tell them it can come from anyone, especially from someone you “trust”..

      Your priority may be your reputation, but the Watch’s priority was about stopping molestation and having children grow-up in safe Jewish communities as proud Jews and not as molested children living shattered lives, suicidal, leaving Yiddishkit and tearing families apart.

  • 94. proud of Meyer! wrote:

    Hey Meyer u are an amazing pillar of our community. You stared in the face of evil and destroyed so much of it. You r a leader an inspiration and someone to look up to. Ignore all these morons on this site dont let them get the better of u. You know the truth! To everyone else its not only the website that is an expense, there are lawyers, therapist rabbonim and proffesionals involved on a daily basis who dont work for free, the thorough investigations to prove someones wrong doing takes time and money. You should all just be thankful that Meyer put some bad guys to rest and gave innocent children the will to continue living and get their dignity back. Meyer single hand-idly made our schools and camps safer by bringing awareness about predators and a fear to predators and helped us not be afraid to talk to our children about safety!! Meyer u r a leader and I am proud of u! You saved hundreds!!!!!!!!! Stand strong, be proud!! I admire your strength!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 95. Pops wrote:

    Thank you to JCW for making us aware of this problem in our community. Hopefully the abusers got the message that they cannot get away with their heinous actions.

  • 96. Was waiting for this day!!! wrote:

    Glad this day finally arrived.

    Hope he gets what he deserves.
    And I have a slight suspicion that the positive comments are written by seewald and Comp. themselves.

    • 97. Kiva wrote:

      And I have a feeling that all of the comments celebrating the closure of the site are written by pedophiles, rapists and their families.

  • 98. CHT wrote:

    Loose, Loose, Loose situation

    Version 1: The lack of funding story is true. Meaning no one cares. Bad.

    Version 2: Down with Wichhaunting? Was it wichhaunting? Bad

    Version 3: Melt from political/leagl pressure to close, forced (or bribed) to close. Is there a pressure not to deal with pedofilia problem? Bad

    Now real pedofile has nothing to worry about: Bad

    Not being aware about who is pedofile: Bad

  • 100. DON'T GIVE UP ON JUSTICE!!! wrote:

    When a Rav wanted to blame the victim and glorify the perpetrator, a parent got so angry that he did something dangerous and frightening. Later on, the perpetrator was bleeding profusely, but not directly from the action of the parent.

    So, in absence of the website, justice can still prevail!

  • 101. took way too long wrote:

    The fact that this site existed for even a day tells a terrible story for Crown Heights. When this first started M.S vehemently denied being associated with this
    The illegal tactics they used to entrap innocent people will yet be exposed.
    Sad that while this existed most in the community were
    either indifferent or worse – some were
    praising this site and believing the depravity.
    To each and everyone of you who helped spread
    this vermin – I do not envy you!
    To those who were so quick to believe, what
    does it say about you?
    I do not trust this latest ploy……..there is
    nothing honest about this. Why announce this
    publicly- like who cares??!! and why put up a
    photo of a cleaned up M.S.? Another attempt at portraying him as a noble person or a victim. Where is his long hair and pink shirt? This ploy is yet another example of fooling the unsuspecting gullible public.


  • 102. Happy wrote:

    I’m really happy that site has closed!!

    I believe we need a site to let people know if there are abusers in our community.

    Meyer Seewald is NOT a respected member of our community. He has no right bullying and hurting families lives.

    I hope leaders in our community can come up with something to address the problem.

    The only good Meyer did was bringing this important issue to the front, if he was a credible person it could have been wonderful.

    I personally know one situation that was dealt with really badly, the person was followed and beaten up before there was any concrete evidence that he was guilty.

    I think the situation must be dealt with with the right professionals and Rabonim.

    • 103. Anonymous wrote:

      I agree!!! its a good idea in theory to protect our children. but there’s no need to harass inocent lives before there are evident

  • 104. Today is a Holiday for molesters! wrote:

    They can all do their nasty deeds with impunity now.

    Did it occur to all the cynics that Meyer has a life? He is a young man and needs to make a living?

    Would you be able to be in contact with so many broken souls sharing their miserable ordeal with you? It would seem to be heart-wrenching beyond belief.

    Those naysayers, look back to your own childhoods. Are you possibly hiding behind a pain from your past and dismissing it tucks your memories into hiding?

    Finding out what a dirty little secret this issue is just about is the last straw of my frumkeit. And to read these comments that are so disturbing and disgusting. People wake up!

  • 105. Anonymous wrote:

    im impressed to see that most ppl are happy and im happy to im excited to see what will ahppened to all the ppl suppporting him .. i want to see him go thru everything that ppl when thru … and its obvious he is being sued !!! no a doubt about it … the question is for how much ??

  • 106. Money wrote:

    I just emailed mr Seewald the offer to take over the site and expanses but he is not even responding

  • 107. Enigma1 wrote:

    I can’t understand how anyone could be happy or relieved about the site shutting down. Anyone except the families & friends of pedophiles, molesters & rapists, as well as the perpetrators themselves, that is. So many people I know from CH were molested at some point by “respected” people from the CH community. People who were never held accountable for their actions because the victims were kept quiet. Keep living in denial while protecting the guilty and blaming & shaming the innocent. It’s sickening. Shame on you. Hashem knows who you are, even if the world doesn’t yet. May there be more people like Seewald who aren’t afraid to speak the truth. Grateful that I’d saved The Wall of Shame long before the site went down so it can still be shared & seen. And no, I have nothing to do with Seewald & Comp. (as one poster suspects of anyone who supports the site) I think exposing predators is a positive thing, as do most caring, compassionate & normal human beings.

  • 108. dont understand wrote:

    i just dont get how us lubavitchers who have shluchim around the world and all this talent and power could trust and be dooped by a nobody

  • 109. For all you gloating.. wrote:

    Interesting to know how many pedos and their supporters who cover for them read this site…

    I would be careful wait until Mayer does a data dump of the 250+ pedophiles in our community, Failed messiah will have a field day

  • 111. bbb wrote:

    #’s 2, 3, 4 are RIGHT on the mark. THANKYOU.
    And as far as Mayer Seewald, please Mayer…..we ARE behind you. YOU are doing an incredible, heroic and admirable job. Something will change, b’ezras HaShem. This was started by you, and it will continue. It was revealed, so it will not go away.
    #81, good points. Don’t let it destroy your frumkeit. YOU have seen the truth, and you are needed to help support this. Somehow, if we look, we can find out how each of us can help.

  • 112. The Truth Teller wrote:

    To all you ignorant people out there who are praising the closure of this website and its investigations, are all accomplices to the abuse of many innocent children. This organization helped prevent countless tragedies that would have occurred if not for the dedicated staff of this website. Wake up! this issue is a big dilemma in our world. We have to stop it, period.

  • 113. Unfortunate... wrote:

    I was looking forward to seeing what the next generation of unmolested lubavitchers would look like.

    There is no doubt that the site instilled a fear to any potential molester.

  • 114. Where are your leaders? wrote:

    Will even ONE Chabad Rov step up and do anything? Denounce or support? Ask that the site be relaunched with different leadership?

    The answer is a resounding NO. And, that’s why your leaders are false. Remember this lesson.

  • 115. MOSHE wrote:


    • 116. yes... surely the wrongly accused are suing wrote:

      we need effective responsible professionals dedicated to real prevention via treatment of would-be molesters! well before they have a chance to degenerate and decline emotionally and RL hurt others

      the Rebbe’s approach of treating sexual perversions as a mental disorder, to treat it at its root, ie in the brain chemistry…that proves more effective and more sincere about truly solving the problem, much better than the “secular system” jailing+ registry” which has a hefty recidivism rate since it fails to address the problem at its root.

      this must be about “prevention and solutions” NOT HATE AND REVENGE AGAINST ENTIRE FAMILIES!

  • 117. Schneur Goldberg wrote:

    an accountable organization is needed, made up of professionals, not a vigilante group of victims.
    The pain of the victims should be recognized but they cannot do as they wish.
    Perpetrators must be held accountable and brought to justice in courts of law , not on blog sites.
    The cry that the “statue of limitations” has past so we must go after them i.e. the perps is not acceptable its illegal and maybe immoral.

  • 118. new site wrote:


  • 119. Bring it down wrote:

    It’s sad to read that Mayer seewald is a pillar of our community. How sick is our community if these r our pillars. No wonder our community is crumbling!!!!!
    You put so much lost on hara on ur site!!!!you will def get what’s coming to u!!!

  • 120. Proud wrote:

    Meir, I am very impressed that someone your age has the maturity to do what you have accomplished. The facts speak for themselves, you have forced the world to open their eyes and face the ugly facts and have accomplished more than anybody I know.

  • 121. Hero wrote:

    They call a solder in the army that throws himself on a live grenade in order to protect his fellow solders a hero.
    Meir, in my eyes you exemplify what a hero means as you try to protect my kids, our community’s kids and the Rebbe’s children.

    Thank you for all that you have done and I am truly sorry to hear the bad news.

  • 122. Comments wrote:

    Some of the comments are dumb. as i sit here and write, i see an ad for manis. does he have oversight? does any shliach have real oversight? your all woried about jcw, but nothing else has oversight in chabad.

  • 123. Phoenix wrote:

    Please remember that Meyer is similar to a phoenix, you can’t keep him down. (yes, I know it is not a Jewish moshel)
    Once he is up and running, to all the pedo’s he will get you somehow.

  • 124. Chanie wrote:

    I’m so embarrassed that I’m from the same neighborhood as many of the people above…. i am mortified that CH is stuck in the mindset of the past when abuse was tolerated and hidden. I am shocked that there are people in CH who are glad that there is no longer an iota of protection against molesters. Are these people not parents? I am a parent, and I constantly think about protecting my children. I am teaching them that no one is allowed to touch their private area, and if someone does, to tell me right away. I look out for sudden changes in mood or behavior. I think carefully about which schools I send my children to. It is painful for me to read some of these comments!!
    I might add that I am a young parent with two small children Ka”h. My theory is that most of the readership (and especially people who comment) here on CHinfo is probably much older or younger than myself. I think my peers are having fewer children than the previous generation, and are maybe more protective. You may think that Lubavs having smaller families is a great thing or a terrible thing, but it’s a fact. And maybe one of the benefits will be that molesters will have less of a free ride abusing children like they did when a child had 10 siblings and the overwhelmed mother did not know her housecoat from her tichel.

    • 126. hi wrote:

      your comment is spot on!! and you are very right, the younger gen are having smaller families ( probably by choice) , much to the chagrin of the older gen, who as you put it, were so overwhelmed, that they did not know their housecoat from their tichel :).kudos to you for choosing to rather have a smaller family and thereby giving each of your kids much more attention than a mother of ten can give hers . ( ie: being aware of any changes in your child…)

  • 127. Nuchem Rosenberg wrote:

    So, why not utilize the services of Chassidic abuse activist, Nuchem Rosenberg. If the stories (e.g. getting shot in the head, but still undeterred) are true, this is a real mesiras nefeshdicke individual with experience, determination, and excellent communication skills. See:

  • 128. Chanie wrote:

    you’re kidding, right?

    It makes potential abusers think twice, or maybe ten times, about committing a crime… because they might actually get caught and held accountable.

    Please tell me you were joking.

  • 129. THANK YOU JCW !!! wrote:

    I slept better at night knowing u were there for our children!
    what a pity!!


  • 130. Anonymous wrote:

    meir made a big mess and now he had no choice but to clean up after himself … because he has someone pressuring him ..
    and please ppl have some honor for the rebbe , dont mention “the person ” and the rebbe in the same sentence …. its seriously a shame for chabad and a shame for the Rebbe’s schuna !!

  • 131. NO ONE can deny this wrote:

    Regardless of what you think of his methods, no one can deny that because of the work of Meyer Seewald there is now:

    1 – Awareness. We are all aware of this serious problem in Jewish communities around the world.

    2 – Education. Parents have been educated about how to talk to their children. The methods posted on his website have been proven to work and have saved children.

    3 – Change. Schools and Camps have implemented procedures that were not in place previously, ensuring the safety of the children.

  • 133. Yakov Kirschenbaum wrote:


    I’m glad too see that this slanderous website is gone.

    It seems like there’s more to the story than just lack of funding (although I have no specific suggestions).

  • 134. TY...But wrote:

    they should have the site running, people should email them and contact them with abuse that was done, and these people should step down from their position if working with children. but they should not have a wall of shame because this destroys the lives of not only the perpetrator but also the family, which is not fair.

  • 135. Mother wrote:

    I know one person who “touched” a child inappropriately. The father beat him up. The girl is still going for counseling and having issues and is not functioning properly. she gets teriffied whenever sees this low life.
    Were it not for the fear of CHCW wall of shame, he would continue his actions

  • 136. the silence is deafening wrote:

    For all those gloating that now so called rabbonim or professionals can take over…..well, where are they?! Here’s their chance to step up, make a statement, start a new organization.
    Where are our leaders who will protect us? Bash Meyer and his methods all you want. Right or wrong he had the courage to do something, when no one would or will.
    So until someone is actually going to try and solve the problem, stop gloating. Reading these hateful comments make me sad and disgusted to be part of such a community. These are the comments that drive the youth away.

  • 137. wow wrote:

    For all of you who think Mr. Seewald is doing some great service to the community, he is not. He has ruined the lives of many victims in the community because of his brash and revengeful nature. The website was just a way for him to serve his own personal vendetta’s and often times made accusations without viable facts. If you want to protect the children in this community stop relying on trash to do it for you. Teach your children the difference between good touch and bad touch and teach them to speak up!!!!

  • 139. Yale wrote:

    This website lacked transparency? Accountability? Just like yeshiva university….

  • 140. respected member of the community wrote:

    just curious…
    what does a respected member of our community look like?
    I mean what are the qualifications?
    Its all about what you were brought up to respect.
    Define respected.
    Respected for what reason?
    One persons definition may differ greatly from others.
    Also, your Priorities maybe the opposite of the next group of people even if they are residing in the same neighborhood.
    Just some food for thought!

  • 141. hooray wrote:

    The wonderful molesters can now be a bit relieved because once again the fum community can enable them to fulfill their needs without anyone bugging them!!And to all the families who hide and cry foul because one of their own did something horrendous,congrats to all of you!!You all are no different then the priests who got away with murder for years and years.This is a triumph to all that is disgusting in your community.Some actually tried to warn people because Heaven forbid a child could be saved but nooooooo, now you can smile with victory.

  • 142. Suspicious comments!!! wrote:

    Anybody who is happy JCW shut down its website is clearly STRANGE!!! And SICK,!!! Your either child molesters or your close friends or family members are molesters…be very careful when you make these remarks because you look very suspicious in the eyes of the world!!!

    Your all in denial!

    Your an absolute disgrace and I’m disgusted!

    I can’t wait for the site to re open!!!!

  • 143. Mayer Seewald wrote:

    I hope that the reason for closing the site is not because you are being threatened or sued. You did
    an incredible service for our community.. Hopefully
    all parents will be more aware and careful with their
    children, due to your efforts. I wish you hatzlocha in
    all your future endeavors. Hopefully working on this
    site has helped you heal from your pain. It would be
    a great idea if the community council would take over
    and run it according to the directives of Rabbi Braun
    and Rabbi Schwei. Thank you Mayer Seewald for
    all your efforts on behalf of all the kiderlach in our

  • 145. Early Purim for Abusers!! :-) wrote:

    Meyer, just recall that klal Yisroel were ready to kill Pinchas for his act of terminating sexual licentiousness too! Even Moishe Rabbeinu was silent. Only Hashem can judge your heart.

    As for the actions that JCW has achieved, clearly, the Zimri’s of our community have much reason to celebrate now.

  • 146. Do not Be Caught Off guard wrote:

    Yay! Great news! This entire website and group has been a terrible blight on Lubavitch. But we should not allow this to lull us into a false sense of security….these nefarious people are still among us and we must remain vigilant

  • 147. what bothered me wrote:

    you had on that site guilty individuals who have committed inappropriate behaviour 20/30 years ago and has long stopped tht behavior. this is what bothers me. Is it all right to expose them where their family memebers, children and their spouses and grandchildren have to see all this. who says it is better to give a single victim some relief and closure to a painful experience(which i am not denying is necessary)even if it means embarrasing 100 people closely related to the abuser esp. that it could have been a lone incident . i am not even talking about those individuals who were never proven guilty, that of course is crazy …

    • 148. Wrong wrote:

      Should a nazi that murdered a Jew in 1945 have to deal with that? I mean, he hasnt murdered any Jews in 65 years. Why do you want him punished or extradited?

  • 149. careful wrote:

    From the looks of the word press plug in that seeWald is using, is just a maintenance mode place holder. So the site is still fully alive, it’s just in “offline” mode. This leads me to belive that this might just be a ploy to garnish sport. .

  • 150. to #108 wrote:

    It puts fear into “would be” molesters, bec. of the repercussions of being listed. It probably stopped hundreds or thousands of abusive episodes. It has stopped children from visiting friends homes of a parent or sibling that was listed. It probably got concerned family members to encourage the abuser to get help etc. etc. etc.

    But if G-d-forbid someone innocent was listed they should make a public apology stating he is innocent (if that’s what the innocent persons wants) and work on a plan to erase the shame.

  • 151. Every Dog Has His Day wrote:

    How many people were sad to see Charles Hynes, Go?

    How many people celebrated and said “Good Ridden’s” to finally get rid of Charles Hynes?

    Was Charles Hynes corrupt to the core? as many had alleged?

    Or was Charles Hynes a real and just DA?

    Remember that this alleged, “innocent” Charles Hynes is the very same one, ironically, who had only “praise” to speak of the founder of JCW, which should help everyone “understand” that the founder of JCW was just as much “not-corrupt”, just as Charles Hynes himself, allegedly was or still is….

    Remember that all sane people, recently agreed, that Lubavitchers are not to go to “outsiders” such as COTS for “help”, simply because the founder of COTS is simply not frum and therefore his methodology isn’t Kosher and so how is the founder of JCW, any different than the founder of COTS?

    How can anyone even think that Lubavitcher should trust anyone who who lives a secular lifestyle?

    In the non-frum world, for example, such people, have no problem with having multiple partners and free relationships, have no problem with the use of drugs and have no problem outing other alleged molesters while covering up for their very own internal family members of the exact same accusations – however in the frum community and in the Lubavitch community, we have higher standards.

    It doesn’t matter which one of the Rabbonim of the C.H. Beis Din, you trust or even who you favorite member of Vaad Raboney Lubavitch, is, – because absolutely none of them, ever agreed nor endorsed, nor took responsibility for JCW and more importantly no one ever signed any document that they are personally responsible for the accusations on JCW – so that a Law Suite against them is possible, if they are proven wrong.

    If Jacobson wants to vouch for them, then he must “put his money where his mouth” is and let Jacobson sign a document that if anyone accused on JCW, is innocent, then Jacobosn has no problem of a Law Suite against himself.

    But the same person who had previously vouched for JCW, had ironically, also endorsed, COTS too!

    Is that also a coincidence?

    When the DA accuses anyone of a crime, they don’t hide and they sign their name to it and have no fear of a Law Suite if they are proven wrong, and often they are proven wrong and they do pay the price!

    It’s perfectly OK to make accusations, even the worst type of accusations, but the one making these accusations must sign his name, give full details and take the risk that if he is wrong, he will get a Law Suite or Jail Time, for false accusations.

    But a Street Punk, with a peony-tail, lives by a different standard of street justice, the likes of the Cowboys of the Wild West, type of justice system.

    The problem of Molesters is real and very troubling, and must be addressed, obviously, but that does not justify a wild west, cowboy punk, come down with both guns blazing, shooting at random at whomever he sees fit, without any responsible oversight and without any evidence being presented to the public, nor any oversight by the CH Beis Din, nor any oversight by the Vaad Raboney Lubavitch, nor any oversight by the DA’s office nor any responsible and accountable official organisation of ANY known public officials.

    JCW was operating a MAFIA STYLE, vigilantly justice system.

    The mafia also has a “secret committee” which decides whom to shoot and the Mafia also says “TRUST ME” that whomever is shot, certainly deserves to be shot?

    But only the insane, trust the sense of justice of the uncountable, unknown and secretive Mafia “Board Members”.

  • 152. face reality wrote:

    The site exposed the truth.
    And people dont like to hear the truth if its something not good.

  • 154. John Dillinger, also did some good too - he gave a lot of Charity too wrote:

    Did JCW ever do anything good?

    Sure he did!

    Nevertheless, every single one of the Rabbonim of the Badataz, have stated many times that they did not approve of JCW and they told him to shut down but he refused to listen, for the past few years and he was in open defiance of the Badataz of CH.

    One of the very first, most prominent Gevirim of CH was placed in Cherem by the Badatz of CH, shortly after the initial formation of the Badatz. This person, who had been placed in Cherem for his refusal to listen to the Badataz, had also done many “good things” for CH, by being the single person who provided more affordable housing for CH, more than anyone else.

    Just because someone provided much needed housing for CH, and other ‘good deeds’, does not mean that this person can be trusted because he is in fact in Cherem for not listening to the Beis Din of CH and therefore, obviously he can’t be trusted for anything at all.

    Why would anyone trust anything at all, said by someone who is not frum and is in open defiance of all of the Rabbonim of the Badataz of CH?

    There is no reason in the world, why anyone should trust anything at all which JCW, ever said, as long as he does not have full endorsement by the Badatz of CH, or if the Badataz of CH is ready to vouch for him.

    So did JCW ever do any good “also”?

    Sure they did, when they exposed many real Molesters, as well as them having accused many innocent people too.

    Just because he did some good things too, sometimes, doesn’t mean he can be trusted and it does not diminish any of his alleged wrongdoings of accusing the innocent, too, without any oversight by the Badatz.

    All famous criminals, (even Mass Murderers) such as John Dillinger and all Mafia Bosses, they all gave a lot of “Charity” too, and they all did much for the public good too, as well as shoot innocent people too.

    Just because someone did some good things too, does not diminish the fact that he simply can’t be trusted to be the Judge the Jury and the Executioner, without any oversight by the Badatz of CH, and especially, him even being in direct defiance and with full and direct disapproval of the Badataz of CH.

  • 155. to # 81 you are a COTS person wrote:

    You speak just like someone who attended COTS. Here’s why.
    You’re dumping yiddishkeit = typically encouraged by COTS.
    Encouraged to look deep into your past and dig up anything to blame your failure on = COTS.
    Meir & company are SELF appointed .. and want to make a living doing this??? get real!!!
    You and the likes of Meir want to convince the world that every other person is a molester – it’s not going to work!! Y.U. just had their case thrown out – looks like the judges are starting to get wise – the tide will turn – it usually does.. Meir was desperate for attention, working hard at destroying regular normal families. Jealousy has always caused destruction and this is/was no different.

  • 156. Very scary wrote:

    Very scary to see how many people are celebrating that there’s nobody to shine a light on the hidden disgrace of child molesters in the Jewish community. In my mind, anybody who thinks that way must feel threatened by what Meir was trying to accomplish. These comments have replaced Meir’s “Wall of Shame”. You are all suspect. No wonder you’re celebrating. What a tragedy for Jewish children.

  • 157. to comment 151 wrote:

    you are wrong , people dont like to hear the truth because the truth is too boring .
    But ppl like hearing bad about ppl because that i what sells and that is what ppl like .

  • 158. Just interesting..... wrote:

    I know him well and this isn’t the way he spells his last name. So I’m not exactly sure what this posters motive was……

  • 159. miriam spelvin wrote:

    People cover up abuse in the religious community. My daughter was recently assaulted by a man that she was going out with and he takes advantage of people that are developmentally delayed. i dont feel that he should be walking the streets yet the rabbi does not take responsibility. This man is a predator and prays on innocent people. I would like to see community watch come back as they go after people that abuse children. it is common knowledge that it is swept under the table.

  • 160. miriam spelvin wrote:

    people forget that the victims have to live with abuse for a long time or need to have counselling. yet the abuser walks away scott free. I just dont get it. Sad days that he had to close up

  • 161. It's dangerous to view a Mental (brain based compulsive) disorder as "solvable via punishment" wrote:

    I think the Rebbe’s guidance about how to view and deal with compulsive disorders and deviant attractions is more useful

    Given that treating the problem on a “causal” level works better, it’s wrong to insist on the punitive (less effective) tactics!

    Especially that the less effective method causes ire suffering than molestation itself!

    Having your family’s reputation slaughtered on a sleazy website is a far worse trauma for most people than most forms of touch… (Just think for yourself which is more traumatizing and unrepeatable)

  • 163. Yaakov M wrote:

    The sad Truth about most all of these comments is they seem to be on one side or the other without empathy for the others side. If your against the website, the other side accuses you of being a molester.

    If your for the website, the other side says its 100% Revenge.

    IMHO, Folks, our kids are getting molested. Their are molesters and molested. Molesters were usually molested themselves and they need not only to come to justice, but they need treatment. Al pi Torah, we treat these people. And we get as much help for the molesters. And that means helping to get over their resentments so they can go on and live normally and not be hellbent on Revenge.

    And for the rest of us, we all need to learn to have empathy for those that think differently. Grow up a little, willya?


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