R. Osdoba: “Important Questions Not Being Answered Correctly”

In a new letter, Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba has some choice words for the Beis Din, and levels some accusations regarding the way certain Shaalos are being answered. In his letter he says “I come to remove an obstacle from those who may not notice,” regarding answers that appear as if he is giving them.

The letter, written on Rabbi Osdobas personal stationary, blasts that Beis Din saying that “letters and answers to questions are going out on a letterhead with names of three ‘members of the Beis Din’ and giving the appearance that it is with my agreement, as if there is a Beis Din, and they are sitting together etc.”

“I have received multiple complaints for Baalei Batim that left questions for me (especially in the matters of hilchos noshim), and they have received answers from someone else, and not me.”

The letter goes on to express the Rovs anguish and his need to clarify that for quite a number of years that has been two separate Beis Dins, as it is known and well publicized and against the will of the Rebbe, and the ‘third that would break the deadlock’ doesn’t exist, because he is missing the minimum required credentials for Rabonus, and he cannot be considered a part of the Beis Din, and it is a real wonder by me how can they be giving rulings on questions of such serious nature.

Obvious is who Rabbi Osdoba is referring to when he goes on in his letter to say that he takes no responsibility on the matters that are being ruled on by others, and anyone who enters as a member of the Badatz with all sorts of deceit etc. and I am coming here only to remove an obstacle from the way of honest people that may not notice.

According to people in the Osdoba camp that matter of Rabbi Yosef Brauns legitimacy has yet to be adjudicated in front of the Beis Din of Rabbi Chaim Kruass, who issued an Ikkul against Braun along with a summonses, followed by a second summons, which CrownHeights.info learned that they did not appear for.

Rabbi Osdoba concluded in his letter that from today forward any letter that comes out on the Beis Dins letterhead without my signature on it is fake from its onset, and any letter left from me at the Beis Din should have my name clearly on the envelope.