3 Candidates Submitted for CH Rabonim

Three candidates in total have been nominated to run in elections for Rabonus in Crown Heights. The final day to submit candidates was Friday, the 26th of Av.

CrownHeights.info has learned that the candidates are; Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky, Rabbi Nisan Mangel, both from Crown Heights and Rabbi Emanuel Chaviv from Beitar Eilit Israel.

According to the elections committee Rabbi Bogomilsky was nominated by Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba, and Rabbi Mangel was nominated by Rabbi Yaacov Schwei, while Rabbi Chabib was not nominated by either.

The Committee members are R. Noochie Gross, R. Yossi Katzman, R. Yitzy Silver from Rabbi Osdobas side, and R. Yacov Herzog, R. Yisroel Sandhause, and R. Mendel Schneerson from Rabbi Schweis side.

According to a source in the committee said that Rabbi Chabib circumvented the election committee by sending an email expressing his desire to run in the upcoming elections directly to Rabbi Avrohom Rosenberg, the Dayan on the case. The source also said that Rabbi Chabib acted inappropriately by not seeking the endorsement of either current Rabonim or any other Rov in the neighborhood.

The elections are scheduled to take place, Sunday, 26th of Elul – 5th of September, which is four days before Rosh Hashana.


  • 1. sides! wrote:

    Iam glad idont live in crown heights anymore. What is this about sides. This is full of sides. Is it the sitra achra side.

  • 2. Rabbi Chabib wrote:

    Rabbi Chabib asked Rabbi Osdaba for endorment but Rabbi Osdaba said he did not know him .
    so he askedf Rabbi Schwai for endorsment.
    and sent him to be interviewd by Hendel Mendel Who did not approved of him

  • 4. Avrohom wrote:

    With respect

    I thought that the rabbis are here to serve the residents of CH, not the personal agendas of the present rabbis.

    There are many qualified candidates that aren’t being considered because of these backroom politics.

    A candidate should be allowed to run, if he has the basic rabbinic credentials and is acceptable to the community. Period.


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