Police and Press all over Crown Heights following Bias Incident

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — Starting Shabbos afternoon, the 71st Precinct reacted to the racially motivated beating of a Bochur on Carroll Street, as was first reported here on CrownHeights.info. They posted a police car on the block, but a little over an hour after Shabbos was out, the car nor any kind of patrol was visible throughout the neighborhood.

The first major media outlet to report the bias crime was the Sunday edition of the New York Daily News, following which a thunderstorm of media began swarming Crown Heights including TV outlets NBC and CBS who were in Crown Heights and interviewed residents and members of Shomrim.

More pictures in the Extended Article.

Police presence then returned to the streets, Brooklyn South Task Force deployed the Command Post on Brooklyn and Carroll and a number of additional police cars patrolled the neighborhood streets. Additional CrownHeights.info learned that the Patrol Borough Brooklyn South Commanding Officer, Chief Joseph Fox was patrolling and supervising the officers in the 71st Precincts.

Along with the additional officers and patrols ticketing motorists was on their agenda as well, residents told CrownHeights.info that they had observed motorists getting pulled over up and down the streets.


  • 1. dovid wrote:

    What a sad & pathetic joke!!!

    the cops are playing the community like a fiddle!

    and to say we dont have the guts nor the will to stand up and do something!

  • 3. c.s. wrote:

    seriously,dont forget that policemen and shomrim are just little messangers sent by hashem to protect His people.

  • 4. trouble wrote:

    what happened to dov hikin and his new coalition ?
    where are they when the jews of crown heights are getting attacks ???

  • 5. Joey wrote:

    In some areas they elect the town sheriff, if we would vote for precinct commander i bet things wud be better.

  • 6. CH President wrote:

    That’s the city’s response to give out tickets? The time has come to either fight back on our own or move to Israel. That self hating putz that we have as a mayor can’t control the streets of brooklyn how is he going to try and control the country?

  • 8. anouymous wrote:

    this was a very sad thing that hapened
    and i hope the boy a refhua shliema

  • 9. SICK_of_this_garbage wrote:

    Wasn’t there some organization started called the “Jewish Leadership council”?
    What are they doing about the wave of racial violence against Jews? Am I the only one who doesn’t want to sit like a coward while blacks attack Yidden?
    There should be a public protest. Commanding officer Vega doesn’t give a crap about this community.

  • 10. more tickts thats all wrote:

    Don’t kid youself, they are only here waiting to get us on a traffic offense, cause there is nothing else to get us on.

  • 11. Bob wrote:

    Stay tuned for a possible upcoming huge gathering and rally with Jews, Blacks, Hispanics and good citizens of this great community of Crown Heights, their families and friends, kids and elders, standing shoulder to shoulder, as one big family to listen to words of hisaurus from lay leaders, rabbis, black leaders etc. in essence all yelling out in their own language “AD MOSAI”!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 13. malnekoff wrote:

    spring time is just around the corner. yes indeed, yes indeed.
    wake up jews. the nit yidden aren’t going to protect you.
    set up block watches and block patrols at least be aware, and prepare for more incidents to come. listen to your block. invest in cameras to monitor your neighborhood. for heavens sake , wake up!

  • 14. a crownheightser wrote:

    I Hope they find those perps a.s.a.p.! Let’s be realistic this bochur was just a sample- next time might be worse (Chas V’sholem) so
    we must ACT NOW! We must find them, Give them what they deserve!They cannot get away with this!!!!!NO WAY!!!

  • 15. taenator wrote:

    Unfortunately our “leadership” can do nothing with the police. They are not respected. Previous Vaads were in constant communication with police and they were heard. Now the police laugh at our “leadership.” The “Jewish Leadership council” is pure BS. The present Vaad is pure rubbish. A little vigilanteism would go a long way now and serious leadership with no skeletons in its collective closet would go still farthe.

  • 16. Grammar freak! wrote:

    Thanks for correcting the sentence structure. It makes it easier for the next person to read!
    While I’m at it, you should seriously consider adding spell check for those who can barely write a sentence straight!
    Keep it up!

  • 18. A Good Idea wrote:

    Crown Heights residents should start applying for hand gun permits. (Everyone is allowed to keep one in the home). If the city sees an upsurge in pistol permit applications from the neighborhood they will be more inclined to act. (Anyone can pick up an application at one police plaza). (Even if you don’t plan on applying the application request is documented and may also have a positive effect).

  • 19. ch-er wrote:

    if something like this would c”v happen in one of the other chassidishe neighborhoods, the right people would be bombarded with hundreds of thousands of phone call, emails, and letters. we need to do this as well.

  • 20. elchonon wrote:

    More tickets,
    Spot on! I once asked a cop here in chevron why the undercover cops and shabak waste their time harasing me when they know I dont do anything… so he says “well what else is the jewish division supposed to do? maybe they will catch a kid or 2 smoking pot..the rest of the day they drink coffee”

    There you have it.. the law abidding jews of crown heights, theoreticaly free the cops to fight crime and protect you.. but all you get is tickets.

  • 21. Now is the time. wrote:

    Per NBC’s 4 coverage, towards the end of the clip it says accoridng to the 71st “community leaders they have met with are confident that they are doing everything they can to keep the communtiy safe”. Which community leaders are they talking to?! Is this nothing more than a photo op for Chanina Sperlin? What about the meeting where our comuunity was ignored?! what about Berel Sugers letter to Vega ?! does this sound like a coomuntiy that thinks the police dept. is doing a marvelous job?!

    We have an opportunity to light a fire under the 71st p. while there is media attentuion. Let the world know that these “bias” incidents and “hate crimes” are unfortunatly a regular occurance in CH. Let the world know how difficult it is for us to file a lousy police report and how the statistics are artifically low because of that. Let a news van show up every time there is a break in, mugging, beating, etc. Then the community will be safe at last.

  • 23. boruch ben tzvi(A H) hakohaine hoffinger wrote:

    I just heard that on the same day a Hatzala auto, with all legal markings, etc. was detained, shortly, by 2 female policewomen from the 71st pct.
    The Hatzalah auto was on a call for a ‘child with shortness of breath.’
    Sometimes minutes can be critical.
    I stated my name bec. the Bal Shem Tov’s father, on his deathbead, told The Bal Shem Tov not to fear any man, only G-d.

  • 25. Shalom wrote:

    Remember these Policeman are also people like you and me. Yes we have crime; but did they do it? How much out of your way would you go when people throw stones and
    insults at you? Every Yom Tov, and all our
    Chassidishe Events, the police are here. Lets give a little credit.
    Perhaps we should be speaking to community leaders, from whichever camp you are holding and let them deliver the message appropriately.
    There must be a way to discuss issues and inadequacy without
    ‘biting the hand that feeds you”
    A little derech eretz goes a long way.


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