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The Weekly Parsha Comic – Noach!

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  • 4. Leigh Hershkovich wrote:

    Levi, this has to be the best one yet!!! Falling out of my chair laughing over here!

  • 5. duckie wrote:

    to >: so what DID happen acc to the midrash?
    to zvi in montreal: as another long time fan, gotta agree with you!
    this has always been one of my favorites
    love noach’s hat –
    but wheres the duck??

  • 8. New in New York wrote:

    Love the cartoon, love the comments, it’s like this artist has his own following!
    Maybe he’s the new cult cartoon King?

  • 10. Gruntig wrote:

    I hope none of the animals donated any limbs for it would be Aiver Min Hachai!

  • 15. yanki wrote:

    just to know – Eiver min hachai was actually explicitly commanded after the mabul! so kinda’ maybe perhaps the comic was actually true….

  • 17. duckie wrote:

    to all those aver min hachai complainants: its a comic. no one is suggesting that aver min hachai is the way to go.
    get a sense of humor!!

  • 19. medel wrote:

    ps.everyone knows thatthis a comic and not what happened, its just made that you should have a good laugh

  • 20. AH wrote:

    To curious: The people and animals all ate fruits and other foods from plants, just as it was before the Chet Etz HaDaas (see Bereishis 1:29-30), and as it will be in Moshiach’s times (Yeshayah 11:6-7 and 65:25).

    In various places in Chassidus (this week’s Torah Ohr, for example) it’s discussed how indeed the conditions in Noach’s ark were a foretaste of the future perfect world of Moshiach, bimheirah beyameinu NOW mamash.

  • 21. Fan From SAN FRAN wrote:

    I can’t believe your all fighting over a comic strip… it’s supposed to be funny COME ON!!! It’s a great way to learn about the parsha…. your taking everything WAY to seriously people!
    Levi keep up the good work

  • 23. MJ wrote:

    I think everyone is reading it wrong. Noach is suggesting (albeit historically incorrectly) that an animal donate a limb to be eaten BY THE OTHER ANIMALS, so no case of aiver min hachai.


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