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Menorah Parade Spreads the Chanukah Light

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn [CHI] — As is a long standing tradition, every Motzoai Shabbos Chanukah all the Mitzvah Tanks, that are busy doing Chanukah Mivtzoim every day, set out from 770 in Crown Heights on a parade to Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan where they pass by as they light the worlds biggest Menorah.

More pictures in the Extneded Article!

The parade is organized by the Mitzvah Tank Org. and this year was comprised of 30 tanks and over 150 cars topped with Menorahs, together they crossed Eastern Parkway trough Flatbush Avenue then across the Manhattan Bridge up 6th Avenue past the Menorah at 5th Avenue and 59th Street then back down 5th Avenue till 23rd Street, where the parade dispersed to their designated Mivtzoim locations around the city.

Parking for the tanks and local organization was done with the help the 71st Precincts Community Policing Unit and the parade was escorted by the NYPD’s Highway Patrol Division with both squad cars and motorcycles.


  • 5. Gam Toshav Hash-chunah wrote:

    What a tremendous Kiddush Hahsem!!
    A Freilachen Chanuka to all!!

  • 9. Proud to be a Chossid of the Rebbe wrote:

    I was so so proud to be part of this parade. The living example of how we are proud to be Yidden even outside, and that we must share our Yiddishkeit with other Yidden was worth more than 100 classroom lessons for my children.

    Thank you to all the organizers.

    Hopefully next (in Yerushalayim) every car in Crown Heights will have a Menorah. If your car has gas in it-it should have a Menorah TOO.

    A few comments to the organizers:
    1-It took a bit long for the parade to proceed along it’s way in the beginning, and motorists were getting really anoyed.
    2-Maybe somehow the music from the tanks can be all the same, because otherwise each tank drowns out the other, and all you hear at times is one big noisy parade. Also, I think that it is important to play English/Hebrew Chanukah classics, because it brings back lots of memories for people who hear it (ex: I have a little dreidel, Sevivon sov sov sov, Oh Chanukah…)

    Thanks Again!!! A freilichen Chanukah to all.

  • 10. A driver wrote:

    All along the way the people were waiving to us and taking videos!
    A great Kiddush Hashem!!

    I wonder were I could find a video of the parade leaving crown hieights?


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