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Four Generation of West Coast Shluchos

Glendale, CA — On May 28th, the city of Glendale in Southern California played host to a gathering unlike anything it had seen before: 150 women, Chabad representatives on the West Coast, came together for a Kinus HaShluchos – regional convention.

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The Kinus HaShluchos was dedicated to the legacy of Horav, HaChosid, HaShliach Rabbi Avrohom Halevi Levitansky, Shliach in Simcha Monica, California and a veteran California Shliach for over 40 years who tragically passed away on Sunday. Rabbi Levitansky was a living example of a true Shliach and Chossid.

A project of West Coast Chabad-Lubavitch, the unique women’s convention centered around the key role women play in Chabad’s educational and social service efforts. The Kinus offered a forum for participants to share ideas, hear motivational speakers, and attend workshops on various issues in their public and private lives.

“This Kinus is a source of strength in the day-to-day challenges of implementing the work of our Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson,” said Rabbi Boruch S. Cunin, Director of West Coast Chabad-Lubavitch. “This event provides great impetus to our increased activities. And with it comes the knowledge that in so doing, we’re being faithful to the Rebbe’s charge to each of us to ‘do everything in our power to bring redemption’ by increasing our acts of goodness and kindness.”

In addition to attending workshops and seminars covering everything from time management to teaching in Hebrew schools, the women heard about new initiatives that will assist their community service efforts.

Many participants are already looking forward to next year’s gathering. “For many of us, the Kinus let us meet one another for the first time — or at least, meet face-to-face for the first time — so it was a special chance to bond and share experiences,” said the local Chabad Shlucha Mrs. Shterna Backman co-director of Chabad of Glendale. “We’re all leaving here with new friends, new ideas, and new enthusiasm for our work.”



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