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Critical Crown Heights Father Sees Improvement

A positive development has been reported regarding the condition of Yehoshua Raphael HaLevi Ben Yocheved, a 31-year-old Crown Heights father of two who was in critical condition and underwent three open heart surgeries after a rare viral infection spread to his heart.

“BH big miracles over shabbos. Shua’s heart started pumping on its own and his organs are starting to repair. He had a long road ahead of him, but he is strong and all the tefilllos have really helped him. Thank you all, and keep davening!” his wife reported.

Please continue to say Tehillim for the immediate and complete recovery of Yehoshua Raphael HaLevi Ben Yocheved.


  • 5. Resident wrote:

    Wow, Boruch Hashem we are seeing miracles. Let’s keep him in our prayers until he is 100% improved Iyh.
    Great news to hear is getting better B’h

  • 6. #2, #3 wrote:

    #2: You say Tehillim because its a fellow yid, regardless of the last name.
    #3: Find another place to be a chochom!
    Keep davening!!!


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