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Photos: First Day Smiles at ULY

Smiling Talmidim with their proud parents filled the halls at United Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Crown Heights, excited for their first day of the 5778 school year.

Brighter than the shine of the freshly polished floors and painted walls, were the shining smiles of the Talmidim as they entered the Yeshiva building. The joy and anticipation for another great year was palpable upon walking through the door.

After they were dismissed to their new classes, the Talmidim got right into learning, with diligence, as expected of Talmidim in Tomchei Temimim.


  • 2. Mother wrote:

    Kids are ussually nervous on the first day of school. That’s why it’s so nice that they come in with their parents and you greet them so warmly with the nice welcome signs!
    Keep it up uly!

  • 3. Caring for our own! wrote:

    Chinuch is Shlichus!
    Yasher koiach to all melamdim!
    May Hashem bless you all Bgu”r!


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