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Video: Massive Tree Suddenly Collapses

A massive tree suddenly collapsed on Montgomery Street in Crown Heights, this while the city in the midst of a record breaking heat wave.

The incident occurred at around 4:15pm on Montgomery Street near Albany Avenue. With barely any wind and temperatures in the high 90’s, the massive tree suddenly snapped at the base and without warning came crashing down.

Miraculously the only reported damage was to a parked minivan.

Firefighters cut up the downed tree in order to reopen the road for vehicle traffic.


  • 1. Hatzala vehicle wrote:

    The minivan is a hatzala car with expensive equipment in it
    The windshield sunroof and side window were all shattered

  • 2. Rl wrote:

    They left all the wood all over the place
    Blocking a driveway
    And also left the smashed up hatzala car

    • 3. a neighbor wrote:

      the firemen reopened the street…. th firemen came to check and make certain nobody was hurt…………..the owner of the hatzola car knows better than to leave expensive equipent in the vehicle…………….firemen are not bulk removal service… would have been nice if whomever was parked near the home moved so that the tree could be put there AND not the least important is FIREMEN ARE NOT private guards over a smashed up car……………….the hatzola car owner should have had their insurance company tow the car to a secure repair shop ….. ooooops, no inurance?

    • 4. um no wrote:

      the equipment needs to be in the car, so he can drive off right away, not spend five minutes shlepping it out of his house.

  • 5. To A Neighbor wrote:

    Well said. How about everyone says thank you to the fire dept for dealing with it promptly? But no…. gotta kvetch.


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