1,000 Join Lag Ba’omer Parade in Detroit

Close to a thousand men, women, and children gathered together for Lag B’Omer in Oak Park, Michigan.

The Lag B’Omer parade was arranged by the bochurim of Yeshivas Menachem Mendel Detroit. The parade heads, Mendel Azimov, Berel Marozov, and Nochum Mayer Rabin worked tirelessly to get every detail in order. The Bochurim all participated in the preparation.

Rabbi Schneur Polter was the emcee. The 12 pesukim were said, and tzedaka was given. Pro tem Mayor Karilyn Burns spoke about improvements coming to Oak Park City. Rabbi Bentzion Stein recited the Kapitel of the Rebbe, followed by a dvar torah from Rabbi Shmaya Shmotkin, Mashpia and Menahel in the Lubavitch Yeshiva about achdus yisrael on such a day, and he also spoke about the importance of children having a letter in a Sefer Torah.

Entertainment by Chicago Boyz acrobatic team had the crowd on the edge of their seats. There was snow cones, cotton candy, cookies soda and more for everyone. Then, the parade began with floats of Ois B’sefer Torah, 50 years since mivtzah tefillin, and the 12 pesukim, followed by the crowd and accompanied by the Michigan State Police. The event ended with an awesome raffle prizes.

Photos by Aaron Tobin, Mendel Greenberg, Mendy Yarmove and Shaul Shkedi


  • 1. Awesome wrote:

    This was tremendous! Kudos to Shemtov My kids had ruchnios! not just hot dogs and jumping. There were at least 1000 people when I was there. The majoraty of the community needs this a lot more for the chasidishe bocherim to be involved

  • 2. Good things are coming! wrote:

    The community not just chabad is yearning for the yeshiva to be more involved. It would be amazing when rabbi shmotkin would open the zal on shabbos for bal habatim and outsiders this will be Huge!!! Detroit is not that close minded like back in the day.. good days are coming!


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