Kfar Chabad Celebrates Leader’s Early Release

A joyous and emotional Farbrengen was held last night, Wednesday, at Beis Aguch-770 in Kfar Chabad to celebrate the early release from prison of Rabbi Yosef Y. Aronow, head of Tzeirei Agudas Chabad and director of Chabad’s outreach activities in Israel.

In November of 2015, Rabbi Aronow was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment by an Israeli magistrate judge for financial improprieties relating to his handling of his organization’s funds, which he began serving in February of 2016.

The impromptu Farbrengen was attended by Rabbonim, Shluchim and Anash from all over Israel, who streamed into the village throughout the evening to congratulate Rabbi Aronow on his newfound freedom during the holiday of freedom.

During the Farbrengen, Rabbi Aronow reviewed the Maamer ‘Boruch Hagomel,’ which was delivered by the Previous Rebbe in 1927 upon his release from Soviet prison.

Photos courtesy of Shturem.net



  • 2. Chilul Lubavitch wrote:

    This fraud is to be celebrated? He committed a crime! I’m glad he was released early, but go low-key… don’t have a big farbrengen. Don’t have all these VIP’s celebrating. Some humility is in order, not to mention remorse. I’m so disgusted.

    signed Anglo-Israeli Chabadnik in the hood.

    • 3. Crown Heights Resident wrote:

      You think you are smarter and know both the story to talk like this? Lubavitch should be ashamed of YOU. I’m sure the Rabbonim who attend the Farbrengen came because they knew it’s the right thing. So who are you to talk like this?

    • 4. Anonymous wrote:

      You know the details of the story? You decide what happened based on what you hear someone say in the name of his neighbor who glanced at a news article from a leftist news article, and you decide you know what happened and it’s a chillul hashem!! Shame on you!!

    • 5. zrico wrote:

      as you are obviously unfamiliar with the case, do not accuse or make declarations!
      what happened was that as the head of an organisation, he assumed responsibility for something which he himself didnt actually do

    • 6. Hot dog wrote:

      ” judge said he did nothing wrong” – but put him in jail for 2 years. RIGHT!

      THAT makes SO much sense. NOT!

      Ever heard of the Big Lie, keep saying it till everyone believes. SURE!

      Oh, and don’t forget, it’s all antisemitism! OF COURSE!

  • 8. president street wrote:

    was Dr. Finkelstein there? Remember, his cure mirrors the elements…

  • 11. Embarrassed Lubavitcher wrote:

    Did Moshiach come? Is the Alter Rebbe out of jail? Shame on you guys for posting so many pics of a little/big thief. Real shame.

  • 13. To #2. Learn the facts wrote:

    He sat for scams committed by other’s, he did nothing that would put him in jail (read the indictment with the prosecution States clearly that they do not accuse him of stealing)
    Also see article written by a non lubavitcher in the Ami magazine sometime around Tishri of this year where it states clearly he is sitting by no fault of his own.

    They are celebrating a man who exemplifys ahavas yisroel

  • 14. DeBozo De Clown wrote:

    B”h he is free but a leader? A huge celebration of a thief? Yes a thief. Financial improprieties is a fancy word for thief. He committed a huge Chilul Hashem & Chilul Lubavitch. He is also a big anti. His release should not have been celebrated as such an event woes is us!

    • 15. The facts wrote:

      Why not read the comment In the previous post. He is a Chasid par excellence! And sat in jail so that others who did do wrong don’t. He took it all on himself. Perhaps u should check the facts before posting or hateful comments.

  • 16. Anonymous wrote:

    can those defending him post here the relevant parts of the accusation so we are clear.

  • 17. The facts wrote:

    Google the case and u will the judge said he did nothing wrong!!!!! So yes it’s a big deal when a chasid of the rebbe was released from jail.

  • 18. 123 wrote:

    u guys are a bunch of loosers and come up to conclusion without knowing ANYTHING. The “shame on you” should be on you, haters, who sound like stupid idiots

  • 19. The kangeroo wrote:

    He is a great tzadik.Lubavitch is full of tzadikim,It is the beinonnim that suffer

  • 20. Bob wrote:

    So he didnt go to prison for stealing … but because he covered up someone else stealing?…

    • 21. Hero wrote:

      He went to prison because he is a hero and the anti-religious government hate heroes.

  • 22. Gmy wrote:

    Happy for him that he’s out.
    Sad that he is made a celebrity because of his misdeeds and incarceration..
    He misused public funds.. and paid for it… Now he is out and should NOT be made a tzadik… He is NOT!

  • 23. Chosid wrote:

    The day of his release is like Yud Tes Kislev and Yud Bais Tamuz. Even greater. It is a yom tov for all Lubavitchers. LOL

  • 24. Steven wrote:

    Why would an innocent frum leader go to jail with the associated Chillul Hashem and brig tarnished with being a thief, rather than demanding and reporting the person who actually did the crime and deserved jail? It’s like Bibi going to jail because a minister stole money that Bibi didn’t know about. Not going to happen.

  • 25. Moishe pipek wrote:

    He is a.Tzadik! he went to jail on shlihus. Upon completion of his mission we celebrate.Why do common folk fail to understand that?

  • 26. Disgraceful wrote:

    Although that every Jew certainly deserves to benefits from the great mitzvah of Pidyon Shvoyeem, I believe it is a disgrace that CH.info should celebrate his temporary release with a full length “glowing” article and pictorial outlay. True, he was successful in bringing CHABAD outreach activities to the mainstream Israel. However, his clawing to the top by bring down some of Israels most prominent and influential CHABAD Chasideem is shameful, to say the least. And let’s not forget, he is a conflicted felon and was sent to “prison” for various money misappropriation charges, not for his Mesirous Nefesh for trying to spread yidshgeit in a communist country. In spite of being surrounding by several of his misguided lackeys, this has inevitably shamed the Rebbe and tarnished the good name of Chabad.


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