Mesivta Marks Rebbe’s Haggadah Turning 70

Honoring the 70th anniversary of the printing of the Rebbe’s haggadah, Oholei Torah Mesivta held a special campaign called “Mivtza Cheirusainu,” in which all bochurim learned the Rebbe’s haggadah with its many insights and explanations.

Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, Menahel, initiated and oversaw this project. The Maggidei Shiurim also included this in their classes during the weeks of the mivtza.

This brought a very unique atmosphere in the bochurim’s ruchnius Pesach preparations – as they learned explanations that they never knew before and reviewed concepts that they now understand much better.

Each bochur also wrote a booklet –summarizing each paragraph of the haggadah.

In order to partake in the final test, there were two preparation tests, each one with over 50 questions. Those who received a mark of 90% or higher were able to take the second level test, and those who passed with a high mark were included in the final farher.

30 bochurim were finalists, and will be going on a special trip after Pesach. The actual farher took place with Rabbi Avrohom Hertz, of the Oholei Torah Beis Medrash, who was amazed at the depth of understanding these young bochurim had, as well as the effort they put in for this mivzta.

Certificates were awarded to those who excelled. This campaign was done as a gift, a matona to the Rebbe for Yud Aleph Nissan.

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  • 1. Turning 70? wrote:

    The Rebbe’s Haggada was published in 1946, that’s seventy one years ago.

    Michoel Seligson

  • 2. point to ponder wrote:

    Can some one please explain to the menhael that if he wants to see the growth of his mesivta then he should rent to yidden else whats the point of giving them chinuch and then they get married and cant afford this place. His buildings on president street should be rented to yidden if he wants to see the future…………

    Just a point to keep in mind


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