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Florida Muslims Send Flowers to Chabad Synagogue

After Jewish cemeteries were vandalized and Jewish centers received bomb threats all across the country, a group of Florida Muslims delivered flower bouquets to a local synagogue and Jewish center, saying “it is important that we stand together.”

from the JTA:

The Muslim Student Associations of Florida State and Florida A&M universities delivered bouquets of flowers to campus Jewish organizations and local synagogues.

The flowers and the accompanying notes were meant to show solidarity at a time when both the Muslim and Jewish communities are under attack.

They were delivered to the Chabad and Hillel organizations at Florida State and to Shomrei Torah and Temple Israel synagogues in Tallahassee.

The note said: “We are writing this message to extend a hand of friendship. In times of great division, it is important that we stand together in unity so we hope that these flowers can be seen as a symbol of our solidarity.”

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  • 1. Thank you wrote:

    Beautiful. I have Muslim friends, all of whom are wonderful people. It lifts my spirits to see our cousins support us. We don’t always get along, but I would like to think that Avraham Avinu, may he Rest In Peace, would rather us stand together than kill one another. Here’s to a future of respecting one another, and living in harmony.

  • 3. The Trojan Horse wrote:

    There is a name for the stage of Jihad where the Muslims infiltrate by being nice to their host.
    The plan is to be nice until they have enough strength to impose Sharia law by whatever method will work.
    Familiarize yourself by watching:
    Three Stages of Jihad – David Wood

    Muslims can be very nice. High positions in the Mafia are held by people who are very nice. Some of the nicest people are con artists. Being nice does not negate the possibility of being evil. Being nice creates complacency. The people of Troy went to sleep, making it easy for the warriors to destroy them.

    The reason there are so many Muslims in the world is because the religion conquers with the sword. If you do not accept Islam you are beheaded and if you leave Islam you will be beheaded. That is why it has so many loyal adherents.

    Another good video found on youtube is:
    Brigette Gabriel Reads the Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America.

  • 4. a good start wrote:

    would be lovely to see more muslims follow this example…..
    always better to be respectful to one another…….


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