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Hey Teves Marked at Cheder at the Ohel

Cheder at the Ohel students from pre-1A through 7th grade were privileged to have Rabbi Bentzion Stein from Detroit come to speak to them  about the history and significance of Hey Teves, emphasizing why it is so important to us today.

Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook, head of the Vaad Hanochos Lahak, spoke with the 8th grade Mechina class of the sichos that the Rebbe gave to the Chassidim regarding Hey Teves. Rabbi Brook presented the boys of this class with a newly published sefer that just came out from the Vaad Hanochos Lakak – Toras Menachem Volume 59. The boys of the Mechina class appreciated  receiving this special sefer hot off the press.

The fifth grade was honored to farbreng with Rabbi Moshe Rappaport, shaliach of the Rebbe to Wisconsin.

The pre-1A and 1st grade went to the Levi Yitzchak Library in the Five Towns to celebrate Hey Teves surrounded by Jewish books that are lent to local Jewish families as well as shluchim from all over the world.

To top off it all off,  all of the students went to the Ohel in honor of this special day.

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