Didan Notzach Celebrated in Oholei Torah

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Hey Teves, this year’s Oholei Torah PTA Annual Didan Notzach Book Fair event was taken to the next level. Permeating the event with a real feeling for the significance of this important day, and over 1200 children benefited from the exciting event.

Children were warmly welcomed by the eighth graders who introduced the fair and were then given a gold seal entrance sticker professionally designed with a 30 and Didan Notzach logo, which they proudly wore throughout the day.

As the Rebbe mentioned that Hey Teves is connected to all the Rebbeim, the PTA set up a magnificent presentation on the Chabad Rabbeim, commencing with the Baal Shem Tov, which contained a beautiful portrait of every Rebbe (or their Kesavim) and the sefarim that each Rebbe wrote or had compiled.  Eighth graders, under the direction of Rabbi Yossi Bryski, presented information, ideas, and an emphasis on the Sefarim  of each Rebbe. This culminated in a unique shining portrait of the Rebbe, specially arranged by Rabbi Veli Karp. It was truly inspiring to witness how much the Talmidim gained and how well the eighth grade talmidim relayed their message.

A memento postercard of all the Rabbeim, titled “Rabboseinu Nisienu”, was artistically designed and printed in the merit of Reuven ben R’ Mordichai  Sirota OB”M. These were given to every rebbe and teacher to distribute to each child in connection to the presentation and to bring home for their own Bais Chabad.

In keeping with the Rebbe’s directive to buy Seforim in honor of Hey Teves, books and sefarim were available for sale at deeply discounted prices for the Oholei Torah talmidim. Many dedicated rebbes did use the opportunity as an incentive for their talmidim. Most inspiring was seeing the love and excitement the talmidim had for sefarim!

A Chinese Auction that had 1$, 2$ and 3$ tickets was beautifully displayed and children were excited to have a chance to possibly win at the vast array of prizes specifically geared towards their interests. Children also had the opportunity to have a book stamp personalized on the spot by Yaakov Borodkin of Y&B Locksmith.

Additionally, each talmid a received a specially decorated cupcake with the number 30, in addition to “L’chaim” cups of grape juice, and the boys farbrenged bzchus a Didan Notzach for Sholom Mordichai Halevi ben Rivkah– may it be so speedily!! Ari Dalfin and Sruly Mochkin devoted themselves to energizing each class and inspiring them with the true message of hey teves and strengthening our efforts to bring the Geulah Shlaima NOW! They sang and danced along to chassidishe nigunim professionally played by Chaim Freund. The chayus, the joy, and the meaningful interaction truly uplifted all.

The fair was exquisitely set up and ran throughout the day, giving all the school’s talmidim time to enjoy and partake in the event. It infused the entire Yeshiva with an added chassidishe and joyous atmosphere.  Rabbi Joseph Rosenfeld, Executive Director, thanks the PTA mothers saying “The excitement and dedication of each PTA member, greatly adds to the overall atmosphere of the school, and is greatly appreciated by the talmidim, staff and faculty.”

Due to the expanded fair, many PTA mothers volunteered many hours to make sure everything ran smoothly and that the talmidim enjoyed all the Hey Teves activities. Mrs. Devi Baumgarten and Mrs. Chaya Sandhaus invested their utmost to provide any and every support possible. The strong administrative support for this event working hand in hand with the PTA made all the difference.

The much anticipated annual Hey Teves Book Fair  is a beautiful project of the Oholei Torah PTA.

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