18 Rabbonim Sign Hey Teves Call to Action

18 Chabad Rabbonim and Mashpiim have jointly signed a “Kol Kore” – a call to action – addressed to the wider Lubavitch community in anticipation of the 30th anniversary of Hey Teves:

Dear Friends,

Anash, Shluchim, Temimim and Neshei U’bnos Chabad:

As the 30th anniversary of Hei Teves approaches it is appropriate to focus on the specialty of the day and its implications for us all.

At the Shabbos farbrengen of Hei Teves 5748 (one year after the Didan Notzach – the victory of the seforim) the Rebbe established this day “as a יום סגולה – an auspicious day and an עת רצון – a time of divine good will”.

In connection with Yud Shevat 5740 (thirty years from the Histalkus of the Frierdiker Rebbe and the beginning of the Rebbe’s nesius), the Rebbe proclaimed that thirty years represent the beginning of a new and elevated era in connection with the dissemination of Torah, Yiddishkeit and Chassidus.

Certainly, all Anash, men women and children will mark this day appropriately with joyful, chassidisher farbrengens and by observing the Rebbe’s directives in connection with Hei Teves: To increase in learning the seforim – nigleh and chassidus, purchasing new seforim and establishing or expanding public libraries.


On Vov Teves 5747 (the day following the Didan Notzach) the Rebbe made an unprecedented announcement. The Rebbe requested that everyone should give tzedaka and submit their names to the Rebbe before the Rebbe would go to the Ohel the following day.

“Since there will surely be an enormous amount of notes and it will be impossible to read them all, they will simply be placed at the Ohel. Therefore you may write as you wish (without shame) as you are writing directly to Hashem, through Nessi Doreinu.”

In light of the above, we hereby suggest and encourage the following: Hei Teves is an auspicious time to strengthen our Hiskashrus to the Rebbe, especially through writing Panim and letters to the Rebbe and sending them to the Ohel. It is surely appropriate to request brachos in all communal, familial and private matters. May we merit very soon to the ultimate Didan Notzach.

In the words of the Rebbe in the sicha delivered hours after the news of the victory was received: “May this all expedite the fruition of the words of the parsha ” עוד יוסף חי – Yoseph is still alive” and ” ותחי רוח יעקב אביהם – Yaakov’s spirit was revived”.

In practical terms, the long awaited prophecy of techiyas hameisim should occur. Yaakov Avinu and Yoseph Hatzadik will be among them, and the Yoseph of our generation as well (the Frierdiker Rebbe) . . . [as an integral aspect of] the true and complete redemption through our righteous Moshiach!”

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  • 1. Lechatchila ariber wrote:

    Strange that the line about getting the Rabeims seforim out of Russia is not translated into English!
    Ze Omer Darsheini.

  • 2. Yitzchok wrote:

    Noticeably missing are the Crown Heights Rabonim from the Signatures!
    How sad, we have fallen so low, there would have never been a Kol Korei 25 years ago without the Bais Din of the Rebbe’s Shechuna!
    Daloi Golus!

  • 3. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    #1: why start up a situation that is not an ultimate reality. Putin has decided and just go with the flow. At least there are kept in preservation mode and scholars can access them. Maybe down the line things will change, but for now go with the flow!

  • 4. Shlomo wrote:



  • 5. Make that wrote:

    17 Rabbonim. One is listed twice. Hope the
    decree, etc. is more accurate than the list.

    • 6. Reason wrote:

      They couldn’t find an 18th rabbi, so they doubled one to keep the shape symmetrical, figuring no one will notice.

      I can’t figure out what exactly they are they urgently proclaiming – an new edict, something to be cautious about, a neglected halacha…or simply seeking relevance.

    • 7. Chutzpah wrote:

      “simply seeking relevance” – mechutzaf!

      You think they have a need to “become” important by putting out calls of action?! You think they have nothing more important to do?!

      You are a mechutzaf!!

      Even if you and I do not understand why they put out this letter, THEY know why and surely have a good reason for doing so!!


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