Crown Heights Rallies Together for Couple’s Wedding

The Kallah was from far-off Chicago, the Chosson a student at Yeshivas Hadar Hatorah for Ba’alei Teshuvah. Most expected theirs to be a small wedding, with only a few family members and friends in attendance. Instead, the wedding hall was packed to capacity, and attendees said it was one of the most joyous weddings to take place in Crown Heights in years.

It all began at around 7:45am Wednesday morning with a post to the Facebook group ‘Crown Heights Craigslist’ by the Kallah, Mushka Sarah Cohen, inviting all members of the community to her wedding with Ariel Costanza, which she said would not have a lot of people in attendance.

Nearly 100 people responded to the post, wishing the young couple Mazal Tov, but that was only the beginning.

That evening, members of the Crown Heights community flocked to the wedding hall to bring joy to the Chosson and Kallah. The hall was filled to capacity, and the joyous atmosphere was overwhelming.

Rivky Perl, who attended along with a few friends, told that “it was inspiring to see the Crown Heights community come together to celebrate our fellow sister’s wedding.”

Devorah Benjamin, founder and director of KSCVK, which assisted with the wedding arrangements, posted today on Facebook: “Crown Heights, you are such a wonderful community. Hashem should bless you all with lots of Brochos.”

Crown heights you are such wonderful community Hashem should bless you all With lots of Brochos

Posted by Devorah Benjamin on Wednesday, January 6, 2016





  • 1. Avi wrote:

    This wasn’t the kallahs first post in that group.
    Getting married Iyh Wednesday .
    I had noticed a post of hers earlier in the week which really touched me.
    This is what she posted:
    “It’s known that a kallah is given the opportunity and the Bracha from Hashem to bless others on my wedding day . If you know anyone who needs a refua,shidduch ,or anything else please comment with their names .”
    Never so such a post in a public forum before.
    No wonder that a caring kallah like that had such a turnout.

  • 3. Tirzah wrote:

    We really wanted to be there but were unable to attend. I’m so glad to read this write up and that there was a good turn out for them. It couldnt have happened to a more deserving Kallah and couple. TY Hashem!

  • 4. Rabbi M Cohen wrote:

    Kudos to the New York Chabad community for hosting our daughter Bluma and her Chosson Ariel’s wedding. Thanks to all who were involved in all the planning.

    Rabbi Mordechai and Yocheved Cohen

    Chicago Illinois

  • 7. chaya charna bas fegl miriam ... kinder parnosah gezunt wrote:

    groiseh mazel tov a banyan adei ad a chassiishe shtub mit nachas un aleh brochos foon rebbe

  • 11. Mazel Tov!! wrote:

    Best Wedding I was ever at!!
    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!!
    And Full of Chayos!

  • 12. Botnicks-Ottawa wrote:

    מזל טוב, מזל טוב-ויהי רצון שיבנו בית בישראל, בנין עדי עד, על יסודי התורה והמצוה, כפי שהם מוארים במאור שבתורה, תורת החסידות ומתוך אושר אמיתי בגשמיות וברוחניות גם יחד.

  • 13. to #9 wrote:

    Totally agree that I am thrilled it said BT, and as such I was able to enjoy this post 5 times as much.

    Praiseworthy indeed!


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