2,000 Women meet in NY for Emissary Conference


Brooklyn, NY — Some 2,000 women married to Chabad emissaries to 72 countries arrived in Brooklyn on Thursday to take part in a conference on their role in their husbands’ outreach activities.

The Chabad movement, one of the largest branches of Hasidic Judaism, sends hundreds of its followers abroad on “shlichus,” or missions reaching out to local Jewry, taking their often large families with them.

During their stay abroad, emissaries wives are expected to participate in their husbands activities.

“The paradox is that the commonly held conception of a Haredi woman is that of domestic isolation but wives of Chabad emissaries are active and involved in the fabric of modern life,” a conference pamphlet read.

“Wives of emissaries run the Chabad Houses at university campuses, assist women in distress, teach classes on religious issues to celebrities and famous people and are in fact full participants in the their husbands’ activity and responsibility.”

Chabad representatives are present in all Western countries as well Uzbekistan, The Congo, Singapore, China, India and others.


  • 1. Yosef Chaim wrote:



    We are the luckiest people in the world to have women like this in our communities.

  • 2. a student wrote:

    Go Mrs Mochkin,( lady in pink shirt, front row)
    We are so lucky to have you as a teacher in Montreal.We wish you all the brochos.
    wishing you a long,healthy and happy life.
    thank you for making teaching come to live!
    By the way Mrs Mochkin, do you rememner “when i was young a pretty or first impressions matter most or metodika.
    thank you for such wonderful memeories.
    Your lessons on classroom management have got me though teaching some hard classes and it might have been quite a few years ago but all you said has stayed with me. Thank you for being such a driving force and a huge part of our shlichus on the other side of the world!
    Didn’t i tell you that someday what you taught us would get to the other side of the world!
    a millions thanks over!
    your old Beis Chaya Mushkah Student.


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