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Shliach Tweets Selfie with Bill De Blasio in New Mexico

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is on vacation in the state of New Mexico. Rabbi Berel Levertov, Shliach to Santa Fe, tweeted in the early morning hours, “Let Chabad of Santa Fe be the first to welcome Mayor Bill de Blasio to New Mexico! Enjoy your stay!”

He later posted a selfie, apparently after the mayor requested it. “He asked me if he can take a selfie and I said “sure! This is New Mexico!” ;)”

“Wherever I go I see Chabad!” the mayor commented, reports JP Updates.


  • 2. Shmuel wrote:

    and shortly after this photo was taken deblasio had 2 traffic agents parachuted in to give parking tickets to the rabbis car as he was loading his suitcases in

  • 3. Communist wrote:

    We shouldn’t be supporting this communist. His rent policies harm many jewish landlords.

  • 4. no surprise wrote:

    The communist mayor of New York takes cues from his mentor Obama on how to vacation when he should be doing his job. What a sham.


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