Distinguished Rabbis Join Bar Mitzvah Celebration

Last week, prominent Rabonim, poskim and heads of Botei Din, among many other guests, arrived at the Beis Yisroel simcha hall in Jerusalem to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah of Shloime Ulman, the youngest son of Rabbi Yehoram Ulman, Senior Dayan on the Sydney Beth Din, and his wife Shternie.

Among the distinguished guests who took part in the simcha was the Rishon LeZion and Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Rav Shlomo Amar, as well as Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, Rav Osher Weiss and Rav Ezra Basri, among many others

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  • 3. nice pictures wrote:

    Very nice pictures.
    But sad not to see the most senior of the Sydney Dayanim Hagaon Hagadol Rav Dovid Rogut Shlit”a. May Hashem grant him a Refua Shlieima.

    Also nice to see Hagaon Rav Franklin Shlit”a in the pictures. It is beautiful when true Gedolei Yisroel get together.

  • 4. Rabbi Ulman wrote:

    Rabbi Ulman is a great and respected Rav, but can he be called a “senior dayan” if he the Beis Din he officiates on is a conservative BD (one of the dayanim was all the years a Rabbi of a shul without a Mechitza).
    I think the title for Rabbi Ulman is respected Rav and Shliach.
    [This Beis Din has an interesting history, as for many year the dayanim who served there where people who didn’t even keep Taharas Hamishpocho. That is why the frum communities of Sydney – Adas and Yeshiva – never accepted upon themselves the jurisdiction the BD (Rav Lesches served as dayan of the yeshiva community and independently wrote Gitting etc.)]

  • 5. respected rav and Dayan wrote:

    Rabbi Ulman is the MOST seniour rav for Taharas hamishpocha and IVF in Australia and possibly worldwide. Many Yiddishe Children were born through his Halachic advice to couples struggling with infertility and difficult challenges in taharas hamishpocha regarding 7 Nekiim etc . Anyone who has such a challenge should consult with him.


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