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Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati had an amazing Shabbos at Columbus

Columbus, OH — Friday afternoon, the Bochurim swarmed downtown Columbus, where they successfully met up with many Jews. At first, the people thought the Bochurim were Amish.

Following that, the Bochurim went to the community mikveh, where they had to make an appointment before, since they never had so many people using the mikveh before.

When the Bochurim arrived they were greeted by a unique site. The Shliach, Rabbi Aryeh Kaltman was standing outside his home, filling up a huge blue container for mikveh, Shabbos morning.

Friday night the Bochurim farbrenged with Rabbi Kaltman and the Mekuravim at his home. The Bochurim sang niggunim all through the wee hours of the morning.

The feedback of the event was amazing. The community was very excited that there is a local Chabad Yeshiva.

Shabbos morning the Bochurim went to the mikveh in the cold stream nearby and the big blue container.

Shabbos day, they Farbrenged all day until Mincha. Rabbi Kaltman spoke to the Bochurim concerning the importance of using time wisely and Kabbalos Ol.

Rabbi Kaltman thanked all the Bochurim for uplifting the shabbos experience.
The Bochurim thanked Rabbi Kaltman for giving them an opportunity to see what it means to be a Shliach.

The Talmidim Hasluchim are planning Shabossim with Shluchim, like Louisville Kentucky.

We would like to thank the following people who made this shabbos possible. Shluchim Rabbi Aryeh Kaltman, Rabbi Zalman Deitsch, Menahel Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, Shmuly Neuman, Eli Morrison, Hatomim Hashliach Mendel Katzman, Hatomim Hashliach Moshe Frank and Yisroel Neuman.