Fire Breaks Out at Beis Rivka-Crown St.

A fire broke out this morning at Beis Rivka girls’ school on Crown Street. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported.

The fire began in the building’s electrical room. It was successfully brought under control by the FDNY.

The students of the older division were sent home for the day, due to concerns of smoke inhalation since they occupy the upper half of the building. The younger division, which occupies a part of the building unaffected by the fire, will complete the day’s studies.

A student told that – in a remarkable gesture of kindness – the security guard of the next-door public school invited a group of students inside to keep warm from the cold weather, since many did not have the chance to grab their coats before exiting the building.

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  • 1. Brhs students need their phones wrote:

    Basically all the students need their phones ASAP so ya

    • 2. Anonymous wrote:

      At 945 they told us to go home an at 1000 they said go and get your stuff

  • 3. go brhs wrote:

    it was crazy every one thought it was a drill and so did the school it took 5 min forevery one to get out; some girls took their phones

  • 7. Dolores wrote:

    Great to learn that the public school nearby took in our daughters. There is love in all of us.

  • 8. one would hope wrote:

    One would hope that beis rivkah would do the same for the public school students if the situation were reversed.

  • 9. Get a grip wrote:

    The girls were screaming and yelling like crazyzies outside! What a chilul hashem :(

    • 11. Dolores wrote:

      Following up on the previous comment: Wow, the article said that a security person at the public school took in students. I will have to re-read that portion….sorry.

  • 12. ya they did wrote:

    the guard offered and would allow girls in but no one wanted to go in they wanted t c wat was going on

  • 13. gorge forman wrote:

    i wish you can like calm down!!!!!
    take a chill pill!!!

  • 14. To #9 wrote:

    I’m sorry, but if you were about to be burned and were freezing outside and didn’t know of u would ever see your stuff again, you would be screaming too.

  • 15. Anon wrote:

    BH everyone is ok! I like the snapchat numbers in the corner of some pictures ;)

  • 16. number 13 and 9 wrote:

    you can tell the girls what to do they have the right to be nervous and to you cuz obviously fire is a very dangerous thing wake up the main thing is they are safe that is important

    • 17. Anonymous wrote:

      YES!! BARUCH HASHEM everyone got out safety and NOBODY got HURT!! NOBODY can blame the girls for screaming because, yes fire is very dangerous and a very scary thing too!! Just be thankful and thank Hashem for this MIRACLE!!!! Along with being grateful to the guard, who wanted to help out, this shows how their are many kind and caring people in this world, who care about your children’s safety!!

  • 18. Mrs. Akselrod from Main Office of Bais Rivkah wrote:

    The real hero of today’s fire is Tzvi Fass who knew exactly what to do…… He put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. If C’V he was not there, I do not want to think how bad the situation would have been. B”H he was in the right place at the right time and took care of the fire promptly……. So three cheers for Tzvi for saving our school and B”H there were no injuries. P.S. Also would like to shout out to Mrs. Laine for teaching the girls the different exits and how to react if C”V there is a fire……..We should only hear Bsuros Tovos and a Gut Shabbos to all…….. See you all in school!

  • 19. Kop wrote:

    Noch ah sreifa…

    Now that BR will be rich, will they give us tuition rebates, refunds, discounts? Boy oh boy I cannot wait!!!

  • 21. crazy wrote:

    to #18:
    it was actually very useful to know how to exit the building and since we had some drills going down the fire escape it wasn’t as scary to go down it know. so thanks mrs. laine.

  • 22. ..... wrote:

    1. We were NOT immediately evacuated. It was announced on the PA that everybody should STAY IN!!!!! Only after a few minutes (when the building was full of smoke) were we let out.
    2. Parents were NOT informed.

  • 23. last ones out!! wrote:

    My daughter was walking out of her classroom together with her class as she heard on the intercoms that is a false alarm and everyone should return to the classrooms. It was thanks to one of the teachers that was checking room to room that saw them and screamed to get out!! , which they did amidst the smoke. Thank God They didn’t suffer smoke inhalation. I would like to know who was the idiot who said to stay…

  • 24. not true wrote:

    only two classes stayed inside the rest left
    facts are based on the greater percentage
    most classes left before the smoke even rose so people don’t pretend that everybody stayed in and no body made such a announcement

    • 26. Anonymous wrote:

      It started from someone’s iPod in their pocket
      It’s a huge miracle that tzvi was there he kept the fire off the gas lines if the fire reached the gas lines school could have exploded

    • 27. THE B I G QUESTION... wrote:

      So an iPod started the fire? That is CRAZY!!! Can BR sue Apple???

  • 28. to #26 and #27 wrote:

    It was an electrical fire. Not from someone’s iPod. The building’s wires are old, so after a while it finally just started a fire

  • 29. The whole truth- who stayed wrote:

    -Yes many classes left before anyone made any announcements
    -however there WERE still MANY people left in the building
    -Most people had left by the time the building was full of smoke
    -One or two teachers DID NOT let their classes out till the principals came around


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