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‘Visual Mishnayos’ Sukkah – Free Samples for Kids

We’ve just finished celebrating the Yom Tov of Sukkos, but we’re just beginning to learn Mishnayos Masseches Sukkah with ‘Visual Mishnayos’.

By Menachem Benchemon • P-3 Provider

‘Visual Mishnayos’ is a video series that goes through Mishnayos from Maseches Sukkah in a fun and entertaining way. The narration and subtitles teach the actual texts of the Mishnah while the actors demonstrate the Tanoim’s teachings.

In addition, matching cards accompany each Mishnah video as a follow-up tool to help review the material. Each card contains the Hebrew texts of the Mishnah, their English translations, and images from the video; and are all appealingly displayed. Mishnayos Be’al Peh – MBP Codes are also included on the bottom of each card, in the form of Roshei Teivos (acrostics of the Mishnah’s words), to encourage and assist students in memorizing the Mishnah word for word.

‘Visual Mishnayos’ successfully premiered in Camp Gan Israel Parksville, New York during the summer of 2005, so that every camper could be a part of the Mishnayos Be’al Peh – Cocoa Club program. View the video below of enthusiastic campers learning
‘Visual Mishnayos’ and to hear their reviews of this program.

Presented below are three samples of the ‘Visual Mishanyos’ video series: Mishnayos 6, 7 and 9 of Masesches Sukkah Perek 1. The three matching ‘Visual Mishnayos’ cards are available below as well, both in the photos and as a PDF file to download and print.

These three Mishnayos were selected, since this is where most Yeshivah boys are now holding in their learning of Mishanyos Sukkah in class.


‘Visual Mishnayos’ was created by Menachem Benchemon in 2005.

Menachem is now NYS certified in education and special education,
and is available as a P-3 Provider, for all ages and all subjects,
during and after school hours. Menachem brings his creativity, humor,
and resourceful approach to his work with his students.

Call or text Menachem today at 718 755 3447 or email

+ 3 Visual Mishnayos Cards

+ 3 Visual Mishnayos Cards


  • 1. C and Y wrote:

    well done menachem! glad you looking really good !I wish you all the best for the future. we had a fantastic year with you last year. You have have impressed us so much with helping our son. We wish you much hatzlacha and brocha and are sure you will excell in the future with your patience and perseverence.

  • 2. WE WANT MORE! wrote:

    WOW! this looks amazing! I like the creativity!
    Finally someone with amazing creativity making a difference in our children’s learning curriculum.

    I always dreamed of this as a kid. perhaps all the whole series should be posted. this would benefit many students.

    Hatzlacha Rabbah cant wait for VISUAL GEMARA :)

  • 5. kol hakavod! wrote:

    Being able to visualize is such an important learning tool. Thank you for putting this together. Hatzlacha Rabbah!

  • 6. impressive! wrote:

    As a child I always wanted to learn mishnayos by heart, it was quite chllenging at times.
    This program makes the learning of mishnayos much more enjoyable and interesting.

    Kol hakavod!

    Great job!

  • 7. Mtl. wrote:

    Wow menachem your such an amazing person with so many amazing talents! Anyone who you teach is very lucky! Keep it up the captivating methods and continue to make us all so proud!

  • 8. Wonderful incentive. wrote:

    This is what we need to take advantage of in these crucial and at times difficult days to bring up children in the right Derech.
    Visual teaching and taking advantage of the technology is exactly what the Rebbe said and what better way to initiate this than in the classroom.

    Menachem, wonderful job, may you continue to see much Hatzlacha in all you do.!!!


  • 9. very impressed wrote:

    True this is coming in a very appropriate time in galus. where unfortuanally we are so busy with other matters such as election finances…… but as it says in first rashi of braishis . hashem created the world for bnei yisroel and the torah. this will help our kids focus on the reason we are down here. all the power to you and in bringing moshiach closer!

  • 12. Moshe W wrote:

    This is truly revolutionary. Menachem, with your fabulous creativity and utter devotion you’re truly going to make a difference in the lives of young learners. KEEP IT UP!

  • 13. Chicago Teacher wrote:

    It is obvious how much thought and ability went into crafting these videos – presenting the material accurately, clearly highlighting the logical thought process involved, and making it appealing to the age group through humor and action! It works — kids understand how to learn and recall the information and they begin to enjoy it, too.

    It is a worthy project, skillfully executed. Teilich me’chayil el choyil, and may you have the insight and opportunity to use your talents to continue to teach and inspire generations of young learners!


    Dear Creator of ‘Visual Mishnayos’ – Menachem Benchemon:

    I’m from LA…my son has just begun learning Mishnayos for the first time. They started with Maseches Sukkah.
    He would come home, saying how strange and not realistic the cases presented in Mishnayos are.

    When he came home today, I told him of these videos, and watched them together! He loves them! He is watching it again and again! he’s screaming “help, help, help” (Mishnah 7 :)

    He has a test tomorrow on perek 1 – and he was struggling with the understanding of the mishnayos.

    Not anymore! he got these 3 Mishnayos, down pat. He is now motivated and knows what it means to “visualize” what he learns!

    I hope you don’t take this as another comment # in the list of comments, but I would really like to thank you for sharing these samples!

    Can we see the rest? is this being sold? How many more do you have! WE WOULD LOVE TO BUY IT!

    wishing you much hatzlacha! you got talent! and it’s great you’re using for the education of our children! OUR KIDS NEED CREATIVE TEACHING LIKE YOU!

  • 17. AWESOME!!!! wrote:

    I like how there’s no talking in the videos,
    (except for when the subtitles and narration teach the actual texts of the Mishnah), rather action oriented!
    This way, many ages can appreciate the humor, versus when there’s talking, some children may not “get the jokes” or older kids may be bored of it….with action only videos, if there is a part that is not so funny, it’ll just flow….it blends into the story on how to build a Sukkah.

    All together: this is a brilliant and very creative and very brave for doing something so unconventional:
    It’s funny, making kids enthusiastic and motivated to learn. It’s visual, so they REALLY understand! The teachings of the Mishnah are brought to life!
    The narration and subtitles help with reading the Hebrew texts and their English translations.

    Oh, and those cards… really neat! The MBP codes are brilliant!

    Thanks for sharing Menachem! Please share the rest of the series! May you have much Hatzlacha and go “michayil el choyil” in creating more Masechtos of Mishnayos, Gemara and great curriculum! OUR KIDS REALLY NEED THIS STUFF!

  • 20. Motti B, wrote:

    WOW! This is crazy good stuff! My brothers and I, and my sister Baila also loves it! Thanks!


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