Advocate of Arming Jews Receives Death Threat

A Chabad Shliach who is a prominent advocate of Jewish self-defense in Europe received a death threat on Monday, as European governments scramble to protect Jewish sites in the wake of a series of terrorist incidents that have rocked communities across the continent.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Rabbi Menachem Margolin, the President of the Brussels-based European Jewish Association, rose to prominence in the media with his call for communal officials to be granted gun permits following the shooting of four Jews in a kosher grocery store in Paris last month. Following Saturday’s shooting of a guard outside of a Danish synagogue, Margolin demanded that European leaders “secure all Jewish institutions 24/7.”

“Menachem Margolin will be a dead man if he does not stop. We will stick a bullet in his head,” a post on his Facebook wall threatened on Monday, the ultra-orthodox Kikar HaShabbat website reported.

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  • 1. Cowards! wrote:

    Those “radical Islamics” supposedly WORSHIP martyrdom, we are told!

    Yet they are afraid of a few Yidden with guns for self defense! Almost laughable, if it weren’t so serious because they are posting death threats.

    They’re such cowards that they’d threaten a Yid who urges that there be armed defenders of our mosdos! What are they: afraid that Yidden with guns will not limit their gun use to self-defense, and instead go out of control and go on shooting rampages, like their “people” do?

    A bunch of cowards — all of those European muslims! Deep down they don’t believe their own “teachings” and don’t want that supposed reward they get for dying for their “cause”!

  • 2. of course wrote:

    Nothing goyim hate more than Jews defending themselves, in Eretz Yisroel or in chutz l’aretz.


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