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Lubavitcher Among 5 Hostages in Paris Kosher Supermarket

Two separate hostage situations are currently unfolding in France. The first is in central Paris in the heart of the Jewish community, where 5 hostages were reportedly taken inside a Kosher supermarket – Hyper Cacher. The lone hostage-taker is said to be wielding two AK-47 rifles, and is believed to be the gunman who killed a female police officer in Paris yesterday.

The second hostage situation is unfolding in in Dammartin-en-Goele, a city north of Paris, where the two brothers suspected in the Charlie Hebdo massacre have been cornered by French authorities and have taken one hostage.

According to a a report by JP updates, a Lubavitcher Chossid, an Orthodox Jewish woman and 11-month-old baby are among the hostages in the Kosher supermarket:

French media are reporting that the two hostage situations are in fact connected, as the hostage taker in the Kosher supermarket is an acquaintance of the two Charlie Hebdo attackers, and is demanding that authorities end their siege on the two brothers in exchange for the safety of his own hostages.

This is a developing story and will be continually updated

Live News Coverage from FRANCE24:

Live News Coverage from NBC News:


  • 2. Anonymous wrote:

    There are 6 people 1 terrorist with two kolachnicof rifles, it is much easier to take off two rifles off someone then 1 gun. Even if one Jew will get shot trying to defend the others, the others will survive. I don’t get these people?

    Guns don’t kill, people who control them do. If they could get out of the line of fire for a few seconds then They could make a counter attack hopefully killing the terrorist.

  • 5. Locked and Loaded Lubavitcher wrote:

    Oh well, sometimes I just hate being right…… Now for the 64 million dollar question…… Who can tell me where they think that something like this is going to happen NEXT?!?! (I’ll give you all a hint – it is certainly NOT going to be in a place that makes it easy to carry a concealed weapon…….. Good luck NY,NJ I pray that you won’t need it……)

  • 7. Yes, but wrote:

    To #2:

    In theory, this is correct: what do you have to lose, making a go for it? But, unless you’re well-trained in this, usually, panic, not intellect, takes over. Look, Baruch Goldstein was able to down 29. The reason they were able to rush him was because his gun jammed.
    Kind of reminds me of a famous WW2 story (I’ll try to make it short):
    On D-Day, a contingent of American soldiers at Omaha Beach was getting bogged down, suffering casualties. After so many deaths, the soldiers felt like giving up. General Norman Cota, who was leading this group, is famous for telling them this: “WE ARE DYING ON THE BEACHES, MAY AS WELL DIE INLAND!!!” So, with those words of “inspiration,” they
    got up, ran into harms way, but, B”H, they were successful, and took out enemy positions.

  • 8. To #2 wrote:

    Nice for you. You are sitting in your comfortable chair, in your comfortable house, eating popcorn and giving advise to people facing a terrorist with guns who has nothing to lose by shooting to kill. Nice.

  • 9. Shliach wrote:

    The Lubavitcher is Yoav Hattab, HY”D,the son of the Menahal of the Talmud Torah in Tunis. When will we finally get our act together??????
    Moshiach NOW!


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