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“Judge Judy” honored by Chabad

Tim Boxer – The Jewish Week
Judge Judy speaking at the dinner

…Judge Judy was one of the honorees at Chabad’s Children of Chernobyl gala recently at Chelsea Pier 60. Also honored were Elie Tahari; Amy Book, a kindergarten teacher for underprivileged children in Rockland County, and her husband Robert, a successful businessman.

Tahari came to the U.S. from Israel 30 years ago to make his mark as a major fashion designer for women’s clothes, and now also for men. He grew up in an orphanage in Kfar Chabad.

“Chabad save my life,” he said, “and I will do anything for them.”

Nancy Spielberg has been one of the mainstays of the rescue organization, which brings children out of the radiation zone of Chernobyl for rehabilitation in Ukraine and Israel. “We’ve helped 248,000 children,” said the director, Rabbi Yossie Raichik.

Spielberg’s family has been involved with the organization since its inception. Her brother, filmmaker Steven Spielberg, is honorary chairman. Her mother, Leah Adler, attends the fundraising event every year. At 86 she still runs the Milky Way restaurant in Los Angeles. “I’m there 12 hours a day, still making noise,” she told me.

Steven Spielberg speaking at the dinner


  • 1. ad man wrote:

    HMM…. Seatbelts save lives………….Chabad saves lives too. Maybe we should all start wearing Chabad

  • 3. Yosef Shidler wrote:

    according to wikipedia She is the 13th Richest Woman in the Entertainment Industry according to Fortune Magazine with an estimated net worth of $95 million.

  • 4. Rochelle wrote:

    It is a wonder you know so much about her wallet Mr. Yosef shidler.
    Do you know as much gemara or can you quote as much tania!Instead of hanging around the wikipedia website, you should spend more time on or other USEFULL (for your Neshoma) websites.

    It is a nice thing to see that ppl are getting involved with the right cause!
    they too are Jewish after all!
    It is equally nice to see that they can claim having been afected by Chabad.
    Yosher koach to all those involved in saving the neshomos and bodies of those children may the Aibisher keep giving you Hatslacha and Kochos.
    A (early) Gut Yom Tov for Yud Shvat!


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