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Shliach Targeted by White Supremacist Group

The Coloradoan

Ft. Collins, CO — Some residents are upset by a white supremacist recruitment flier that was delivered last month in an east Fort Collins neighborhood.

The recruitment flier, produced by the Nationalist Coalition, named Rabbi Yerachmiel Gorelik of the Chabad Jewish Center of Northern Colorado and was distributed Dec. 19 in the Parkwood East neighborhood.

One question on the flier asked whether Gorelik should be allowed to display the menorah in Old Town.

“It was in my driveway,” Parkwood East resident Ralph Smith said. “I thought it was a little newspaper.”

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Smith said he was outraged when he realized what it was.

“I was offended,” he said. “I thought someone was trying to recruit in the neighborhood, and I wondered why we were being targeted.”

Fort Collins police were notified of the fliers Dec. 19, said spokeswoman Rita Davis, but cannot do anything about it because there were no direct threats or threatening messages on the flier.

The group, an offshoot of the National Alliance, is very active in Colorado, said Bruce DeBoskey, the mountain states regional director of the Anti-Defamation League in Denver.

“They’re in Colorado Springs, in Pueblo, in neighborhoods in Denver, in Fort Collins and in the mountains,” he said.

Gorelik said he couldn’t draw any conclusions that the distribution was sparked by a specific incident.

“I like to think it wasn’t locals,” he said. “I can’t blame Fort Collins. This is not a Fort Collins group.”

Fort Collins has been a very welcoming community, Gorelik said, adding that he’s received numerous calls welcoming him.

“I wouldn’t call Fort Collins anti-Semitic by any stretch of the imagination,” he said.

However, this activity is not healthy for the community, he said.

There are two important things for communities to do when literature such as this is distributed, DeBoskey said.

The first is to educate the public on what the group stands for, he said. The second is to speak out against it.

“Speak out in whatever form possible,” he said. “Declare your neighborhood, school or town square is a place where this is not accepted.”

It is important for the community to express that everyone is welcome there and that hate will not be tolerated, he said.

“They (extremist groups) do it to spread fear, divide communities and recruit new members,” he said.

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  • 6. gezhe wrote:

    i was only able to read till #22 but only answerd yes to 10 i guess im not that Jewish

  • 7. yummie wrote:

    by responding and answering the questions you are giving credibilty to a jew hating organization. do not even play the questinaire game. yimach shmam v’zichrom

  • 8. enraged wrote:

    This is open antisemitism, how can this be legal?! They have a mailing address and phone number, how come they don’t shut them down?!

  • 9. who cares? wrote:

    This questionarre is self-deafeating. By presenting their opinions in this way those are making themselves look like crazies, which they are.

  • 11. yossy hershkop wrote:

    what should we expect if even in crown heights we are mot safe we gotta take care of white/black anti semites

  • 12. TBPK wrote:

    The “Nationalist Coalition” people, are bored angry people, with NO life at all. These people have such hatred for they’re fellow human being. We’re in the year 2007 NOT 1939. In no way should this type of behavior be accepted in our society today. We must stand up against such groups, and not let this behavior grow into something more sinister. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!

  • 13. I HATE THOSE ANTI SEMITES!! wrote:

    dear yummie i agree with you 100% in addition to that they should be sued $1,000,000 be throw in jail for a 50 year sentence and their wives if they have any should tell them that their scheduled for divorce!!!

  • 14. Ed Marks wrote:

    The way to fight speech defaming the Jews is to respond with the truth and fight it out in the marketplace of ideas. You can’t fine people or put them in jail for hating Jews.

    Chabad and other Jewish organizations should put out their flyer if they deem it necessary to respond to that ridiculous questionnaire.

    The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not allow suppression of opinion. In a democratic society, we should not open the door to banning unpopular opinion, no matter how offensive.

    The effort to suppress the Nazis under the Weimar Republic did not in the 1920s and a similar response today would not work.

    As a minority, we Jews could face suppression ourselves one day under those circumstances.

    We Jews should always be in the forefront of unrestricted flow and exchange of ideas. That’s how people learn about us!

  • 15. PPT wrote:

    Thank God the Constitution allows voicing opinions other than those today’s politically correct environment condones. If you studied your history, you would find out the roots of of hatred of militant Jews by many around the world. As far as other minorities go, you must be totally naive or a retard not to see the affirmative action style policies our government is trying to push on us and brainwash us with. I myself don’t want to work to have a portion of my income (taxes) confiscated by the government to feed a bunch of Niggers on welfare. Wake up, White People (or is it Sheeple?) before it is too late!!!


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