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Semicha Students of Georgia Tested by Rabbi Shochet

Atlanta, GA — The first test for students of the Atlanta Semicha Program took place last week at Chabad of Georgia headquarters, in Atlanta, Georgia. The students were tested on laws of milk and meat by Rabbi Dovid Schochet, President of the Toronto Rabbinical Council, and a member of Vaad Rabbonei Lubavitch. Rabbi Schochet is world renowned for his genius Torah knowledge and his great depth in Torah learning, and is the ordaining Rabbi for the bochrim in the program.

The test lasted four hours, during which the eight bochrim were questioned about the subjects they had learned. The students were also expected to be well versed in the practical application of the laws.

Following the test, Rabbi Schochet expressed to Rabbi Yossi New, head shliach to Georgia, and to Rabbi Yossi Lew, head of the Semicha program, his extreme pleasure and delight received from the depth of knowledge and expert answers on the questions he asked.

The Atlanta Semicha Program named after David and Gertrude Silver Z”L, is currently in its second year. The program emphasizes three areas of Rabbonus: 1) The intense learning of the Shulchan Oruch and its commentaries during the day. 2) Learning with members of the community in the evenings. 3) On Fridays – studying various skills necessary for rabbis, such as Chevra Kadisha, public speaking, scribal issues, time and financial management, counseling, and so forth. The Bochrim then go on Mivtzaim.

The Atlanta Semicha Program is sponsored by Same, son of the aforementioned Silvers, who were were pioneers in establishing institutions for Torah learning.


  • 1. Rabbi Sholom Mendel Kluwgant wrote:

    I am extremely proud of Rabbi New’s efforts in promoting the smicha programme in Atlanta and wish the students much success.

  • 7. knk wrote:

    עקיבא אח שלי אין עליך
    אתה תותח
    תמיד אמרנו
    אגב ד”ש מדודה אסתר

    משפ’ פעימיש

  • 8. PROUD SISTER wrote:

    Chaim we are so proud of you!!! Good luck with the rest of the studying and tests. You give us so much Nachas.
    Love, your big sis Chaya

  • 10. sruli(california) wrote:

    mazal tov shos yuda and the rest of the boys hatzlacha in the rest of your studies!!!


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