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New Edition of Historic Mafteach Published

Shortly after its first printing two years ago, the Sefer Hamaftechos L’Sichos Kodesh – which was compiled by Rabbi Michoel Seligson, had sold out. Due to popular demand, it is now available once again.

No single Sefer encompasses all of the Rebbe’s talks and Torah as does Rabbi Michoel Seligson’s Sefer Hamaftechos L’Sichos Kodesh, an index of all the Rebbe’s Sichos, that comes in at a whopping 1,600-pages. The Mafteach sold out shortly after appearing on the shelves just before Hey Teves two years ago and has not been available since. Due to popular demand, a second edition has just been published and once again it is moving off the shelves quickly.

Seforim stores in Crown Heights have stocked up on the Sefer expecting it to be a popular item as Bochurim prepare for the year ahead in yeshiva.

The Sefer is an index to every known Farbrengen and Sicha of the Rebbe from 5689 to 5752 and is a must have, to know what the Rebbe said on any topic and where to find it.

Compiled by Rabbi Michoel Seligson, who began to index all of the Rebbe’s publicly spoken words (aside from Maamorim) when the Rebbe became ill in 1992. The Sefer was some twenty years in the making

To make it easier to use, a particularly strong, yet thin, paper was used to condense what is essentially three books into one single volume.

Divided into over three thousand alphabetized subjects, each entry in the 1,600 page volume has a short description in accessible Hebrew. A casual reader can roam through forty two years of the Rebbe’s talks, and get a sense of the Rebbe’s opinion on a myriad of topics.

Scholars will appreciate the inclusion of the Rebbe’s commentaries on Tanach, Gemoro and Rambam. Bar Mitzvah boys who receive it as a gift, will use it for years to come. Those who will really benefit from this publication are Rabbis, authors, researchers, teachers, students – in short, anyone who values what the Rebbe has to say on any subject.

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