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Gan Temimim and The Rambam

Today, Chof Teves, the Rambam’s Yahrtzeit, the young Temimim on Lubavitcher Yeshiva – Crown Heights learned about the Rambam’s many accomplishments. The Kinderlach learned that the Rambam wrote the many Seforim, amongst them, Sefer Mishne Torah, which the Rebbe want everyone to learn – even Kinderlach.

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They learned that The Rambam was a skilled physician and served as the personal doctor to the king for many years. As a special treat, the Kinderlach learned about the Rambam’s important life-saving work, and learned about First-Aid and safety. The children then received an exclusive tour of the Hatzala ambulance by the Yeshiva’s very own paramedic, Rabbi Eliyohu Davis.



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