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Photos: Friendship Circle Goes ‘Blo-Karting’

On Sunday, the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn, led by Rabbi Berel and Chani Majesky, began its new year with a fun and exciting ‘Blo-Karting’ trip at Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennet Field.

The following letter, penned by Crown Heights mother Rozee Spiegel following the trip, describes the fun experience and the effect it had on the children who attended:

I recall about a month or so ago Chani Majesky telling me about an exciting Sunday she had with her family and the unexpected opportunity they came across to try something out of the ordinary – Blo-Karting.

As fascinating as it sounded, I did not think it would be something my family would ever experience. Little did I know that when the Majeskys happen upon something, they immediately think of the entire Friendship Circle community whom they are completely given over to. They find a creative way to use all the tools and experiences at their disposal to benefit the families of Crown Heights whom have a child or sibling who has special needs.

A few weeks ago, when I saw the email inviting us to Floyd Bennet Field for Blo-Karting with the Friendship Circle. I was intrigued, but had no idea what Blo-Karting really was. I didn’t think this activity would be in the league of my two timid, very tame little girls. Even simple rides, like a carousal, are frightening to them. They are still quite young and prefer riding on those Kingston Ave. rides in the stationary position. However, seeing that our calendar was clear for the scheduled Sunday, we decided we would swing by for a bit and when our kids had enough, we would leave.

Well, needless to say, we were taken away with the wind!

Terry and his crew outdid themselves! They energetically led all of us out for ride after ride, going around making sure everyone was enjoying themselves! (Even unloading extra equipment from their personal van in order to shuttle some of our members to the distant bathrooms.)  They videoed and photographed as if it were their own children out there having a good time! All who attended were given multiple opportunities to sail with the wind in a Blo-Kart alone, in pairs, and even to go out with the entire family at once.

Thank you Majeskys for arranging such a fun filled Sunday! Definitely a day we will never forget. We are constantly blown away (no pun intended) by your ceaseless, tireless devotion to our Friendship Circle.


Rozee Spiegel

Photos by George Argento

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