Rabbi Bogomilsky Inspires Kingston

Noted author and Posek Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky of Crown Heights Farbrenged with the students of Yeshivas Kayitz Oros Menachem and the local Jewish community of Kingston, Pennsylvania.

This is the Yeshivas Kayitz’ first summer in operation, and it has been an overwhelming success.

The Yeshivas Kayitz was filled to capacity, and the Bochurim attending it grew tremendously in Gashmiyus and Ruchnyius.

Rabbi Bogomilsky expressed amazement that, despite having just returned from an-exhausting trip, the students listened to his Shiur with rapt attention, and many actively participated by asking questions.

After Davening Maariv, Rabbi Bogomilsky Farbrenged with the students and the members of the Kingston Jewish community until late in the evening.

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  • 1. A Special Rov wrote:

    Rabbi Bogomilsky is a true talmid chochom of generations past who is one of lubavitch few honest rabbonim/leaders left. We hear of him so seldom in the public yet he is always assisting people behind the scenes. I know from personal experience.

  • 2. pro wrote:

    A good program for learning and growth. I’m happy rabbi Bogomilsky was brought down to give a shiur and inspire the students. He is a rov that is not only proficient in the four parts of shulchan aruch but in the fifth one as well.

  • 3. happy parent wrote:

    Excellent program! My son is having a great time, learning is top notch,good food, the list goes on!

  • 4. Thankful Parent wrote:

    I would like to give a special thinks to the Yeshivas Kayitz for giving the boys (my son included) a wonderful summer – both Begashmius and Beruchnius. I’m glad I found this program for my son – he is there in a caring Chassidishe environment with a group of good Chassidishe boys and they are learning a lot (as the Rabbe wanted bochurin to do in the summer) while getting a refreshing change of scenery that the boys so much need all this with good food and nice trips…

    Keep up the good work!


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